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Dirty Little Secrets

Chapter 5


"Ginny!" Hermione exclaimed. "I… Umm… Well… Bullocks!"

Hermione leaned in and kissed Ginny quickly as if she was nervous, uncertain and afraid before turning red and looking down at her feet.

"Oh." Ginny giggled and dragged the older girl into a nearby broom closet. "So you've never been with another girl before, have you Hermione?" Ginny smiled mischievously.

"No." Hermione said disappointed. "But I want too!" She added quickly and loudly.

"Then I'll be more then happy to be your first." Ginny responded before launching herself at Hermione eagerly attacking those soft pink lips that drove her insane.

When Hermione walked into Transfiguration ten minutes after class started no one could believe it. Miss goodie-good know-it-all was late.

"Miss Granger I presume you have an adequate explanation for this. Professor McGonagall demanded.

"I'm sorry Professor, but I forgot my homework in my dorm. I promise it will never happen again." Hermione spouted off quickly hoping that it wasn't too obvious that she had just been snogging.

"Alright, Miss Granger." The doubt was evident in her voice. "I'll let it slide this one time, but if it happens again it will be detention for you."

"Thank you Professor." She said sincerely as she slid into the empty seat next to Harry without seeing the dirty look Ron shot at her.

Meekly Ginny slipped into Potions hoping the dreaded dungeon bat wouldn't notice her, but sadly it was not to be.


"Yes sir?"

" 20 point from Gryffindor and detention!"

"Yes sir."

"Ginny!" Hermione called as the redhead walked into the common room from the stairs leading to the dorms.

"I can't talk right now. Sorry 'Mione."

Hermione was suddenly concerned. 'Was she going to… No! She wouldn't. Not now. Right?'

"I have detention with Snape."

"Oh." Hermione responded as relief flooded her body. "Alright we can talk later."

Ginny smiled. Hermione was in heaven.

"What was that about Hermione?" Ron demanded rudely from his position on the couch next to her.


"Nothing?! Do you call today in Transfiguration nothing too? Your cheating on me with my little sister aren't you." Ron yelled at her. "Your sick! Your both sick!"

Ron stomped upstairs. "C'mon Harry."

Silently Harry followed.


Happy Thanksgiving!