Oh good lord...Tamaki's reaction to maybe possibly realizing his feelings for Haruhi in Volume 9? Gotta love him.

Really, I'm more of a Hikaru/Haruhi fan myself, but sometimes Tama-chan is just TOO CUTE.

Summary: When Tamaki falls ill, he seems to lose his mind. Thank God it doesn't happen often, or Hikaru would have to kill Tamaki. slight Tama/Haru, Haru/Hikaru

Haruhi sighed, resting her frame against the ornamented walls of the Suoh's estate. Her hand lifts and brushes against her forehead; it still feels odd, where Tamaki had pulled her down and kissed her.

"Kissaholic" she whispers, wondering where the others have wandered off to. Perhaps the servants had whisked them away from the 'ailing' Suoh; Lord knows the boy didn't need more stress. (Though Haruhi didn't see where the stress could be--he seemed fairly mindless).

She was irritated at Tamaki...but not for the kiss, she thought. Was it more at what he said?

"A father is allowed to do that!"

He'd seemed satisfied with that. But Haruhi didn't get it, why the father complex sat well with Tamaki. He was not her father, and his actions certainly did not fit the 'caring father' image. He was more...oh, what was the word?

Oh..yes. Like a jealous boyfriend. Haruhi shook her head. No, of course not. Not because she would feel unworthy of such feelings.

He was just annoying with it. Whatever it was, if he wouldn't be straightforward, she wasn't going to ask. She would continue to ignore it.



Hikaru was livid.

There were a lot of things that sort of irritated him about the Host Club; though on the whole it was a great thing.

One; Tamaki was in charge.
Tamaki wasn't ever good with making rules. (That was what Kyouya was for) But his antics were...Hikaru sometimes felt Hunny was more mature than Tamaki.

Two: Haruhi. Hikaru didn't have any problem with Haruhi...oh, quite the opposite. But the fact that, oh...everyone but his brother and Hunny seemed to like her didn't help his case. But at least if Kyouya, or Mori...or EVEN his brother liked her, they'd at least realize their feelings.

But did Tamaki Suoh realize that he liked Haruhi? Oh no. He had this weird father complex with her.

And now the self-appointed King of the Host Club had kissed Haruhi. Nothing serious; just on the forehead.

Sakes alive, if Hikaru had the gumption to do that, he would have already.

"...karu? Hikaru, are you okay?"

The younger twin was glaring at his brother with a deep concern in his eyes. Haruhi wasn't there; she was...somewhere across the room, gazing out the window.

And Hikaru knew he couldn't tell Haruhi. Not yet.

"Yeah, I'm fine."