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Lying in his bed Naruto could hear the rain hitting the roof of his apartment building. He glanced towards the window and saw the curtains flutter. The pane was open slightly. The stars would be showing brightly through the glass at this time of night, but the clouds were blocking their light.

He was thinking about the day he'd had. It had been quite uneventful. He had gotten up and ready, then went for training with Team 7. After that finished he trained by himself for a while before coming home.

But that's why he wasn't sleeping.

Had something eventful happened then he would have had it to distract him. For good or bad, anything that disrupted his normal thought patterns would have permitted him to fall into sleep earlier than this.

Thoughts of something.


They devoured him almost every night and prolonged the coming of sleep. It was rare for a night to pass without this.

But they were pleasant thoughts. Or perhaps bittersweet would be more accurate. And new ones were added nearly every day.

We all want what we can't have

He inhaled heavily and closed his eyes again, rolling onto his side.

It was late now, past one in the morning. He would have to get up early for training again.


He produced a weak smile. Training was so important to him. He needed to become a ninja. Of course, there were other reasons. …proximity to the source of his restfulness…. He could look at that face every day and never get tired of it.

Thoughts of his beloved's little quirks began to flow through his mind, personal habits that Naruto found adorable.

He adjusted his head on the pillow trying to get more comfortable. He listened to the noise of the night. The steady beat of the rain and the whistle of the wind through the streets. He could hear the creaks of the old building and similar noises it made.

At some point they all seemed to run together.

He felt the bed press down as someone sat behind and then lied beside him, then a strong arm reach around him and a hand settling near his chest. He placed his own hand upon it and truly smiled.

His eyes opened. In his hand he held his own shirt.

"A Dream?"

He closed his eyes again and the smile faded.

By now the rain had stopped.

Naruto walked towards the bridge to meet his teammates. He wasn't late, but he was cutting it close. In his head he could already hear Sasuke ridiculing him when he showed up.

As he neared the bridge he eyed his teammates. On any other morning he would have shouted a greeting, but today he just didn't feel up to it. He was far more tired than usual. His thoughts were heavy laden, but his dreams hardly ever got invaded.

It was nice

After the dream however, it took forever to get back to sleep.

He reached his team and gave them a brief nod before sitting down opposite Sakura and closing his eyes. He was on time. It didn't really matter since it would take forever for their Sensei to show up anyway.

Sasuke and Sakura just eyed him. This wasn't like Naruto. On any given day he would show up, make a loud entrance and soon be arguing with Sasuke. Today however, he just sat there.

They waited for a while. It wasn't long before Sakura sighed. "I wonder how long we'll have to wait today."

It doesn't matter how long, thought Naruto. I'd wait for you forever Kakashi-sensei.

(Three Years Later)

It was a brisk morning and Naruto was heading back to Konoha. He had been away for a long time and today he would see his hometown and many of its residents for the first time in years. He was feeling a weird mix of emotions. He was happy, excited, nervous, apprehensive and a whole other slew of feelings that were all trying to come out on top. Outwardly however, you'd never know it. He had his trademark grin on his face and the only hint of uneasiness came from his slow pace.

"Something wrong?" asked Jiraiya looking back at him with suspicion. After spending so much time together he knew Naruto pretty well.

"Hmm," Naruto looked at him, seemingly coming out of a daze. "Oh, no. It's nothing, just a little tired."

His sensei eyed him wearily. He could tell something was bothering Naruto but decided not to press the issue. They had been away training for so long. Naruto hadn't seen anyone from the village the entire time. It was only natural for the boy to be wondering about them Jiraiya decided, and left it at that.

"Well, hurry up. I can already see the gates and I want to get there soon. We'll have to go see Tsunade first, but then you can do as you wish. I'm sure there are some people you want to catch up with." Jiraiya said and smiled.

"Oh, um.. yeah." replied Naruto. "Sure. Thanks."

Naruto did want to see and catch up with people, but it was also what was making him nervous. How much will have changed over the years? And would anyone want to see him?

He pondered over this as he walked and took little notice of his surroundings.

Upon reaching Tsunade's office he was greeted warmly and recounted his time training. Seeing that the ninja's mind was clearly elsewhere she dismissed him, telling him to come see her again tomorrow. She told him to do as he wanted for the rest of the day, assuming he wished to see the village and its residents.

Stepping out of Tsunade's office Naruto stopped, wondering what to do. He really did want to see everyone again, but had no idea how to go about it. He could just walk around the village and hope to run into someone, but he didn't feel up to it. He could head to Iruka's, but he would be teaching this time of day.

Still thinking what to do he left the building and continued walking. Deep in thought he walked the streets not paying attention to where he was going. He walked like this for a while. Looking up, he realized he had walked right back to his old apartment building.

He walked up the stairs and entered his home. Nothing had changed. Well, except for the extra thick layer of dust. Other than that however, it was the same. He walked in and surveyed his domain. He still had no idea what to do.

I'm back in town for less than an hour and I'm already lost.

He turned around and eyed his bed. Walking toward it he sat down. It was perfectly made. No one's slept here in so long he thought and gave a small smile. It had been a while, but this was still his home. So much had changed, but still so much stayed the same. Even now, I still feel safe here.

He lied down and wrapped his arms around a pillow. It wasn't even noon yet, but they had been up very early and they had been traveling for over a week. He really was tired. He had earned the right to nap. Reacquainting himself with Konoha could wait.

He rolled over and a picture caught his eye. It was the picture of Team 7 he kept on his night stand. Looking at it he smiled. He hadn't seen any of them in so long. Sasuke was still off with Orochimaru. Sakura should be here in the village. Perhaps he would see her tomorrow. And Kakashi…

Kakashi he wanted to see most of all.

He smiled again, even giving a small laugh as he realized what would happen. These past years he had always been so tired from training that he would fall asleep the second he lied down. Now, he thought, he would once again fall into his old sleeping patterns.

Surprisingly though, he fell asleep rather quickly. Even as he slept, the smile remained on his face.

In regards to coming back, it seems happiness was the emotion that won out in the end.


btw, this is of course only chapter 1. There will be more.