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Author's Notes: Okay so this a very graphic story, hence the rating… So be warned. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter One: Beating and Wishing

Harry James Potter lay in his room on Number Four Privet Drive. He was trying desperately to find a comfortable spot lie in. But with all the fresh wounds of tonight's beating, that was proving to be difficult. Harry knew had to get some sleep if he were to have any chance of finishing his list of chores tomorrow. He knew, of course, that even if he did complete them he would be beaten, but at least it wouldn't be as hard. Finally, he fell into a restless sleep; knowing what tomorrow held.

Miles away three cloaked figures emerged form an eerie looking veil in the Department of Mysteries.

"Well that was something!!!" one of them stated merrily.

"Hush!" came a woman's voice.

The three figures found their way out of the Ministry of magic, and out into the streets of London before any of them dared to speak again.

"Where to now?" Asked a man's baritone voice.

"We need to see Dumbledore," replied the woman.

"Let's go then!" said the cheery one. Then, with three pops the trio disappeared.

Harry woke up to his alarm clock at promptly 5:30 a.m. He dressed as quickly as he possibly could, and hurried downstairs, wincing ever so often at his wounds.

Harry had breakfast ready and on the table at exactly 6:30, just like Uncle Vernon had instructed. After breakfast his uncle gave him another long list of chores to complete before he came home, "or else." Vernon also informed Harry that Aunt Petunia would be out for the day as well as Dudley, so the house better be spotless. Harry assured his uncle that everything would be perfect, as always. Then, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley all left and Harry looked over his chores. He read:

Breakfast clean up

Clean Dudley's room

Dust living room

Water hydrangeas

Clean out garage

Clean kitchen

Mop all hard flooring

Vacuum all carpet

Prepare dinner for four

Clean guest room for Marge

After reading the impossible list, Harry decided it was time to get started. He grabbed the breakfast dishes off of the table. He washed and dried them and put them away. Then he wiped down the table and the countertop. He looked down at his list. Breakfast clean up…


Three hours later Harry had successfully cleaned Dudley's bedroom.


It was off to dust the living room.


Water hydrangeas…


Clean out garage… crap! Harry finally finished the garage at 1:30 p.m.


Clean kitchen check.

Mop, vacuum…

Check, check.

Dinner! Okay…. Hmm…

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, and sweet corn was what Harry decided to prepare. It didn't take long, on account of, the beef was pre-cooked and thawed.

Dinner was finished and he set it out with ten minutes to spare. He dashed upstairs to clean the already clean guest room for "Aunt" Marge. Then, he rushed back down to pour the brandy into wine glasses. He set the brandy on the table and retired to his room when he heard the familiar crunch of gravel outside. He knew his uncle would be angry if he were still downstairs when he got home.

Within his room, Harry heard the door open and the voices of Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, Dudley, and Marge floating upstairs. Then, the clinking of forks and glasses as they ate and drank was heard. Then, Harry heard the sound he dreaded: the sound of his Uncle Vernon coming up the stairs. However, he wasn't alone.

"You'll enjoy this, Marge," his uncle informed his sister.

"I can only imagine, Vernon." The excitement was apparent in her voice.

Harry's door open to reveal Uncle Vernon and "Aunt" Marge staring at the 16-year-old boy, evilly. Vernon was clutching his leather belt in his hands.

"Alright, boy! Come here!" he commanded. Harry obeyed. "Get on your hands and knees! It's time to learn your place!" Harry obeyed. His uncle's hands then snaked around Harry's waist, and he unbuttoned and unzipped Harry's jeans. Harry was trembling now. Marge was sitting on Harry's bed watching casually, as if she was watching the nine o'clock news. Uncle Vernon's hands were now jerking Harry's pants down roughly, and lifting his ragged, baggy T-shirt to reveal his backside completely. Then, he raised his belt high over his head and lashed it down upon Harry's bare skin. Harry gritted his teeth to stop from crying out as his uncle struck him again and again. He knew better than to "complain."

"Now this is when it really gets fun!" Uncle Vernon informed Marge. He pulled his own pants down a bit. Just enough to completely rape Harry, before stripping him naked, telling Marge to look out, and tossing him in a pile on the bed. He leaned in low and whispered, "You deserved this, you good for nothing piece of shit! Stop whining! God! You make me sick!" he spat at Harry. Then, he turned on his heel, held the door open for his sister, and slammed the door shut, following her out.

Once he was sure his uncle couldn't hear him, Harry curled up and sobbed. He wished. He wished for someone, anyone, to take him away from here. 'Please mum, dad!' he thought. 'I need you!' And with that thought, Harry cried himself to sleep… again. However, little did he know, tonight would be the end of his suffering. For his wish was about to come true.