Size Matters

By Madripoor Rose

Disclaimer: Marvel Entertainment's, not mine. X Men Three The Last Stand inspired this fan fiction.

I want you all to know that I am, in fact, thoroughly ashamed of myself for this. As I should be.

Kitty snuggled down into her nest of pillows, leaning back against the headboard of Peter's bed, her eyes widening as she got a good view.

"Whoa. Peter! That thing's huge!" she gasped, impressed. "I'm surprised you don't have a line waiting outside your bedroom door, and fistfights breaking out over who gets the next turn."

He settled down beside her with an amused snort. "Katya. This is not something I've shared with everyone. Most of the other kids don't know I've got one this large."

Kitty gave him a pleased grin. "But you're sharing it with me?"

Peter grinned back. "Well...I enjoy looking at it, and playing with it, but...but it just isn't as much fun all by myself."

"Yeah, it's a lot more fun with a friend." Kitty leaned over and impulsively kissed his cheek.

Peter blushed slightly, and cautioned her, "we must be careful. We can't get too loud, you aren't supposed to be in my bedroom with the door closed, and if we get caught..."

"No screaming or bouncing up and down on your bed too much." Kitty nodded solemnly. "I'll try to contain myself."

"Before we get started, did you bring..."

"Oh, yeah." Kitty leaned over her side of the bed, and picked up a plastic grocery bag from the floor in front of his nightstand. "I wasn't sure what kind you liked, so I tried to get one of everything."

Peter peered into the bag. "Ah, strawberry flavored, my favorite." He pulled out a package of Twizzlers licorice and ripped it open, setting it on his knee.

Kitty took an official Harry Potter Chocolate Frog and unwrapped it. "The other bag has chips, pretzels, and a couple of cans of soda in Ziploc bags full of ice so they'll stay cold longer," she checked the Wizard Trading Card, hoping for Viktor Krum. "We can always raid the kitchen later for more, if we're sneaky. Ooh! It's starting!"

Peter picked up the remote and turned up the volume of the 35 inch tv with dvd player and appropriately enough, an X-Box that he kept hidden in his bedroom.

The voice of the announcer came on, audible, but too soft for anyone to hear in the hallway. "It's a beautiful day here at Wrigley Field..."

Kitty had forgotten to sign up for Cubs Games on the big tv in the Common Room downstairs, and you needed at least five people who wanted to watch the same show anyway.

If Peter hadn't shared his secret, she'd have had to borrow someone's portable tv, with a screen the size of a laptop's, if she was lucky. "This is so cool, Peter, watching the game on a big screen is the closest thing to being there."

The End

Okay, if you didn't get it, there's a sight gag in X3 of Colossus with a large tv tucked under one arm.