Hey, guys! I decided to make a sequal for this one. If you are about to yell at me for giving this one a sequal and not Where do you live, I'm sorry, but I didn't have any good ideas to make a sequal out of WDYL.

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It had been two days after Danny had been healed of his sickness. It was also Saturday. Danny woke up late that morning. He completed his usual morning routine. He casually walked down the stairs. Sam and Tuck wouldn't be here for another hour. Danny poured himself some cereal. Then, Danny heard loud pounding. His parents were racing up the stairs.

"Hey, Danny!" Jack boomed.

"Hi, Dad. Hi, Mom." Danny greeted.

"Hi, honey." Maddie acknowledged.

"Danny, guess what? We made a new invention that can estimate the amount of ghost energy a ghost has. I call it the ecto-meter." Jack informed excitedly. Jack whipped out a device that looked similar to a camera. "All you have to do is push this button here and it will snap a picture of the ghost, showing where energy levels are focused, and it will give a power readout on a scale of one to ten."

"T-that's great. I'm going to go meet Tucker and Sam early. See ya!" Danny shouted nervously, running out the door.

Danny accidentally slammed into Jazz, who was about to come back in.

"New invention?" She asked.

"New invention." Danny confirmed, continuing his escape.

Once Danny was far away enough, he transformed into his alter ego, Danny Phantom, and decided to do a little early patrolling. Anything to get away from that new gadget. It seemed like it wouldn't hurt, but if his Dad decided to prove that it didn't work on humans, who knows what he'd find. Danny watched over the city, but made sure that he didn't crash into any more helicopters. It was pretty nice out and, until he found a ghost, he could just enjoy his flight.

After not finding anything, Danny flew down to Sam's house. He knocked lightly on her window. Footsteps answered from the other side. Sam opened the curtains and windows.

"Hey, Danny. New invention?" Sam asked casually.

"New invention." Danny confirmed once more.

Sam opened the windows more to let Danny in. Danny flew in and Sam closed the windows behind him.

"Aren't you going to change back to normal?" Sam questioned.

"Huh? Oh, right." Danny remembered.

Danny brought up the two familiar white rings and turned himself into his human form, Danny Fenton. Something was odd, though.

"Um, Danny? You're eyes are still glowing green." Sam told her friend.

Danny concentrated and squinted, but he couldn't get them back to normal.

"That's weird. I can't make them change back." Danny observed. "Probably some after affect." He assumed.

"Danny, I wouldn't underestimate this. Seriously, just a few days ago you thought that that 'cold' was no big deal and that almost killed you!" Sam advised.

"Fine. If they are still like this tomorrow or anything else happens, I'll start to worry." Danny assured her.

"And you'll call your parents?" Sam urged.

"And I'll call my parents." Danny agreed.

Sam sighed. Danny never learned. "Need to borrow a pair of sunglasses until the green's gone?" Sam asked Danny.

"Oh, I didn't think of that. Um, please?" Danny requested.

Sam walked tiredly to her bathroom and grabbed a pair of dark shades. When she returned, she saw Danny let out a gasp as his icy ghost sense went off in the form of his visible breath. Danny turned to Sam, who nodded.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny let out his signature battle cry. The white rings appeared at his waist and split themselves, one traveling up, one going down. When they reached the extents of the teen's body, his baggy clothes had been traded for a tight black and white jumpsuit, his black hair for white, and his blue eyes for ghostly green.

Danny flew out of the window. He was met by none other than the pathetic Box Ghost.

"B-" The ghost was cut off.

Danny didn't even give the ghost a chance to go into his monologue. Before the weak ghost could complete his usual cry of "BEWARE," Danny had already sucked him into the Fenton Thermos. He sighed tiredly. That ghost was becoming quite an annoyance. After the whole "Pandora's Box" incident, the ghost went back to his usual feeble state. Danny was about to return to Sam's house, but he was stopped by someone shouting his name.

"Hey, Phantom!" Jack shouted up to him, but not angrily.

Danny turned around quickly in mid-air to spot his parents running toward him, devise in hand. Danny floated back slightly. His eyes focused on both the figures and the device.

"We just wanted to thank you. You were right, Danny was under his bed. How did you know that?" Maddie questioned with a mixture of curiosity, joy, and relief.

"Um, lucky guess?" Danny Phantom substituted.

Maddie crossed her arms. She could tell that he was lying. Danny noticed. He let out a heavy sigh and slouched forward, still a good distance above the ground.

"Fine. I…um…used to do the same thing." Danny tried again.

It seemed to work. Before he could be questioned further, Danny flew off in a random direction. Going into Sam's window would not be a good idea right now. Little did Danny know, that before he sped off, Maddie had activated the device. She pressed the button, making the imprint of the ghost boy appear on the screen.

"That's…weird." She stated, studying the image.

"What?" Jack inquired, leaning over her shoulder to look at the picture.

"Not only are Phantom's power levels pretty high, higher than most ghosts', but there is an energy surge right where he was injected with the cure." Maddie explained.

"Meaning?" The man in the orange jumpsuit prodded.

"Meaning Phantom might be in trouble." Maddie clarified with a worried tone.