A/N: Hello, everyone. I want to say I am very, very sorry for the lack of updated chapters, and for losing my notes. If you have read my notes referring to this story on my profile, you know that I have put this story on Hiatus, and have kind of left in the closet for a long, long time.

I am sorry, again and I have decided a few things.

Since my writing style had changed quite a bit (At least I think so...) and my view on stories have changed since I first published Itachi's Voodoo Hotline, I have decided to re-write it. It will be brand new, though not deviating too far from the original story.

Since I have lost my book with all my notes, I will re-plot an outline and stuff for the story, continuing from where I left off previously. And yes, the chapters will be longer. X3

I have, however, deviated from the Naruto fandom quite a bit. It will take a little bit for me to have the feel of the characters again, and learn how to write them again.

I hope you all, whom I love so much that loved my story, will tune into the brand new version of it. Though I make no promises (though I really, really hate to ask you guys to wait a bit longer...)due to the fact that I am currently focusing my attention on my Axis Powers Hetalia fic. But once I am finished with that story, you guys will have me working hard on a new version of Itachi's Voodoo Hotline.

I really hope that you'll tune into the improved version of it, and I am truly sorry for making you guys wait so long. Thank you very much!