Entwined Desires

Entwined Desires

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Yukimura Seiichi

Saki's POV

There isn't a words I can tell you about how I feel right now. It's like my world is falling apart, and I don't know what to do! I just want to cry and cry, but no tears would come… I haven't cried in years…

I couldn't help but choke out a smirk now that I'm thinking back to has been happening to me. Since when have I've been this sensitive? Now that I've look back, I have my answer.

I blame Syu-kun…


It was three days after my little chat with my parents. I walked down the lonesome hallways of my school. It was really, really early in the morning, to the point where the gates were still locked up, but I managed to find a way in… somehow…

I looked around, there were flyers everywhere, mostly about the graduation ceremony coming up a little over a week.

"Graduation huh…?" I whispered. This would mean I'll become a senior student soon and Seiichi-kun would be in the high school division. Sure I would get to see him but…

The sound of music left my thoughts trailing. I followed up the stairs to the music room and carefully opened the door just a crack. A mischievous smile crept up my face.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing here?!" I shouted in a masculine voice.

Kohaku-senpai yelped in surprise. "I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! Don't report me!"

I burst out laughing and Senpai looked up, I instantly fell to the floor from that adorable look he had on his face.

"Saki-chan!" Uh oh… he sounds mad…

"I'm sorry Senpai," I place my hands together and gave an apologetic look. "I couldn't help it." He sighed and shook his head. I smiled and continued. "But I would never expect shy and honest Kohaku-senpai to break the rules."

He flushed and I giggled. "Well I never expect the honor student to break the rules either," he shot back, still red in the face. At least Senpai didn't change, for that, I'm grateful.

I spend the rest of the morning with him, casually avoiding the guards from time to time until they opened the school.

He continued to play the piano, but I started to drift off, my mind was full of things.


I jumped, surprised to hear a voice after an hour of just piano music. I gave him a weak smile. "Yes?"

"What's on your mind?"


I was tense and I don't even know why?! Why am I freaking out? My face feels so hot right now…

"You know," Kohaku began, "when I found out you weren't the girl I met all those years ago, I felt confused."

"Eh?" What does that have to do with anything? Is this his way of giving me advice or something?

"I first in love with her at first sight," he continued. "When I met you, I thought you were that girl and, well it's embarrassing to say this but, I started to chase after you. I got to know you… and I felt in love even more… After I found out the truth, it's like my path just split in two. In one path was that girl I met and the other was you."

"I'm sorry Senpai, not to be rude but what does that have-"

"There are choices that are hard to make in life. I wanted her but I fell for you… It's the same for all situations, think of it as a challenge, but don't let it get you down. Don't be afraid to step forward," he whispered before he stood and walked towards the doors.

I tried to call out to him but he was already gone. Man, I'm so confused! What did he mean? Just when I thought Kohaku-senpai was the only normal one around here, he-


On the screen was one name that lit up my face; Yukimura Seiichi


He wanted to go on a date with me after school, of course I couldn't refuse him. Maybe it would be a good idea, I needed to clear my head anyways.

I headed to his classroom but stopped when I spotted him talking to Sanada-senpai. There was this worried look on Seiichi-kun's face. Sanada-senpai seemed to have spotted me and stopped talking, causing Seiichi-kun to turn around. He smiled at me and waved goodbye to his friend. We got onto the train but I couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about. But I was afraid to ask.

I got this feeling it was about me.

When we got off the train, my mind was all scrambled up and I accidentally crashed into someone.

"I'm sorry!" I quickly apologized.

"It's alright," the man replied. Wait is that Syu-kun? No… I shook my head. Why am I suddenly seeing Syu-kun?

"Saki? Are you okay? You look pale…" Seiichi-kun's voice rang in my head. I panicked a bit but somehow managed to stay calm.

"Yes! Of course! Now let's get going! Ha ha ha…" my fake laugh trailed off, leaving me feeling pretty pathetic. I just hoped he didn't notice.

When we arrived at the amusement park, everything seems to go upward from there. It seemed like I forgot about Syu-kun and my problems and just have fun with my boyfriend. I was happy.

"I'm going to get some drinks," Seiichi-kun called out as he left. I sat at a bench for a while, extremely bored. We have nearly spent the whole day here, and the sun looks as if it would set any minute now. I looked around and something caught my eye. I smiled and walked over to a stand where they were selling rings.

"So cute…" I mumbled quietly.

"Aren't they?" the woman at the stand giggled. "You should get your boyfriend to get you one. That guy was your boyfriend, no?"

I blushed and she smiled at me. "Have you heard of the legend of this park?"

"Legend?" I have been here for a long time now and I never heard of any legends. That sparked up my curiosity.

She nodded and pointed at the Ferris wheel at the centre of the park. "They say if a couple goes up on the Ferris wheel all the way to the top and if the guy proposes to his lover and she accepts, they will be happy for the rest of their lives."

"Wow…" It sounds like a sweet story, but does it actually come true?

"Well it works for my husband and I," the woman spoke. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

I flushed. "Well we're still only in junior high, we can't get married now!" I exclaimed, slightly embarrassed talking about marriage.

But she just giggled. "It doesn't have to be a proposal, confessions, kisses, anything to really to show how much you two love each other. I think it's romantic, especially at night when the whole park is light up."

I looked over at the Ferris wheel. Happy for the rest of their lives, huh? Sometimes I wonder about that…

"Don't tell me you believe in those kinds of things," a voice whispered in my ear that gave me the chills. I immediately recognized that annoying voice and swung my legs backwards, kicking him in the shins… but I missed… "That was quite slow, even for you Saki-chan."

"What. Do. You. Want?" I hissed in staccato way. I turned to face a beautiful colour of blue. For a face of an angel, he sure has the heart of a devil…

He just smiled and walked over to a bench. "Sit," he ordered.

I sat without complaining surprisingly, but I sat as far away as the devil as possible without falling off the bench. Syu-kun smiled, he's definitely up to something… "Syu-kun," I started but was interrupted in matter of seconds.

"Do you like roses?" he asked, still smiling like that wasn't the most random thing to bring up in a serious conversation. I opened my mouth to snap back at him but he suddenly brought a single red rose up to my face. "Here," he smiled but incredibly, I could see a very faint blush line across his cheek.

"…" I'm speechless… "Um…"

"Your friends told me you were acting strange, ever since you came back from talking with your parents," he told me quietly, his head lowered but then his head came up with a smile. "A Saki-chan that isn't temperamental and loud isn't any fun."

"Wow…" I half hissed, half growled, "Was that suppose to cheer me up?"

"It's working isn't it?" he chuckled and I smiled.

"Thanks, you're so sweet…" I paused, "… in your own freaky, twisted, sadist way that is." I blushed, realizing now close he had moved towards me. My head felt heavily and slowly rested on his shoulders. I haven't realized how sleepy I was, well I only got like four hours of sleep last night after all.

Why do I have the feeling I just did something wrong?


I wiped my head around. Shoot Seiichi-kun…

I quickly moved away from my childhood friend. My face was a rosy colour and getting more red by the second.

"So you're here with Yukimura, sorry to interrupt," Syu-kun apologized in his usual way then turned to me. "Bye."

After that idiot abandons me to fend for myself I gave an awkward smile to my boyfriend. I started to play with my hair due to the silences but I heard him sigh. "Come on, I'll walk you home," he spoke so quietly that I could tell he was upset.

"NO!" I accidentally shouted without thinking. Seiichi-kun looked at me, waiting for me to speak. "I… a…" I stuttered then suddenly pointed at the Ferris wheel at the centre of the amusement park. "One more ride… please…?"

He agreed to my request surprisingly. As we walked up to the Ferris wheel, it started to turn dark and lights came on. It was so romantic… that is, if that whole scene never happened.

As we got on and we started to rise, I knew it was a mistake; to be trapped in here alone together and your boyfriend just happens to be in a bit of a foul mood with you but won't show it… it was the worst idea I ever had…

We gradually got to the top but suddenly stopped moving. I looked down and a crowd started to form.

"What's going on?" I asked myself but Seiichi-kun answered.

"Looks like there's a malfunction with the ride."


We sat there for a minute, but that whole minute seems like weeks to me, maybe even months. I shyly glance up at the Rikkaidai buchou. My heart started beating like crazy.

Just say something Saki! You idiot! I scolded myself. But he looks so far away, so perfect, too perfect for someone like me. I wanted to cry but couldn't.

"I love you Seiichi-kun!" I heard a voice, it sounded like mine but I don't remember saying anything. But I guess I did when he looked at me. I couldn't just stop now after that, can I? "I know it might not seem like that these days but I do!" My throat was getting dry. "Who wouldn't? I mean, you're kind, and sweet and smart and you're a great tennis player and, and…"

My whole body felt like it's on fire. I wanted to shut myself up but I have to keep going. "I… love you…" but that was the only thing I can say.

He gave me a weak smile. "I know," he whispered and then he smiled at me. "I feel the same way. I love you Saki…"

I know I should be use to those words but hearing them made my heart rose. I close my eyes and I recall hearing that lady's words about the legend. I smiled. It's just some silly legend but it made me happy.

I walked over to him and place my lips onto his. It was the perfect night, just like the night he asked me to become his girlfriend. So you might be wondering what's wrong. Why do I sound so emo at the beginning, before I told you my story?

Like I said it was perfect, I was happy, I didn't want them to fix the Ferris wheel, at least not soon. As I pulled away from my kiss with Seiichi-kun, I saw a blush line across his face as well. "I love you," his words were like a dream… and a nightmare. "But I have to break up with you." His words were so gentle…

And horrible at the same time…


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