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Summary: ShikaIno. Will Shikamaru tell her how he feels, or will he keep ignoring her?

Title: Love is so Troublesome. Pt1



Why her? Why in the world does it have to be her?

It has been about a month since Shikamaru started liking her. He's still not sure why he likes her. It could be because they have spent so much time together, maybe even because they are on the same team.

But the real reason he likes her is still a mystery. So, he made himself a mission to find out what is so special about her that he can't stop thinking about her.

I could have been looking at those clouds now, but nooooo, I decided to set myself a mission. How troublesome. Well, this couldn't get any worse. Now, where is she!


Crap, there she is. Shikamaru turns around as if he doesn't care, "What do you want now?"

"I was just wondering if you had anything to do today?"

Shikamaru sighs, "Why me?"

"Well, I was just thinking that we're on the same team, but we still, know nothing about each other--"

"Ino, couldn't we have done this while we were forced to be together, I have things I need to do." Crap, why did I have to sound so mean?

"Oh, well, maybe some other time."

Shikamaru sighs. I can't believe I'm going to say this. "Ino,"

She looks up at him. "Yea, Shikamaru?"

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