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Summery: Meredith moves to Boston with Ellis, where she becomes best friends with Alex Kerev. I know, bad summery. Sorry about that. AU. MERALEX.

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She looked up and smiled at her mother. The sun made the blondest strands in her hair shine. Her green eyes glowed and sparkled as the light hit them. Yet, her mother barely looked at her. She just walked past her not even giving her a smile. The young girl didn't understand neglect or the empty feeling she had in the pit of her stomach at such a young age. She just let her smile fall as she turned to play in the backyard. She bent down and picked up the teddy bear that had been tossed in the green grass. The teddy bear itself had seen better days. The fur was in a pretty rough state. Half was falling out the other half was matted. She held it close to her chest and hugged it tightly.

She walked over to the wooden swing that was attached to a tall tree by a thick rope. She sat down and adjusted the bear in her lap as she started to us her feet to sway back and forth. She rubbed her nose with her hand and looked to the ground with sad eyes.

"Somewhere an angel looks down on you. She will keep you safe while you sleep. So lay your head on the pillow. And rest your worries and count those sheep. Cause angels love you too." She wiped a tear that had been forming in her left eye. "Did you like that, Teddy?" She spoke to her bear and ran her fingers through the fur. "I do." Her voice was soft.

She looked up to see her mother walking out of the house. Her eyes filled with hope but soon faded when she turned and walked to the car. She looked down at the ground.

"She's going back to work Teddy," She sighed. "Like always."

The car started but she didn't look up. There was no point. Once the sound of the engine faded into the distance, she stood up. She opened the door to the house and let it slam behind her. The rest of the house was silent as the five year old walked up the stairs.

She was so young yet so used to being alone. Her mother was perfectly fine with leaving her alone. She probably would leave her for weeks at a time if the law permitted it. The nanny would probably be there soon so she could sit on her big butt and watch TV. She wouldn't really look after her much either. She didn't expect many people to care.

She sat down on her bed and looked around the light pink room. It was a princess room as everyone called it. Her baby dolls were carefully placed in or around her wooden cradle that her father had given her two years ago. She held "Teddy" in her lap and looked down at his eyes.

"Do you think Mommy cares?" She asked quietly. "She hates me. Do you know what I did?"

She sighed and laid back pulling the bear close to her chest and letting her eyelids fall.


She woke up about an hour later to the sound of a knock at the door. She knew she wasn't supposed to answer the door.

"You'll protect me, right Teddy?" She said picking it up off the bed. She held the railing tightly as she walked down the stairs as quickly as he little feet took her. She got to the door and opened the door. She looked up to see who was there. Teddy was wedged under her arm. The woman standing there looked down at her.

"Hi, is your mother home?" She said with a smile on her face. Meredith shook her head.

"No." Her voice was soft.

"What about your father?" She asked. Meredith's face grew sad. She shook her head again.


"Well, who is home?" The woman asked.

"Me and Teddy." She said with a smile holding up the bear in her arm.

"You're all alone?"

She nodded. The woman kneel down.

"How old are you, Honey?"

Meredith held up her hand. "Five."