Chapter Six:
Laria the Duck Killer

Last time on Random Events: A notebook hit Seto, a Millennium Item hit Atemu, and the Authoress was hit by a sudden urge to practice.

Malik and Yugi slumped down into chairs, they were the only two left. Malik grinned evilly and took out his Millennium Rod

"Uhh... Malik," Yugi said cautiously, "What are you going to do with that?"

"I don't know," Malik frowned, "I can't think of anything to do."

At that moment, there was a scream of pleasure, along with some other, uh... weird noises coming from Marik's room.

"Ok, I really don't want to stay here anymore." Malik said with a disgusted look on his face.

"Yeah," Yugi looked equally disgusted, "Let's go to Laria's."

"And listen to her play!" Malik exclaimed.

"Oh come on," Yugi rolled his eyes; "She can't be that bad."

They heard a loud quack and looked out the window to see a duck fall dead from the sky.

"See!" Malik pointed, "She killed that duck!"

"I highly doubt that."

Another duck died.

"That's it!" Malik stood up, "I'm going over there."

Malik stormed off to save the endangered duck population. Yugi sighed and followed Malik, only to be hit in the head by a dead duck. They made it the rest of the way to the Kaiba Mansion with out seeing any more dead ducks. Malik walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Ryou answered.

"Hello guys," Ryou smiled.

"Weren't you in the Shadow Realm?" asked Yugi.

"I was," answered Ryou, "But Laria wanted some one to help her practice."

"See," Malik crossed his arms over his chest glaring at Yugi.

"Alright I believe you," Yugi sighed, "She killed them."

"Killed who?"

In the background, they could hear "In the Mood" on an Alto Saxophone. Yet another duck fell dead at Ryou's feet. Malik glared even more.

"The ducks..." Malik sneered.

The music stopped and the Authoress came to the door, the Sax hanging from her by the neck strap.

"Ryou?" Laria stuck her head out the doorway, "Who is it?"

"Laria," Malik growled at the Authoress. "You're killing ducks again."

"It's not me," Laria protested pointing to the Alto Sax, "It was Joe."

"You named your instrument?"

"You've killed ducks before?"

"Yes, and I haven't killed anything since the 6th grade" Laria muttered.

"Ooo, tell us the story." said Yugi.

"Do I have to tell you the story?" Laria groaned.

"You could always flashback," offered Malik, "Those are fun."

"Flashback it is..."



The 6th grade band was practicing "Sleigh Ride" for the Christmas concert. It was sounding beautiful, excellent sound from the flutes and clarinets. Then the sax's come in... Honk! Mrs. Sarno, the director, cut off.

"Ok right now we are on a peaceful sleigh ride," Mrs. Sarno described to the band members. "Going down the road, but then we have a family of ducks crossing the road, and we're just going along, and then we hit the family ducks, and that's exactly what it sounds like."

At about that moment, Mrs. Sarno, and most the band looks right at Laria. Malik, who played flute, turned around to look at the future Authoress.

"Laria, stop killing the ducks!"

End Flashback


"And that was five years ago Malik," Laria pointed, "I think its time you let it go."

Laria then commenced to play the "Polka" and a duck fell dead right on Malik.

"Ow," Malik rubbed his head, "Watch where you're killing."

Laria just laughed and went to put Joe away. Ryou, Malik, and Yugi followed her inside.

"You know what I just realized," Yugi said as Laria closed her instrument case.


"Only the lights are left."

"Hey the midgets right for once," Malik said. Yugi glared at the blonde.

"Hey, he's right!" Laria said grinning, "You know what that means."

"I'm afraid to know," Malik whimpered.

"It's time to bring everyone back from the Shadow Realm." Laria said excitedly.

"Joy..." Malik said unenthusiastically. Laria just grinned more and snapped her fingers. Seto, Mokuba, Espa Roba, Rex, and any one else I forgot, except Atemu, appeared.

"Oh thank you Lar!" Seto exclaimed, happy to be back in the real world, and not in the techless Shadow Realm.

"Why'd I get sent to the Shadow Realm?" Mokuba asked, "I haven't sung anything yet."


"You wouldn't," Mokuba said fearfully, "I'm your brother."

"Don't care." Laria grinned evilly and snapped her fingers.

"Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!" Sang Seto "Darling lets go to Mejier, baby my hearts on fire! If you refuse me, honey you lose me, then you'll be left alone oh baby call me and tell me I'm your own!"

"Thank Ra" Mokuba sighed as Seto finished his song.

"Damn!" Laria looked at her fingers, "Wrong brother!"

"Laria," Ryou said calmly to the angered Authoress, "Those weren't the right words."


"I'll get it," Espa Roba said walking over to the door just as the door bell rang, followed by "Marik you idiot, Yani lives here!"

Marik, Yani and Bakura walked in.

"But I thought you weren't psycho." Malik said confused.


"Potato, Potahto"

"Anyways I'm not," Espa Roba said irritably "I saw them coming from"

"The Shadow Realm?" Yani interrupted.

"No..." Espa Roba raising an eyebrow to the strange co-Authoress yami "The window..."


Yugi looked around at everyone when he realized something for the second time this chapter.

"Wait a second, where's my yami?"


In the Shadow Realm...

Atemu was lying around somewhere in the endless abyss of darkness... singing...

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Nobody knows my sorrow... Nobody—"


The real world...

"I guess he's still in the Shadow Realm." Laria shrugged.


---Into the Kaiba-cave!---