A little silliness written whilst waiting to go and teach my own group of Dunderheads (well, some of them) how to ride! Oh if only for magic. A well aimed curse could be most amusing. And Wingardium Leviosa quite helpful when they fall off! (There's always one…) Enjoy! I did!

I own nothing! Before Snape tries to sue me! (I already am Sue, so it'd be hard…)


Many moons ago….

"I simply don't see what we can do about it."

"I assure you, a well timed hex and that women would never write anything again…"


"Well. It's ridiculous Albus. You realise we'll be exposed. Our whole world, laid out in front of them."

"Not so my boy. I have a feeling this could work to our advantage…"


"No, no, what Muggle in their right mind will believe stories of Witches and Wizards, let alone a school for them?"

"It is the fact that many of the Muggles I have met are, most certainly, not in their right minds that worries me."

"Relax. If Harry thought this would be in any way detrimental to us, I'm certain he would call a halt to it."

"I am not so sure. I understand the boy has to make money somehow, Merlin knows he'd never amount to much in our world, but to sell his life to a writer. It's pitiful! And I hear there are to be films! Well, he had better have a respectable actor for me, or I shall be taking action! Slander I believe it is called."

"AH. There is where they may have us all. I'm afraid we are powerless to intervene in any way."

"I don't follow…"

"Think about it Severus. This…Miss Rowling… writes you as a miserable, bad tempered, sadistic old codger, for example, and then what. You take her to a muggle court? The fictional Potions Master, from the fictional world…"

"AH. I see."

"Yes. It would appear she has us. We can but hope Harry is kind."


"Well, truthful, at least. We may learn from this. See ourselves as others do."

"I know what others see when they look at me, and I assure you, it's not a pretty sight."

"Oh Severus.."

"Present company excused, of course."

"Well yes. Then maybe it will cause some to look a little closer."


"Now, more tea?"

The morning after the premiere of The Philosopher's Stone.

"I think that went quite well…"

"If you say so Headmaster."

"Your man, what was his name now?"

"I forget"

"Yes, well, quite, um, accurate. Don't you think?"

"If you mean, did I come across as the evil greasy git Harry sees me as, then yes."

"You were fully vindicated in the end!"

"Only after apparently bullying not only the students, but the faculty as well!"

"But the truth did out. As I'm sure it will in the subsequent films."

"I personally doubt the whole thing will take off, my self."

"Maybe. The film company seem to think differently."

"What can they know. It's only a small family business, isn't it? How many brothers can there be…"

"We'll see. You never know, you might turn into a household name."

"I suppose at least the muggleborns who watch it before starting here will be suitably worried by me. I did, I mean, he did billow very well…"

"One of your spare gowns, was it not?"

"Well I couldn't have him traipsing around it the light weight affair they had made! You need the weight to get the …flap… ahem."


"Yes. Well. Shall we have tea?"

"Marvellous idea, Severus."

"He was quite, handsome, too, really. In a menacing, dark way…"


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