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I've told you everything. Why not continue with the morning after?

We both woke up to a loud knock. I was the first to jump out of bed and quickly search for clean boxers. It was the only thing clean on me. I could still see some stains on my chest that I'd have to wash off. I shut the bedroom door behind me and let Sasuke dress in private, while I answered the door.

"Good morning!" Kakashi said and sounded a little too happy as he stood next to Sakura.

"Good morning." I replied. "What are you doing here?" I asked. I had never once in my life as a ninja been woken up by Kakashi least of all by Sakura.

"You and Sasuke were late for our pre-mission training." Kakashi explained easily as he took in the state of the living room. The popcorn was all over the floor. The couch cushions were everywhere and the couch was obviously not straight along the edge of the side tables.

"I'm sorry!" I said quickly. I had completely forgotten about it and obviously, so had Sasuke. "I'll get ready right away."

"You missed the training, but hurry we still need to go wake up Sasuke." Sakura said and for some reason Kakashi only smirked at me like he knew. In retrospect, of course he knew. Who wouldn't have known after taking one look at me and then the living room.

It didn't take long for Sakura to also figure it out as Sasuke opened the bedroom door and leaned on the door frame. He was still looking half asleep.

"What are you doing here Sasuke?" Sakura asked immediately.

I thought I'd never hear him stutter.

"I-i, we umm, we were-" His wide eyes gave him away.

"He slept over." I answered quickly for him.

"Did you two sleep together?" Sakura asked and one of her hands went to cover her mouth. She was giggling and I heard her.

Sasuke was suddenly awake and over his momentary surprise. "Whether we did or didn't is none of your concern." He answered coolly.

"Before we arrive at the mission room, I'll need to know which one of you will be limping." Kakashi teased and hurriedly shut the door behind himself and Sakura without waiting for a response.

"So, limping Sasuke, how did you sleep?" I asked teasingly as we both went back into the bedroom.

Sasuke was indeed walking a little differently than usual. He was tense and careful in his steps. He sat down and smirked at me. "I slept just fine." He answered. "How was your first and last time, idiot?"

How I got out of that one I'll never tell.