By Gabs

DISCLAIMER: Frankie, Andrew and any other Stigmata characters belong not to me, but to MGM (I think) and I am just borrowing them for my own entertainment, and to cure 3 am boredom.

            Andrew stared down at the grave. It was nothing new to him, seeing graves and cemeteries. He wished Frankie were there to help him. But no, of course she wasn't. That was impossible.

            After the events that had changed his life and his faith forever, Andrew had done everything that was necessary to ensure that Houseman and even Dario would never be able to have any kind of power in the church, ever again. And then, he had begun work on his mission as Alameida's messenger- the title that was responsible for all that had happened to Frankie. With the help of Gianni and Petrocelli, he had found and translated the rest of the gospel that Alameida had hidden. After learning everything that it truly said, he had left his position in the church. Most of his time was now devoted to spreading the word of the newly translated gospel. He didn't know if the Vatican's highest officials knew or approved of what he was doing. More importantly, he didn't care if they did.

            Andrew once again wished Frankie were there to help him through the changes. She had once told him that she would never have survived the first four wounds without him- not because of the stigmata itself, but because of the way all her friends reacted. Especially Donna. Her rejection in Frankie's greatest time of need was the most devastating. Andrew couldn't believe how Donna, Jennifer, Steven and everyone else acted like they were afraid or even ashamed to associate themselves with Frankie. He had refused to speak to Donna when he was last in Pittsburgh, two weeks ago. Their actions cut him almost as deeply as Frankie.

            Snapping out of his thoughts as the first drop of rain touched his cheek, Andrew returned his attention to the grave in front of him. He glanced at the wide variety of flowers in his hand before gently placing them on the ground. "Fresh flowers, as promised," he whispered. "I'm so sorry I couldn't do more to help you. I should have figured it all out sooner. Rest in peace- the message is being well taken care of. I'll be back in two weeks, as scheduled. I love you Frankie."

This is based on the alternate ending of Stigmata, which I recently saw on the DVD. For those of you who may not know, Frankie receives the 5th wound and dies after Andrew carries her out of the archdiocese and they share their kiss. I also plan to write a story about what happened after the actual ending.