Entwined Desires

Akisame: Hi everyone! This is my first Prince of Tennis fanfic, I hope it turns out well… Anyways, the idea kinda just pop into my head when I was half asleep last night. I always wanted to write a PoT fanfic, and I kinda did start one, but I kept starting over because I didn't like the beginning. One day, I'll put it up but for now, here's Entwined Desires!

Summary: She had the biggest crush on him for the longest time… but only to have him snatched away by her twin. Six years later, she has the perfect life: girlfriend of the tennis captain, Yukimura, and an honour student whom her peers look up to. Suddenly, one day she finds herself drawn to her previous crush. Trying every attempted possible to forget about him, she finds herself more and more fond of him. Will she give up sweet, caring Yukimura for the sadist, Fuji?

I took out the song too, but if you want a song to go with it, "Without you" by Dixie Chicks fits this chapter. Play it just when Kosaki enters

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She sat there, waiting. The sun has already set so it was pitch dark out, and the gloomy, rainy weather didn't help in the least. But she just sat there, smiling shyly in a pink hooded t-shirt and a white, short skirt. She hummed a tune as she waited but unaware that he has already arrived.

"Little girl…" he whispered in her ear, causing her to stop humming and flinched. "What are you doing here, all alone…? Shouldn't you be at home where it's safe…?"

She felt her heart stopped as her eyes widen. She didn't dare turn around to face this person. She wanted to run, she wanted to scream, she wanted to cry… but she couldn't. Just then she heard the sound of someone trying to contain their laughter. Her head spun around in a flash as her sea green eyes came face to face with striking blue eyes. She frowned.

"Syu-kun! You meanie!" she punched his shoulders as hard as she could, but it barely did any damage. "Don't do that!"

"Why?" he smiled at her as his eyes closed. "You always looked cutest when you're about to cry Saki-chan number one."

"I told you to stop calling me that!" she crossed her arms. "And it's not nice to make people cry on purpose!"

But he continued to smile as if he didn't hear a word she said. He wore a navy blue raincoat with an umbrella in his hand as he put it over top the already soaked girl. He reached out and stroked her long, dark brown hair. She looked up at him.

"Syu-kun…" she whispered his name.

"Hmm?" he stopped and looked down at her with his eyes already open. "What is it? You called me and said you wanted to tell me something important in person…"

She flushed but nodded. She was thankful it was dark so he couldn't see her blushing furiously, or else, she would never hear the end of it. She took a very deep breath. Here goes nothing… Heck! What am I saying? Here goes everything!

"For a long time… I really wanted to tell you but…" she flushed even more. "Syu-kun… it's just that… I really…I really really…li-like… you-"

"Fuji-kun! There you are!" A loud girlish voice interrupted.

The newcomer was a girl about the same age as the other girl. She had long, blond hair that was braided in pigtails and bright honey brown eyes to match her kawaii face. She wore a pink raincoat with a pink umbrella in her hand. She ran up to them, and when she reached the boy, she jumped towards him with an embrace. "I was looking all over for you! Your Okaa-san said Onee-san called and wanted to meet with you so I decided to come here since she always comes here. She's so predictable and all."

"Hey!" the brunette girl looked offended.

The boy only smiled and embraced her back. "Saa, good to see you too, Saki-chan number two."

She giggled. "Why can't I be number one?"

"'Cause you're younger."

"But I'm cuter."

He smiled. "Well, that's true, I guess. So what's up? There must be a reason why you were looking for me."

"Oh yeah, silly me," she stuck out her tongue and punched her head in a cute way. "This morning, I wanted to tell you but practice and all kept me busy, but it's just that… well I like you a lot Fuji-kun."

The other girl's heart stopped. No! She didn't!

He looked surprised for a second; his eyes were opened, showing his beautiful blue orbs. The blond gave him the cutest look she could muster. She run up and embraced him once more when he smiled and spoke.

"The truth is… I like you a lot too," he whispered to her, but it was loud enough for her sister to hear.

She breathed in and out, in and out. This can't be happening! She felt tears in her eyes.

Suddenly, the boy turned back to the older one. "Oh I almost forgot, what were you saying? Something about liking something… I thought I heard you say that or something…"

"Um…" she held her breathe. She glanced over at her sister. What do I say? I can't say it now! "I um… said I like… um… uuu… uuu… uuuni… corns… Unicorns!"

"What?" the other two looked confused.

"Unicorns!" She said firmly to her dismay. Unicorns? Couldn't I think of something better? How embarrassing…

"How's that important? You said it was important?" he asked, more confused than ever.

"Really Onee-san," the blond shook her head. "We're turning seven tomorrow, aren't you too old for unicorns?"

"No!" She tried to look confidence but she was madly flushing. "I'm telling you this because I want a unicorn for my birthday!"

Both sweat dropped. "Ok…"

"Okay so I'll see you later Syu-kun! Bye!" she ran off before anything worse happened. She ran and ran without turning back, with big fat tear cascading down her cheek but the heavy rain covered up that fact. She cried all the way home…

Akisame: Sad ending but whatever. This is the prologue. Next is when the real story begins. =) Please review! Thanks!

Next Chapter: Fuji's blackmailing Saki, Saki goes to Seigaku to destroy the blackmail but starts a fist fight with him instead. The regulars learn about Saki and Kosaki.