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The kiss was a mistake.

The fire that was threatening to spark between them burst like a bomb of passion that liquefying them both, guiding them both back to the comforts of his room. The door shut on its own, as did their hands move on each other's bodies, touching, caressing, searching for something. When his hand made contact with her breast, the hard nipple on his palm, he groaned as he squeezed gently, making her moan breathlessly on his neck.

It was insane, the feeling, and she had to intensify the heat as she started grinding her heat against the evidence of his arousal. They lost balance and fell on his bed, helplessly groaning against each other.

"Kiss me, Nick," Carly whispered, pulling his face towards hers and he conceded obediently, lost in his passion. Their tongues gently rubbed against each other, the sweetness of their want and need mixing together into one mind-blowing kiss. She kept her hands on his head, smoothing and pulling his hair, unable to decide where to let him taste her first, but of course, he was not one to let anyone control him, and went his own journey down the contours of her neck, licking the sweetness of her perfume, the essence of her, and then harshly tore open her top, making her gasp audibly in surprise, and buried his face between the valley of her breasts, kissing her heartbeat. "Oh, Nick…"

Nick groaned in reply, drowning in lust and love, unable to wake his conscience from its drunken blindness that Carly, was, has always been his. Especially in moments like these. He kissed the drumming of her heart, knowing the same thrumming was inside his own chest, almost the same blood running through their veins. He slipped his hand behind her back and expertly unhooked her bra and with a pull, the contraption lay useless on the floor of his bedroom. Her bare chest in front of him, he drew back to stare at her, the glaze in her eyes, the shortness of her breath, the addicting sight of her frailty and the sweet shudder of her breasts. He was aching physically, but the pain he was feeling in his heart, the same pain she was suffering, was connecting both of them in so many ways that their train of thought was lost on him. "Please..." he breathed, closing his eyes, but the vision of her remained in the darkness of his mind. "Tell me this it the time to stop…" Don't say it. Say it. Don't say it. Carly, I need you to...

"I need you to make love to me, Nick," Carly whispered, then biting her fingers, unable to stop the tears from falling. "Please. I need you." I'll always need you. Before he could respond, she hurriedly slipped off her underwear and quickly lay back down. "I'm not going to change my mind nor regret this tomorrow." She was serious. "Please…" she whispered, her other hand dipping between her legs, unable to decide if it were to please or cover herself for him.

Nick was entranced of the way her fingertips disappeared between the moistness of her sex and before she could do herself further, he took hold of her hands and embraced her hard. "Carly… Why do you do this to me? This could change us forever…" Before she could answer, he suckled on a breast, letting his tongue flicker over the hardened peak. "You're crazy." He closed his eyes, letting instinct take over, his other hand reaching for where she touched herself a moment ago, and sucked harder as his finger easily slid inside her warmth, making her whimper under him.

Carly didn't know how to handle the sensations she was feeling, but she was forced to spread her legs further to let Nick access the space between her legs, so she opened herself, letting him feel more of her. She moved her hips against his hand, trembling with each movement, just like the way his body did as he pleasured her, loved her… "Oh my god…!" She wanted to scream out as his finger slid with much friction inside and out of her, but she knew her parents would hear them. "N-Nick…!"

Shifting to the other breast, he didn't mind her wriggling as she lay underneath him, and as he moved against the tightness of her legs around him to get to what made her a woman, he used his strength to hold her legs apart and slid face down towards her mound.

Carly didn't expect her twin to do this much for her tonight and she was absolutely out of words as he started to use his mouth and tongue on her, making her cum easily, without warning, rendering her immobile for a while as she trembled, her knees still apart with his head between her legs. She then wanted to hide from him, which was a funny thing, considering she was the one who really initiated this, but obviously, she was no longer in control.

He kissed her where she trembled and he held her hips in place. He started to stroke his length, as if pondering if he should continue or not. Though they were in such a complicated situation, Carly dearly loved her brother. He gave her the release she wanted, so she willingly lifted her hips up to his, giving him a go, letting him have what she felt was truly his. He owned it. He did saver her life, too.

Time was slow and steady, but she was melting faster and faster… And the ache disappeared, from her heart and body, that when he finally met her in the core, they met together as one, inside and out.

"Wake up, kids!" their mother's voice called to them from outside Nick's room.

First off, they weren't kids, nor were they sleeping. They lay still in each other's arms, still warm, naked waist down under the sheets. They had spent the entire night trying to douse the flame they ignited inside of each other, but found no way to put it out completely. Though exhausted, they knew that they could still go at it like there was no tomorrow, but they stopped, knowing they had to talk about this. The problem was, they didn't know how to start talking, but it had been a consensual decision to stop the love-making and that's why they lay in his bed, unable to do anything else but be quiet.

Carly was hoping he didn't get her knocked up, but being able to actually indulge in the taboo last night left her feeling careless about the possibility. She was content like this, a little sore in some places, but all in all, she was really fine. She didn't want to look at him, knowing she would be caught between not knowing whether to kiss him or to demand any reaction from him. He was awfully silent, but so was she, so she remained unmoving in their embrace. I love you, she wanted to tell him, but she was afraid that she started getting emotional, she would also want to make love to him again and again.

Nick was contemplating as well. He was thankful that he didn't go crazy the moment he woke up feeling Carly's bare crotch on his thigh. Or maybe he did go crazy, judging from the wood between his legs that wouldn't go away. Worst thing was, they both knew it lay there between them, waiting for some attention. He wanted to push her away because he felt ashamed of himself, but he knew he would regret it. Anyone would suggest that they could consider last night something of an accident, but several rounds were not called 'accidents', that's for sure. They were starved for each other and he couldn't seem to stray from the idea.

Fortunately, their parents did not barge in the room and pull the covers off the bed to get them up and awake. So once again, they had to, in their own twisted way, thank the heavens that the horror of Ambrose happened.

Sorry, guys, Nick thought sincerely, and pulled Carly closer to his chest.

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