Seeing It Through

A Sequel to Making Amends

Chapter One, Just When Things Were Getting Good
He hissed out a curse as the sun shone through the translucent curtains. They really needed to go shopping curtains made out of thicker material.

Mullet rolled around to face the other way, and sighed in contentment when his face collided into Roy's thin, slightly tanned chest. A small hand found its way into Mullet's bed-mussed locks, and the blond nearly purred at how wonderful it felt to be pet like a cat.

"Are you purring?" An amused voice asked, and Mullet grinned in embarrassment.

"Shut up. Less talking and more petting."

Roy gave a small chuckle, and rubbed the dusky blond head before sitting up. He blinked his eyes once, twice, and glanced around the room.

Their bedroom was really unkempt, Roy admitted. There were piles upon piles of clothes in corners, on the dressers—there was even his swimming trunks slung over the small mirror! Other than clothes, there were some receipts and letters on the nightstands, a bottle of… Vaseline, if Roy wasn't mistaken, dropped carelessly on the floor close to the bed, and two cans of empty whipped cream peeked out innocently from under the bed. He blushed; that was an interesting night, to say the least.

"We have to clean today," Roy declared, getting out of bed. He was completely bereft of any clothing, and Mullet leisurely enjoyed the view.

"Come on, then," Roy said to him after bending down to grab a pile of the paper-wads of receipts. He blushed slightly at how admiring Mullet's stare was, and tossed the papers into a wastebasket in the room.

"Yeah, sure. Okay," Mullet grumbled out, stretching in bed.

He got up, and slipped on a pair of old boxers from the floor, not caring much when it was they were from, and started collecting together the clothes that needed to be washed.

"That one's still clean, I forgot to put it back into the closet a few days ago," Roy said offhandedly as he plucked a maroon button-down dress shirt from Mullet's grasp.

They spent a good portion of the morning straightening up, and Roy let Mullet lounge on the sofa in the living room after the man had done a few loads of wash, gave the bed new sheets, and Windex-ed.

He was vacuuming when he felt eyes staring at him intensely, and glanced up in question at Mullet.

Roy inwardly groaned when he saw the gleam in Mullet's sapphire eyes, the one that always meant there would be a bed, himself, Mullet, and no clothing involved.

"Mullet…" Roy warned, as Mullet shut off the television, not taking his eyes off of Roy as he did so, and Roy stepped back as the other boy approached him.

Roy licked his lips, which was apparently a bad idea, as Mullet's eyes twinkled even fiercer when his pink tongue darted out. Roy backed into the kitchen counter, and Mullet chuckled deeply. Roy was pinned down as the blond kissed his lips fiercely.

"Mfft," Was all Roy could get out as he faintly struggled against his restraints. Mullet was just trailing down to Roy's neck when the doorbell rang.

"Mullet, come on, I have to get that," Roy whined, trying to remove his hands from the counter. Mullet ignored Roy, and nipped at the sensitive skin he found.

The doorbell sounded again, and Roy huffed out in annoyance.


Mullet sighed in frustration, and detached himself. Roy quickly zipped to the door, but not before glaring in annoyance at Mullet, and opened it up just as the third ring sounded.

"Yes?" He asked automatically, before seeing who it was at the door.

"Thank God…" Was all Beatrice gasped out, before she fainted right on the spot. Roy instinctively grabbed her, and nearly toppled over: Beatrice was a few inches taller than he was, and not to mention more muscled. He struggled to keep her form falling down, and glanced thankfully at Mullet when the other man helped out by picking up Beatrice.

Together, they dragged her to the sofa, and lay her carefully down. Beatrice was extremely troubled and tense looking, even in her sleep, and her face had light bruisings and scratches visible. It was apparent that something violent had occurred previous to her visiting.

Roy got up quickly and ran over to the bathroom to where the first aid was stored, and carried the small box over to the couch. He searched through and took out disinfectant solutions, ointments, and bandages, as well as a few gauze pads.

Mullet petted back his sister's hair, a grim frown on his face. He silently let Roy cover up her wounds as they waited for her to wake up.

"Done, now what?" Roy asked quietly, slipping the extra bandages back into the kit before wiping his hands on his pants. Mullet shrugged, and got up.

"We wait for her to wake up," He said simply, and draped a small coverlet over Beatrice's weakened form.

Roy got up slowly, and his knees popped as he stood. He made his way back into the bathroom, and put the kit away and was about to leave the bathroom; he turned around after a moment's hesitation and grabbed a bottle of Tylenol from the medicine cabinet.

It was late into the night that the two waited up for Beatrice, and she didn't open her eyes until around ten o'clock. She inhaled deeply in slight surprise at the change of scenery, but quickly recalled where she was.

Roy quickly stood and got her a glass of water, along with two aspirins. She thankfully took a swig of water, and downed the pills in an instant.

Mullet looked up from his National Geographic, and put the magazine away.

"B, what in hell's name happened?" He asked worriedly, kneeling at her side. Roy was quick to follow. She cleared her sore throat, and sat up in her spot.

"Well, Mullet, you know how your mom was out for us two?" she began, looking at the two of them in kind.

"She hasn't stopped or anything, but things just might get a bit worse."

"How can it get any worse than being on her hit list?" Roy asked no one in particular. He felt his skin crawl at the thought of anyone wanting to hurt him. Mullet found Roy's hand and rubbed soothing circles on it with his thumb.

"What's she planning now, B?" Mullet asked quietly, his eyes cold.

"It's not anything she's planned, but what happened this past month."

Roy and Mullet held their breaths, waiting for Beatrice to continue.

"Your mom divorced my dad. Said he was a lazy good-for-nothing, or whatever, and that she was going to be stuck in that kind of life forever. So, she said her goodbyes, and not even three months after the divorce was finalized, she goes out gallivanting in god-knows-where, and gets herself a hick of a husband!" Beatrice screeched, huffing in and out.

Mullet's expression didn't change, but he only sighed. He feared the worst, and asked,

"So what makes this whole situation harder? And what happened to you?"

"Well, the redneck she married is very dangerous and unpredictable. He's kind of like a bulldog. He had at least five hunting pistols stocked up the last time I checked.

"Your mother said she wanted to be closer to me, or whatever garbage she was spitting, and she moved into a city not too far where I am.

"Now, if I go out, there's a possibility that I might get slapped around or beaten with the butt of a damn pistol!" Beatrice hissed, glaring at nothing.

"Now, whenever I have to go to town, they're literally everywhere. And it's like people turn a blind eye on what they do! I swear, Mullet, your mom's a loose cannon."

Mullet Fingers looked frightening, Roy thought, with his jaw locked into place, his one fist clenched while the other hand grasped tightly onto Roy's, and his eyes narrowed, the color of them a stormy blue. He gripped back to try and ease the pressure Mullet was applying, and to offer support to his lover.

Mullet glanced at Roy, his eyes softening.

"She's out for you, Roy." He whispered.

"But… she's all the way in Kentucky!" He sputtered indignantly.

Mullet shook his head and sighed.

"I know my mom, and she'd go to the ends of the earth just to get her way, and if she doesn't get her way, it's all just a matter of time before she gets her revenge."

"How did you get here, Beatrice, looking like you did before?" Roy asked nervously, looking at her with concern.

"Oh, it wasn't until I got here that this happened," She gestured to her bandaged body with a hand.

"I'm guessing Mullet's mother followed me to Florida. She's probably somewhere in Coconut Cove by now," Beatrice fretted, biting her bottom lip.

"Goddamnit!" Mullet suddenly grumbled, and let go of Roy's hand. He stood up and began pacing the floor of the living room. Both Beatrice and Roy watched him with curious and jittery glances. An angry Mullet Fingers was never a good thing.

"Has anyone ever thought about going to the authorities with this?" Roy piped, looking from the massive, muscled girl to his brooding boyfriend. Beatrice sighed quietly, and leaned back.

"Tried that. She managed to wriggle her way out of that, God knows how."

"But we have physical evidence!" Roy said in fear-induced anger. "Just look at you, Beatrice!"

Beatrice frowned and patted Roy's tensed shoulder.

"Look Roy, my old stepmom is a real conniving bitch. Like the ones you see in movies. It's nearly impossible to get out of half of the things she's gotten out of. It's just in her… trampy nature." Beatrice wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"So… what should we do?" Roy whispered dejectedly, leaning back against the coffee table behind him. Mullet kicked the couch for good measure, and turned to face his 'family'.

"Now, we do what I do best." Mullet said solemnly.

"We cause chaos."

Roy frowned slightly, but said nothing. He was worried, not just for himself, but for Beatrice and Mullet Fingers. He'd never personally met this woman, but if it put a stop in his friendship with Beatrice and Mullet for a good few years, she had to be somewhat of an issue.

Beatrice absently rubbed a small bruise on her arm.

"Do you need any aspirin?" Roy asked, noticing her grimace as she touched a purple spot on her upper arm.

"Yes," She groaned out, frowning. Roy got up and fetched a cup of water, along with two of the small pills.

She popped them into her mouth, took a large swig of water, and swallowed it all down. She handed the glass back to Roy, and smiled warmly.

"Thanks for healin' me up, doctor," She said softly, winking.

Roy smiled back, however small it was, and responded,

"You know it's no problem, B."

"Still, thanks. The both of you." She said, looking to her honorary brothers. Mullet gave a playful grin, and bent down to muss up Beatrice's blonde hair.

"Do you mind if I go take a shower? I haven't taken one in days, what with all this running around," Beatrice huffed, fingering her greasy locks.

Mullet smirked, and said, "Is that what that smell was?"

Beatrice quickly stood, and limped over to her brother and whacked him over the head, harrumphing, and walked into the bathroom.

Roy rolled his eyes at Mullet and smiled as the man grabbed his upper arm.

"Don't worry about my mom, Roy. I'll make sure she can't hurt you. And this time, I swear I won't leave you." Mullet said quietly, honesty radiating from his hypnotizing eyes. Roy kissed his lips.

"I know you will," he sighed, and leaned into Mullet's embrace.

The bathroom door opened again, and Beatrice hissed out,

"Yuck. Honestly, you two, that's just kinky," A pair of handcuffs flew out and landed on the carpet, and she slammed the door shut after huffing.

Roy's eyes were wide, and he was blushing enough to pass off as a tomato. He shoved his head into Mullet's chest, which was vibrating with laughter.

"'S not funny," Roy complained a moment later; Mullet still was chuckling.

"No, it's just that you're just so cute," Mullet whispered, grinning goofily. Roy looked up and stuck out his tongue.

"See?" Mullet teased, "You're just so cute!"

Roy grimaced, and pulled away from Mullet.

"Aw, quit it."

"You ready for bed?" Mullet asked, his voice like velvet. Roy glared at Mullet when he saw that damned twinkling of his blue eyes beginning, and huffed out,

"Is that all you think about all the time? Sex?"

"Why the hell would you think that?" Mullet asked incredulously, his brow furrowing. Roy's frown deepened, and he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"No, sex's not all I like to think about."

"Well, forgive me for saying something like that; we've only done it, oh I don't know, maybe seven times in the past three days." Roy disputed.

"Why does it bother you? Is it bad or something?" Mullet countered, his eyes narrowing.

"No, it just seems like that's all you want from me."

"It's not just the sex that I like about our relationship!"

"Then what else?" Roy asked impatiently, suppressing the urge to begin to tap his foot.

"Huh?" Mullet asked, caught off guard.

"You heard me, what else is there that you like about our relationship?"

"Well… I-I um…" Mullet stuttered, blushing. Roy gasped in outrage.

"There isn't anything else, is there?" He asked dangerously, his eyes glaring daggers.


Roy intervened.

"You-You dirty pig! You only liked the sex this whole time! The sex!" He screeched, and threw his hands up in the air.

"Roy-" Mullet sighed tiredly, rubbing his eyelids.

"No, not right now." Roy said haltingly, and with that, he stalked over to their bedroom, and slammed the door shut.

Mullet whacked himself in the head, and then Beatrice walked out of the steamy bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and looked at her stepbrother in confusion.


The bedroom door opened, and Mullet seemed to perk up a little, thinking that Roy was going to come out and let Mullet talk. His hopes plummeted when a pillow and a quilt were tossed out of the door, before it snapped shut again, this time it locked.

"Oh. What did you do now?" Beatrice asked, frowning as Mullet kicked the couch twice in frustration.

Lol, I'm such a little geek. I say that Making Amends was going to be a dead-end ficlet, and I go and make it a sequel. How does Mullet always wind up pissing off Roy? Hah.

This won't be incredibly long either, and it'll probably be about seven or eight chapters long, ten at most.

Obviously, this is a sequel to Making Amends. Go read that story before you look at this!

(Also, I'm still the same person as Inkyish was, but I changed my PenName is all!)