Prologue: Flashback

(Year 1)

(Outside the Great Hall)

Christina watched the confrontation between Malfoy and Potter with disgust.

'Boys,' she thought exasperated. 'They always think they're better than everyone else.'

Sighing as she walked the Great Hall. 'This is going to be a long seven years.'

Chris looked around as the sorting hat began it's song taking in every detail and memorizing it, from the rowdy Slytherins to the goody-goody Gryffindors.

The Sorting Hat ended it song and the Hall burst into applause but Chris merely rolled her eyes thinking sarcastically 'Oh, wow! It is an old bewitched hat.'

The applause ended and Professor McGonagall started calling out names to be sorted.

An ugly blond chick with a pink face named Hannah Abbot was first. She was put into Hufflepuff.

Then it was me.

"Black, Christina." The professor called.

Chris rolled her eyes again. Christina. Only her father ever called her that. Her father whom she barely even remembered.

As Christina walked up to the stool the entire school was silent everyone hoping that they would get the beautiful blue-eyed girl.

The sorting hate sat on Chris's raven hair for an eternity talking of this and that inside her head before it finally declared…"SLYTHERIN!"