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As he brushed past her, Kate couldn't get her mind to work nor for her body to co-operate with what she wanted to do. That was until she heard Tony open the front door.

'Where are you going?' Kate finally found her voice just as he opened the door enough to step out. He paused.


'Where?' Tony simply shrugged. He hadn't thought it through, obviously. This wasn't the way that he had intended on spending his night. He wanted to talk to Kate and sort everything that was going wrong between them. 'Tony!'

'What?' he snapped back at her, finally turning to face her as she dared to come nearer to him.

'You're not going to leave when we both know that you are more than pissed off.' Kate told him. Tony continued to look at her, not bothering to disagree. 'Look, what are you gonna do? Go out, drive around, find something, or someone, to beat the crap outta before coming back. So if you wanna break something, I'd rather you do it here, where I know where you are and I know that you are ok.' Kate finished on a gentle note, shutting her front door silently and standing there in between him and it.

Tony didn't bother to look at her, instead choosing to keep his face off to the side. Kate contemplated what to do. She had never been in this position before. Tony had never been this angry, and whenever he had been, she had always known the cause of it. Granted, that a couple of times, she was the cause of it.

Letting out a deep sigh, Tony gave her a tight nod before backing off and heading towards her kitchen. She didn't let herself completely relax until he was out of her sight totally and could hear him bashing around in the other room, probably for a beer.

Leaning against the door, Kate let out her breath, looking upwards, mulling over what to do. What she wanted was to sink to the floor and just forget about everything. Maybe she could quit her job and go to Hawaii, taking Tony with her?

Like Gibbs would let us she argued with herself. Shaking her head in disgust that she would ever consider taking the easy way out, Kate went to her room, deciding that it would be best to leave Tony and wait until he came to her.


It was past 11 pm when Kate had fallen asleep. That, however, didn't last long. Her subconscious pulled her out of her dream-less sleep when she felt someone sitting on her bed. Blinking a couple of time, instinct told her that it was Tony, but she had to see for herself.

Rolling onto her back, Kate noticed that the only light that was coming into the room was from her right, where the moonlight shone through her balcony doors. She hadn't bothered to draw the curtains, and neither had Tony.

Now, Kate saw, Tony was dressed in his usual sleeping attire, when he wore some that was. He was clad in sweatpants and a t-shirt and Kate smiled secretly to herself. She had always loved what he wore to bed. It made him look even better than normal, though it was a rare occasion when he actually wore them and she wouldn't wake up with the t-shirt on.

When Tony didn't give any indication that he had sensed her movement, Kate opened her mouth, but nothing would come out. She didn't know whether it was because she wouldn't know what to say or whether it was the lack of sleep, and being woken up suddenly, that did it to her. Instead, she settled for resting a hand on his upper arm.

The sudden contact of skin, slightly warm skin, on his own bare skin made Tony tense up. But he let it pass quickly, allowing Kate to gently rub his arm.

'Hey…' she finally spoke. Tony turned to look at her, arms moving to support him as he leaned back a bit. He then turned his head to look up heavenwards, head falling back with his eyes closed.

'I'm sorry.' He whispered so quietly that Kate was sure she wouldn't have heard it if she hadn't been concentrating so hard on him. Pushing herself up onto her elbows, she had to retract her hand.

'Don't be.' Kate responded earnestly.

'I have to be.'

'You didn't do anything wrong.' To me at least she added in her head. She wasn't sure whether voicing those words would help or not, so she decided against it.

'I saw.' Tony could feel Kate's eyes on him, and the confusion that she was emitting via them. 'Every time you get scared or upset or something that you think will make you look weak, you put up a shield. But before you do, I manage to see. And before? I saw that you were scared, and I'm sorry for that.'

'I wasn't scared.' Now Tony faced her, a disbelieving look on his face. 'I wasn't scared of you.' she amended her sentence as he looked away once again. Silence fell upon them for a brief while when neither knew what to say. 'Will you come to bed?'

'Yeah.' He sighed defeatedly. Getting up, Tony turned to see Kate fall onto her back, her left arm lying across where he would sleep. She held this hand out to him when she noticed him looking at her. Tossing the top sheets over so that he could climb in, Tony felt Kate's arm slip around his neck, resting lightly on his shoulders. As he lay down, Tony buried his face in the crook of her neck, her arm still around his shoulders with her hand stroking his hair gently.

Several silent moments passed, neither one of them breathing deeply in fear to lose this connection once again. When Kate thought that she was finally going to fall asleep, Tony spoke up.

'I love you. You know that right?'

'You know I do.' She whispered back, confusion seeping into her voice.

'And that I would never intentionally hurt you.' Tony sighed and Kate knew that there was something else that was playing on his mind. Not knowing whether to respond or not, she continued to just stroke his hair, nodding to give her confirmation.

Tony shifted slightly so that Kate could no longer see his face. She knew what he was doing; she was a profiler after all.

His fingers gently skimmed her stomach, making their way under her top. It was such a tender touch that it made her heart ache. She closed her eyes to just enjoy the feeling. When he stopped, she sighed in desperation of his touch again. Tony's hand moved down her arm now, working its way around her wrist to finally capture her fingers, intertwining them eventually.

Sighing deeply, Tony turned to lie on his back, bringing Kate's right hand to rest on her own stomach. She watched him out of the corner of her eyes for a moment before turning herself to face him. Sliding her arm out from under him, she propped herself up to look at him.

'When I was 12, my mom was diagnosed with a liver disease. She drank. A lot. For as long as I can remember, she had been drinking. It got worse a couple of years later. She wouldn't give it up, you see. Life was easier for her that way.' Tony shook his head as he frowned. Kate stayed quiet, just placing a hand on his chest for support.

'Just before I turned 15, she was hospitalised. She needed a transplant but she was low on the list. Dad wouldn't pay for private, and mom wouldn't give the drink up. At first she put a brave face on. Pretended it would all be ok. 2 days after my birthday she went into a coma. The doctors had predicted it. Chances of her waking were slim and the toxins due to her liver failure were killing her anyways.'

Kate could tell that this was probably the first time that he had told this to someone. A part of her was glad she was the first, but the other part wished that he had talked to someone about it earlier rather than to have kept it all bottled up.

'She was one the life support machine for a week before my dad decided it was time to let her go. Didn't even ask me. It was all his decision, he said. I remember that day so clearly. He just told me. Like it was nothing.' Tony took a deep breath and a small smirk appeared on his face. 'When he went to the hospital, I ransacked my mom's room. Took everything that I could that I thought he wouldn't notice was gone. Needless to say, after that day, he always locked the door.'

'Do you still have it all?' Kate finally spoke up. Tony nodded.

'I've kept it safe. I'll show it to you one day. I promise. It's just…' Tony trailed off.

'I know. I understand.' Kate paused. 'Now I know why you and your dad don't get along.'

'Kate, I hate him.' He clarified. "Don't get along" was too mild for them.

'I'm sure you don't hate him, Tony. He's still your-'

'No'. Tony interrupted sharply. 'Trust me.'

'Hate's a strong word, Tony.' Kate sighed. She watched as his eyes jumped from the ceiling to hers and then back to the ceiling.

'It's not strong enough.' He murmured. When he could feel Kate's eyes on him, burning a hole into his temple, he looked at her. 'I'm sorry Kate, but not all kids love their parents. My dad drove my mom to her death. It was because of him that she drank so much. In my eyes, that's on him. He killed my mom in more than one way. And for that, I hate him.' Tony explained.

Kate opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. She had never been in his position before so she couldn't say anything. Instead, she settled herself down on his chest, pulling the covers up to coerce them into sleep.

'I'm sorry.' Kate whispered. Tony didn't reply. He just turned his head towards her and placed his lips against her forehead. She closed her eyes at the action before he moved to rest his chin on her head. It was almost 2 in the morning when she fell asleep after thinking the story over many times.


When she got up the next morning, Kate wasn't that surprised to see that she was alone. Stepping straight into the shower, she took her time to get ready for the day, knowing that it was going to be a long one.

Tony was in the kitchen making breakfast. He had been doing so for the past hour. Technically, he had been standing in the kitchen for the past hour, only cooking for the last 15 minutes. He had been thinking about last night. It wasn't a pleasant thing to think about first thing in the morning.

As she passed through her living room, Kate noticed that the pieces of Tony's cell phone had gone. Not knowing whether he had picked them up last night or this morning, it gave more support to Kate's thoughts.

Entering the kitchen, she saw that Tony was just making some coffee and toast. The smile on his face wasn't as natural as she would like it to be when he turned to face her. It was then that her thoughts were confirmed. He was going to just ignore last night and act as if it didn't happen. Sighing gently, she smiled too, accepting the kiss he gave her as well as her coffee.

'You're gonna need a new cell phone.' Kate reminded him. She sat in one of the stools by the central breakfast bar, facing him to gauge his reaction.

'Eh… I'll just take one of the ones out of the filing drawer. It's not like Gibbs keeps tabs on the amount of cells in there. I don't think he knows about the collection, to be honest.' Tony smirked before taking another sip of his orange juice.

'Well, you're going to have to tell Gibbs about your father calling too.' Kate saw Tony stiffen a bit as he was forced to remember last night. He nodded slightly, but then carried on like nothing had happened. Sighing, Kate let it go for the time being.


'No hits for the red Jeep yet, Boss.' Tony informed Gibbs when he asked for an update. After going through the surveillance cameras several times that morning and coming up with not one single sighting of the car, Gibbs had sent them all back up to the bullpen to get onto some other way to locate the Jeep.

'Keep trying, DiNozzo.' He growled in response.

'What if he was lying, Boss?' McGee speculated. The other three, Kate, Tony and Lopez, all turned to look at him and then at Gibbs.

'What?' he snapped.

'I'm just saying… that… maybe… there was no red Jeep. There's no proof of it. Just what another suspect says.' McGee stuttered out.

'I wouldn't usually say this, but Probie's right.' Tony agreed. Gibbs threw him a glare.

'If there's no red Jeep then why mention it?'

'To throw off suspicion?' Lopez supplied.

'there's hardly any evidence to say it was him. The car was gone, he was gone, in the time frame for then PO McKenna died.' Kate replied.

'To look like he's cooperating?' McGee asked.

'By giving false evidence? Not a smart move.' Gibbs retorted. Tony felt as if he could add on to that, but he knew that it would just earn him another glare from his boss.

'Ok, so there was a red Jeep. But there are hundreds of red Jeeps in the tristate area.' Kate informed them.

'But how many of them know where to park in the church parking lot so that they're completely obscured from the cameras?' Tony countered.

'This person is a frequent visitor.' McGee said.

'Or like locally. There's nothing to say that they just scoped the area out so that they knew exactly where to park.' Lopez added.

'But they must have known McKenna was going to go on that night. And when the Priest left the confessional box so they could slip in.' Tony mentioned. Gibbs gave him a look that said "Well done" but without the words.

He continued to sit at his desk, sipping his coffee as the team fell quiet, no having anything else to say.

'Who?' he barked out while throwing his empty cup into the trash can.

'Someone who knew that the Petty Officer visited the church after returning home from every deployment, who know the church well, blended in with the others, and took the time to find out schedules.'

'Who would have had that much time on their hands?' Lopez asked unbelievably. The team were once again in silence before the pieces clicked and realization hit two of them.

'The wife.' Tony and Kate both said at the same time.

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