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Instead of doing what he requested, they took his tensed body and set it in a containment chamber. The two ghost hunters closed the glass doors tightly. The chamber was designed to short out ghostly energy. It was next to impossible for a ghost to escape. Danny's body became limp at the bottom of the containment unit.

"We need to save Phantom." Maddie stated sadly.

"How?" Jack asked.

"I'm going to kill myself for this." Vlad muttered. He sighed and walked forward, handing Maddie the elixir. "Consider this my apology."

With that, Vlad flew off. He couldn't take it anymore. No matter how much he wished that he didn't, he still had somewhat of a conscience left. Right now, it was bugging the heck out him. Why must he be cursed with these human emotions?!

"Should we?" Jack questioned, looking at his wife curiously.

"We don't have any other choice. This is his last hope." Maddie decided.

She carefully opened the containment cell and removed the unconscious boy. Luckily, he didn't stir. She laid his limp body back on the metal examination table.

"Jack, go fill the injection needle." She ordered.

Jack walked over to another table and obeyed.

Maddie stared down at the boy. He no longer looked like the slightly quirky teenager. He had lost of that strange charm he had held. She saw what he was scared -part of it at least. She couldn't imagine holding that information. Although he was comatose, somehow he seemed…sad?

"I've got it, Maddie." Jack announced, handing her the needle filled with the green substance.

The female ghost hunter took it gently and set it on a side table. She removed Phantom's white glove so that she could role up his sleeve. She rolled the thin material over his well-muscled arm and all the way up to his shoulder. She cautiously took the needle and injected him. She made sure that it was in the same area that the other mixture had been injected. Then, they waited.

A few minutes later, tanned skin began to spread from the spot he was injected. His face gained its normal color back and his hair flopped down into its usual, messy, non-flaming state. Danny was returned to his usual appearance, but he hadn't woken up. Maddie put her hand to his neck to check for a pulse. There wasn't one.

"I think…I think that we're too late." Maddie said miserably.

Jack hung his head in sorrow. They were too late; they had failed. Maddie miserably rolled his sleeve back down and replaced his glove. His skin was deathly cold. She had to choke back sobs. She laid her own hand on his chest, right over his symbol; where his no longer beating heart was. Suddenly, she felt a small pounding under her hand. It continued in a steady beat. Warmth also seemed to flood back into his body. A look of shock grew on her face as she jerked her hand back.

"Jack." She whispered. He didn't respond. "Jack." She said a little louder.

The large man rose his head. He looked at his wife who no longer looked sad, but a mix of shock and happiness. He glanced back over to Phantom. He was still unmoving.

"Jack, Phantom's not gone. He…he's alive." She gasped. "Well, as alive as you can get for a ghost."

The two watched as the young boy's glowing green eyes fluttered open. They practically leapt to his side. He stared up with unfocused eyes.

"Please, say something to let us know that you're alright." Maddie pleaded.

"Déjà vu." Danny muttered.

The two adults sighed with relieved smiles on their faces. He was alright. Danny attempted to push himself up. His muscles were weak.

"Can't you stay down for five minutes?" Maddie teased.

Danny just gave up and fell back down onto the table. He sighed in defeat.

"Are you alright?" Jack questioned.

"Yeah. Um, thanks…a lot. This is the second time this week that you guys have saved me and if you didn't, I wouldn't be here right now-at least, not the real me, just an evil twisted version of me." Danny responded. He reattempted to sit up and was successful.

"Just be more careful and come here right away if there are any more problems." Maddie instructed.

"Yeah, I think that twice is enough to get it through my head." He joked.

The parents smiled. Always with the jokes.

"Phantom, why do you joke around so much?" Maddie asked.

"I don't know. I just…do." Danny replied. "J-A friend of mine-says that it's some compulsive nature to make people happy."

Danny couldn't help but smile a little when he thought of when Jazz had told him that. He remembered telling her that it was just some natural thing; that it had become a habit. The two ghost hunters had to smile as well.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" Maddie rechecked.

"Yep." Danny replied. "Thanks."

With that, Danny flew off. He had to go tell Tucker and Sam that he was alright.

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