I don't own anything having to do with the Baby-Sitters club. I am only borrowing these characters.


I can't believe I just graduated SHS! Family members always say how quickly a kid is growing up, but I really did not pay much attention until just now. It seems like just yesterday I was twelve and in the seventh grade. Starting this fall, I will be leaving my hometown of Stoneybrook, Connecticut and attending classes at the University of Georgia! If only I didn't have to wear a dress to except the piece of paper that is my admissions ticket to enter that part of my life. Give me a pair of jeans or cords, and a sweatshirt or t-shirt and I'm happy. Actually, if I didn't have boobs the size of Texas, you would not be able to tell I was a girl.

Despite this being a happy time for me, I was also feeling somewhat depressed. The reason for this is because five out of seven members of the Baby-Sitters Club had graduated that day. True, we were handing it down to former charges that are now old enough to baby-sit themselves, but as the clubs founder, it felt like I was letting go of a child.

I should mention two of the original club members, Jessie Ramsey and Mallory Pike were still in high school because they are two years younger than the rest of us. However, Mallory goes to a boarding school is Massachusetts and Jessie claimed she did not feel right being the only starting member, but I think she was using our graduation as an excuse to quit. Jessie did enjoy baby-sitting, and was a great sitter, but her true passion is ballet. She has aspirations of becoming a professional dancer after completing high school.

Mallory is the oldest of eight. When she was younger, she often felt her parents treated her more like a live in baby-sitter than their daughter. To be honest, I am shocked she stuck around as long as she did. Then again, I'm one to talk, but I'll explain that later. The most important thing to know about Mallory is she loves to write. She is the only person I have ever met that does not groan when teachers assign papers that have to be anything longer than half a page. I think she may have even been published once, but I am uncertain of that.

Next to her, I have the largest family. However, mine is blended. When my youngest brother was a baby, our biological father walked out on us in the middle of the night. That is sort of the reason I formed the BSC. Sam, Charlie, and I each took turns looking after David Michial after school, but one afternoon none of us were available. As I guiltily observed Mom search for a baby-sitter, it occurred to me that it would be easier to call one number and get a bunch of people at once.

Anyway, Mom married Watson Brewer a year later. The guy is a millionaire. Looking back, that is probably a good thing, and I don't just mean the money part. Watson has two children from a previous marriage, Karen and Andrew. Soon after Mom and Watson married, they adopted a two year old girl whom they named Emily Michelle. By now the number of small children was greater than the number of teens and adults. My grandmother, nanny, had to move in to help take care of Emily Michelle. She died last year. Fortunately, Emily Michelle is the only little kid at home. She'll be starting third grade at SES in the fall, and after school she will have to go to day care whether she likes it, or not.

I am almost forgetting my best friend Mary-Ann Spier. Her mother died when she was really young. As a result, she ended up growing up with only her father. For years, Richard was super strict. He even picked out her clothes, which were usually pretty babyish, and forced her to wear her long brown hair in two braids everyday. All that changed when Dawn Schafer moved to town with her younger brother Jeff and their mother Sharon. It turned out that Richard and Sharon were high school sweet hearts. Thanks to match-makers Dawn and Mary-Anne, their parents met and fell in love all over again. After their parents married, Richard and Mary-Anne moved to Dawns. They lived in an old farm house on Burnt Hill Road. Unfortunately, neither Dawn nore Jeff ever adjusted to Stoneybrook and both ended up going back to California to live with their Dad. Dawn graduates this year, as well.

After the wedding, Mary-Anne's father loosened his grip quite a bit. He took her to the mall and let her pick out a new wardrobe, and later payed for her to have a make-over. Finally, she was the first of us to have a steady boyfriend. Logan Bruno moved here from Kentucky. Those two have been dating on and off ever since. It would not shock me if the next time my best friend calls me it's to tell me those two love birds are engaged to be married!

Last we have Claudia Kishi and Stacey McGill. Until we moved Claudia lived across the street from Mary-Anne and me. She's Japanese American and grew up with her parents and older sister Janine. Those two siblings are so different if I did not know different, I'd swear they came from different families. Janine is a total genius. She even got to take classes at a nearby junior college while she was still attending Stoneybrook High.

For years, Claudia was the complete opposite. She was lucky if she managed to bring a "D" home in certain classes. Back then, the only thing she excelled at was art. As she is also addicted to junk food of all types, it was thought by most her ambition would be to become the fattest woman on earth. Thankfully, one of Claudia's teachers arranged for her to be tested for various disabilities in tenth grade. It was determined she had dyslexia, as well as ADD. With the help of teachers, tutors, and her family, Claudia was able to find ways to work around her problems. It payed off, too. The once "C" average student was receiving A's and B's!

Her best friend Stacey is different from her in certain ways. For one thing, she was the best math student among the seven of us. In her spare time, Stacey volunteers as a tutor at SHS, at least she did. Like Dawn, Mary-Anne, and me, she has her family splintered. She moved her from New York with her parents at the start of seventh grade. One year later, her father's job gave him a mandatory transfer to New York. Soon after, good and bad news arrived. The good news was Stacey and her mother were coming back to Stoneybrook. The bad news was her parents were getting a divorce.

The other difference between the two friends was Stacey is not allowed to eat junk food. Not because her parents are like Claudia's, but because she is diabetic. She has to keep a strict diet, plus take insulin shots several times a day.

Anyway, graduation was long over, and my friends and I were about to head over to Logan's new apartment for a party. As I stood up, it occurred to me this most likely was the last summer we'd all be spending together. The serious part of life was calling for us. Sure we'd probably come home for the summer, but now that we were adults we had to get jobs. What better way to end your childhood than to spend it with your best friends!

Before I could change my mind, I signaled for my friends to step away from the crowd mingling around us. "We need to take a a vacation!" I declared spontaneously.

Instead of the enthusiastic response I'd hope for, the others just stared at me in disbelief. I started to walk off to my car, figuring it was best to leave the subject alone and head for Logan's. "That's a great idea!" someone shouted behind me.

Turning around, I was shocked to see it was my best friend. Minutes later, the others nodded in agreement. All we had to do now was get the keys to the Pike's house, which we could do when Mallory returned for the summer. Knowing I had something that needed to be organized put a spring in my step, and I quickly scurried off to my car, urging my friends to speed up. This would definitely be a summer to remember.