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When the Truth Rings

The night was nearing dawn, and the day would soon be upon them. As the others in his group slept, only Inuyasha lay awake. Shifting his weight against the branch of the tree he occupied, his mind wouldn't quiet long enough to allow him sleep. He lay there in turmoil about something, but couldn't quite pick out why. Something was bothering him on a deeper level, deeper than he was willing to explore at the hour, but had no choice.

Looking around at his companions, his eyes settled on Kagome. She was sound asleep in her sleeping bag, with the little kitsune snuggled in her arms. He wondered if it was about her, but a distant voice said 'no'. But he continued to look at her, not exactly wanting to turn away. Reflecting about his feelings towards the miko, he was relieved his problem didn't lie against her; but at the same time, was a little annoyed that the answer seemed so far away.

He sighed softly and gently let his head fall back against the trunk. Blinking slowly, he moved his gaze to the taijiya. He watched her sleep for a few moments before looking at the monk. Inuyasha noticed that Miroku was resting unusually close to Sango. 'I wonder if she noticed him being that close when she went to sleep,' Inuyasha asked himself. Probably not. If she didn't trust him when she was awake, what makes any difference when she's sleep?

'I don't see what she sees in him,' he continued to think, 'he's never going to change his ways. When it comes to fidelity, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. She's too good for that monk, and yet, she doesn't realize it...'

Inuyasha smiled slightly when he thought the last part. He saw it as being a good friend, though he'd never tell her that. Between him and Sango lay a mutual trust, knowing that when in battle, they always looked out for each other, being the only two true fighters in the bunch. He knew that she had no problems covering herself in demon guts if it meant sending their enemy back to the oblivion it came from. Hell, she's the strongest human he knew, and he respected that. 'But if she was a demon... she'd be so much stronger,' he thought with a quick nod of his head.

Realizing he was still watching her, he moved his eyes to look at the cat demon she held in her arms. Kirara. It amazed him how loyal the neko was to her owner. They were truly best friends. Wherever one was, the other was sure to be there too. Even now, as they slept, they were intertwined in each other's arms... and paws. 'Too bad she's holding Kirara instead of me...'

Inuyasha sat straight up, golden orbs wide from what just ran through his mind.

'Too bad she's holding Kirara instead of me...'

That was it.

Looking down at the demon slayer again, he knew it was true. How could he deny it now? When the truth rings once, it doesn't stop for lies. He realized that he didn't even make an attempt to tell himself it wasn't true... deep in his heart, he was sure.

As much as he cared for Kagome, he knew that she could never fill the void he has inside him. She just didn't understand the meaning of the word 'pain' as he did. She could only pretend she knew, but she had no idea. Coming from a family who loved her and never did her wrong, she didn't know what it felt like to lose everything... everyone.

But Sango did. She endured so much... yet is still standing, ready to fight for everything that she did have left: her friends. And yet, the love that she had left to give was for a monk who didn't have enough sense to see it. Or maybe he didn't care.

'He doesn't deserve her... he doesn't deserve her...' It kept playing over in his mind, and everytime it did, it became louder, more urgent. 'He doesn't deserve her... he doesn't deserve her...'

Unwillingly tearing his eyes away from the woman below who truly held his heart, he closed his eyes, satisfied.

So, now that he solved his problem... what was he going to do about it?

He'll figure it out in the morning.

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