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Chapter 2


"Move over slut!" said a voice behind them.

Christina's instincts immediately kicked in sending her on the offensive.

Chris looked around as if confused first to the empty spot on her left and then to Draco on her right. After she did this she slowly turned to face Pansy Parkinson and the confusion faded off her face as if she was just realizing something.

"Oh!" She said cheerfully "Now I see the slut!"

Draco realizing a fight was about to ensue turned around to face Pansy as well.

"Is someone holding a mirror behind me then?" a sneer twisted Pansy's pretty face until she became quite ugly.

"Why would someone want to stand behind a slut?" Christina asked curiously.

"BITCH!" Pansy screamed and lunged at Chris.

But Chris was expecting this and slid down the bench away from Draco so Pansy slammed into the table getting covered in food.

Christina flipped her legs to the other side of the bench so she could stand easily before starting to make pig noises at a furious looking Pansy.

Pansy lunged again and Christina stood up and quickly and got out of Pansy's way.

"What is going on here?!?" demanded the new head of Slytherin Professor Horace Slughorn, the potions master.

A false story began to immediately bubble from Pansy's lips blaming everything on me.

"Excuse me professor," Chris said loudly cutting Pansy off. "but that is a lie."

"Then what, Ms. Black, is the truth?" Slughorn asked harshly.

Chris told the truth not even sparing herself knowing that it would be more believable that way and knowing that if Slughorn believed her over Pansy, Pansy would be punished worse for lying.

"Pansy is lying Chris told you the truth professor." Draco said when Christina had finished.

"Ms. Parkinson, one weeks worth of detentions ought to teach you that lying, fighting, and insulting people gets you nowhere."

And with that the professor stalked off but not before he threw a small smile towards Chris, like one of the ones he gave his favorite students.

"Why did you do that Draco?" Pansy sputtered.

"Your pathetic Pansy." Draco replied. "Why did you do that Draco?" Draco mimicked making Pansy sound even more stupid than she was. The crowd that had gathered around them laughed.

"I thought you loved me Draco." Pansy said dimly.

"Oh, yeah were through." Draco said as he turned to leave the hall. "Come on Chris."

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