Mina-sama! Its time for another Lovely Spell short story/distraction. I'm having a bit of a block with Knightly Treats so I'm writing this to open up the creativity flow...that or to waste some time and entertain you all w/out getting lynched. Either way here it is. This is a collection of 'memories' told from Naruto's POV. I do hope you all enjoy these. I'll be posting them as I edit them. Thanks for reading!

warning: shonen ai

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As I think back to our rivalry I can't remember exactly at which point it turned into friendship. I can see our hateful stares and all the jealousy rise between the both of us perfectly well. I also know the times we helped each other out and the trust there was between us. I can never seem to pinpoint the transition point though. I do remember now an even more precious memory than that transition into friendship. That would be the point at which our friendly rivalry became a little crush.

At that time we were young. I'd like to say a healthy 13 was the age when it started. I'd thought 'I really must be dumb'. I mean I'd lost my first time was with that cold, icy bastard that was Sasuke. 'He took my first time away from me.' Those were all the childish thoughts that were running through my head. I never began to consider what a giant opening it would create. Well, I'll tell you about it from the top.

That day started out with an argument as it did on most days after missions. Our verbal discussion escalated to such heated and passionate fight that Kakashi-sensei decided we should settle it with sparring. For him it was a good lesson and a way to settle our differences. I can still see that sly smile that must have been on his face under that mask of his after he slipped the idea into our conversation. I of course readily accepted the proposal, seeing as how stubborn I was back then. I should say I still am that way. So, I took it and challenged Sasuke to a fight. I got the usual answer. A lazy 'hn' and his confident lean while his hands remained in his pockets.

His smirk was something else. When he did that to me it just drove me crazy. I think now that's the only reason he did it. I can recall that there was always a warmth when he taunted me with that almost emotionless look. I am able to tell the difference now after years of being by his side, but back then I was so dumb. I really was for more reason that one. To his fangirls and other ninja his stare was cold and his smirk was menacing. With me it was playful and his eyes always shone with a different feeling. Obviously I didn't notice until years later because I am still Naruto. I know I disappoint you all. I haven't changed all that much. I'll get on with the story. I know I've been rambling, but these thoughts really take me somewhere else.

So, after accepting the challenge, and beating me. I would keep that out, if I had a choice, but then the rest of my memory would make no sense. As usual I was disappointed and perhaps even more upset than I was at the beginning of the argument, which by the way I have no idea what it was over. I pouted, I know I did. I was upset at losing. I was upset at the mission. I was just angry at how much better he seemed when compared to me. I let that child in me escape and I pouted, turned and walked away after shoving him to the ground. I can still hear that haughty 'hn' of his as I started walking towards the training grounds where the argument had begun. He chased after me. I heard the almost inaudible thumping of his sandals against the hard ground beat at a steady pace until he caught up with me.

Like a perfect movie scene we walked towards the setting sun. It was a sweet orange which reminded me of the time Iruka-sensei tried making a homemade jam. It was horrible, but I ate it. I had to. He had spent all day making that gooey orange jam for me. At the time I don't know why Iruka popped into my mind, but that sun was really bright. The reds at the horizon really just softened the sunset for our eyes. We walked in silence towards the three poles where I'd been tied to by Kakashi after trying to steal that bento. It was then, while we approached those poles that brought back all those memories of our team, that our arms just brushed together. At least they would have brushed if we weren't still covered in sweat. It was more of a rough sticking and awkward sideways glance for each of us. I felt my heart speed up. I'd touched him before. We'd sparred and fought everyday of our lives together, but this touch was different. It wasn't the sweetest touch, but I felt the warmth of his apology, if that makes any sense. I kept my eyes on him and I noticed a soft pink hue appear on his cheeks. I wanted to laugh and make fun of him, but the burning on my own face told me to keep quiet.

I don't know at which point it was that he turned his face away from me, but I felt a bit disappointed. Disappointed, that is until I felt a warm, dusty hand slip into mine. I wanted to laugh, but instead I smiled. There out with that perfect sunset and in that field where it had all began we stood facing forward with our fingers entwined. My first time. My first smile. The very first one that I had ever really meant happened because of him. I can perfectly picture his reaction to this day. He smirked. That bastard just smirked that kind, warm look of his. He didn't even look at me, but I knew exactly what he meant.

So, there you have it a nice short memory of my first no mask, no lies, simple, honest smile.