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Oh My Holy PineApple Slice & Nickname!

I glanced over at the Fire Pixie before me. Her lavender eyes set on the prized possesion set in the middle of the kitchen table. The cardboard box that was protecting it would hold no self- defance against my firey girl. I cursed, Jedite your sucha ass! I should of ordered a larger size. The last slice of pizza for the night was sitting in the middle of us. She wanted it. I wanted it. Who was going to get it? I gulped just thinking about the fight that lay ahead.

Its bread smothered in golden cheese called to me like an angel from hevans. The firey red sauce hidden undreneath wanted me like a fallen queen from hell. It would be mine. The leucous Pineapples scattered on top made me crave it even more.

When I first met that strange creation of a Pizza, Rei assured me that it was the most unbelieveable thing I would ever taste. I remembered smirking as I first bit into that slice of hevean. And Oh God was that smirked wiped right off when my taste buds went on the joy ride of my life.

Both of us ate an entire pie of Pineapple Pizza. Except for that slice. That one solitary slice.

Rei lurched forwards her eyes set on the prize. I tried to intervine. My eyes filled with sadness as her manacured hands snatched it out of the box. Her pearly white teeth biting into my slice of pizza.

I shifted awkwardly in my chair. I lost. My baby. My life. My PIZZA! Was in HER mouth and not mine!

"Hey, Fire Pixie. . " I started. Her eyes shot up at me momentarily before turning back to the slice. "Mind sharing a bite of that?"

She put the remains of the mouthwatering food onto her plate and smirked at me. The red lip gloss coated lips bent into an evil smile as she spoke, "What happen to you thinking that it was gorss and unnatral?"

"But Fire Pixie!" I whined. She twitched. I'm getting to her.

"Don't call me that!" she spat while visiously ripping another bite away from the prize. Shes hurting my pizza!

I finally gave up the battle of winning the heavenly food and turned my attention on making sure Rei paid for what she did as she gulped down the remainder of the pineapple pizza. "It suites you"

"Well I don't like it" she growled. Narrowing her eyes at me.

"Would you rather be called a slutty whore." I said the words slowly. Making sure she knew the game she started.

Rei's face grew red. Oh god I was going to pay for that later on, but it would be worth it.

"Callate hijo de puta!" she spat.

Ever since Rei returned from her trip from Spain, she had this od obbsession of cursing people off in Spanish whenever she got angry with them. I always point out to her We're in America! We should speak American! but that just results in even more unintelligable words out of her mouth. It's kinda scary when I girl is saying shit about you meanwhile your not having a single clue what she was saying. Just that it was bad. Really bad . It was also kind of a turn on. Jadeite, she stole your pizza! I reminded myself.

"Now. Now, we must control that temper Fire Pixie." I smirked pointing the white plastic fork that I used to eat my pasta with at her.

I felt the white plastic instantly grow hot and melt into some un-usable object in my hand. I quickly dropped it onto the wooden table.

"DONT Call me that . . .eres un culo!" She growled

There we go with the Spanish again!

"Then next time DON'T eat my slice of Pizza!" I growled back. Okay, I guess I still wasn't over it even though I thought I was.

"Then when I tell you to order a larger Pie, Do it!" Her lavender eyes where filled with fire as she slamed her fist onto the table in anger.

"I'm not some dog you can boss around!" How dare she think of me as some pet! Jedite do this! Jedite don't do that. All I need is a leash and a coller and she could take me out for a walk at the Dog Park! "Bitch" I mumbled under my breath. Unaware that she could here me. She did.

I could tell that she was too mad to speak when she turned her body away from me on the chair. Facing the opposite way, hands folded aross her chest.

Instantly I felt a wave of guilt rush over me. I was mistreating my girl over a slice of Pizza! God, maybe Rei was right . . . I should go see a thearapist.

Fuck I thought racing my hand through my hair. Trying to think of somthing I could do. Say. That would make her feel better.

I got up and walked over to her.

"I'm sorry." I appologized. Unable to think of anything else to speak.

Her eyes started to tear up as she turned her body to the side again. Giving me the cold shoulder. What bothered me most was that she was about to cry. And I mean really cry. Which was impossible. A great brave and prideful girl like her never cried. Exspecially in frount of the person that made her cry. That thought alone made me feel like I just punched myself in the gut.

"Look I'm sorry" I was appologizing again. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face me, a single tear ran down her face, " I know. I should of never said those things to you. I'm sorry."

There I was fucking appologizing again. Couldn't I say anything else.

I laughed. God this girl was driving me crazy. And I loved every second of it.

"I really need to get a bigger vocabulary" I laughed. My heart skipped a beat when she giggled. I loved that laugh. "I shouldn't have reacted that way over a slice of Pizza. . it just tasted SO good"

She faced me and stood up, brushing her backhand down my face. I felt myself craving her touch.

Rei closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss me. Closing the seperated space between us. She tasted like the food she just ate. Pineapple pizza. I needed to have more. I slid my tounge into her mouth, brushing against the one obstical that stood in my way of getting more of the pineapple flavor. Her teeth. She finally allowed entrance as my tounge ravished her mouth before she pulled away.

"That was much better then the last slice" I said after looking back at her.

She blushed a crimsion red as I laughed.

"Te Amo" she whispered into my ear.

"I have no clue what you just said," i started, "But damn you looked hot while saying it"

She laughed and swatted my shoulder, "It means I love you! you ass!"

I laughed and leaned into kiss her again, "I love you too"


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