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Shikamaru sighs. I can't believe I'm going to say this. "Ino…"

She looks up at him. "Yea, Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru answers, "How would you like to go cloud watching with me?"

Ino smiles, "I would live to."

Shikamaru, "Cool." Wait, did I just say 'cool'? Ino giggles. They start to walk to the hill Shikamaru usually goes on and they lay down side by side once they get to the hill.

Ino, "I can see why you like to do this a lot, it very peaceful."

Shikamaru, "Yea." He looks to his side and sees Ino looking at the sky so peacefully. He smiles.

Ino feels that someone is watching her so she turns her head to Shikamaru and sees him smiling at her. She giggles, "What?" Shikamaru just keeps smiling at her. She leans up on her arms to look down at him. Ino asks again, "What?" Once again, Shikamaru doesn't answers but just smiles. Ino sighs and leans over him, "Why do you keep smiling at me?" Shikamaru just smiles but he runs his hand along her cheek and Ino blushes.

Shikamaru answers, "You're beautiful." Ino blushes again. Shikamaru leans up closer to her and she blushes deeper. She leans down and their lips meet. Ino sighs and closes her eyes as the kiss depends.

Shikamaru pulls back and smiles, "I thought you liked Sasuke?"

Ino giggles, "He was just a silly little crush."

Shikamaru smiles again(A/N: he's been doing that a lot…), and leans up and kisses her again. Ino smiles back into the kisses and kisses Shikamaru back.

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