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Destination of Dreams

Flying into His Arms

He dropped the phone down onto its hook, the clatter ringing out into the silence. He'd just got the news he always half hoped for and yet dreaded to hear. He could recall his Mothers voice echoing down the line as she rang from there holiday spot in the Cornish sands. They had visited the same place every year even when he was a child and only as he got older did he refuse to go, welcoming the peace that flooded in with the absence of his father.

Now after 25 years, he had to head back there. Not for the sea or sand for he knew no joy could come from this trip. He had to go because his Mother had begged him to be there, hold her hand while his father recovered. It wasn't serious, he didn't require his diagnostic degree to tell him that, but his Mother need someone by her side while his dad healed after his accident, and she wanted that someone to be him.

He always avoided any form of contact with his parents, everyone believed it was because of the deep rooted hatred of his father, but they only knew half of the story the other half he would never tell anyone, because he knew all to well it would bring the image he'd carefully built up crashing down around him. Gregory House didn't have many weaknesses but his Mother was one of them. The inability to lie; the need to make her happy, he didn't care about his own joy, or the joy of anyone else, but hers mattered.

The other weakness, the one he would never admit especially to himself, just rushed passed his office her dark curls swing out behind her, an air of authority emanating around her, the sound of her heels breaking him from his thoughts.

He stood up; needing to talk to the devil herself and knowing putting it off wouldn't work. He pulled the door open, his cane clicking in counter point to her shoes, alerting her to his presence seconds before he hollered her name.


She halted for a moment, her back still facing him, as though preparing herself for the battle that was sure to follow the moment she turned. After a few seconds, her body twisted on the spot, bringing her eyes to meet his, questioning him about what he wanted without even using words. She'd gotten this form of communication down to a fine art, unwilling to use any vocal communication unless she really had to knowing all to well the moment any left her lips a confrontation would commence.

He held his office door in his hand, signalling with the other arm for her to enter. She approached with caution, not yet knowing what he wanted, refusing to relax knowing how unpredictable he could be and refusing to be caught out. It's what made her good at her job, she expected the unexpected, because, with House around, the unexpected, became the expected and nearly always happened.

She ducked under his arm, hurrying forward increasing the distance between them. Turning to face him, she watched as he allowed the door to swing shut behind him before wandering over to his chair. Her eyes never left him as he settled down in his seat, swinging his feet up on to the desk which received only a small frown from her, she picked her battles carefully, and that one just wasn't worth fighting.

The silence spread out between them before her sigh shattered it. 'What did you want to see me for?'

He dragged his hand over his face, scratching over the stubble that peppered his chin not meeting her eyes, for once this was a battle he didn't want to win.


He pursed his lips, sucking air in the corner of them in short sharp breaths. Dragging his thumb over his eyebrow, thinking…he really didn't want to do this. For once he'd give anything to work. The only thing that reassured him slightly was the fact that Cuddy never let him have what he wanted, why would she start now? Her stubbornness should kick in, the authority and control gaining joy from denying him something he needed. She wouldn't let that go surely. He sighed.

'I need some time off.'

She frowned. He was obviously worked up about something and this wasn't it or at least it wasn't the whole story. What was he hiding?


He shrugged, 'I need to visit someone.'


He made a non committal sound, eyes flying to the ceiling. 'No one in particular.'

Her eyebrows rose as she looked at him, patiently waiting for his eyes to meet hers once more. 'Fine!'

His expression froze. She had to hold back a smile at the panic now clearly etched across his face.

'What do you mean fine? This is a hospital, patients don't conveniently stop falling ill while I'm away. You need me!'

She laughed. 'I'm every much aware of that, but I'm guessing that your 'no one in particular' person needs you more. Your team can cope without you for a couple of days.'

He frowned, this really wasn't working the way he intended. 'What makes you think that this person needs me more?'

'From the fact you didn't even try to form an argument. It's when you fight your corner House that I have to worry, when you're determined to get your own way, throwing anything at me to prove your case. This time you gave up before you even began. Deliberately making your request seem unreasonable…which makes me think you're trying to avoid something and therefore I take great pleasure in giving you the permission to do it and removing any excuse for you not to.' She smiled, her head tilting to the side in satisfaction knowing she'd won. 'Who you trying to avoid?'

His hand absently ran over his thigh, before bringing his feet to the floor. 'My Mother.'

With that he grabbed his cane, pulling himself up, free hand gathering any vital pieces of paper under his arm, leaving the rest scattered over the desk. With on final fleeting glance around the room checking he'd got everything he shot forward storming past Cuddy. She stepped back surprised at his sudden speed before darting after him arms wide with a curious frown on her face. 'that's it? No explanation as to why you're avoiding her, where you're going, nothing?'

'Nope.' He didn't even bother to turn round, just ploughed on down the hallway. She finally caught up with him at the lifts.

'Well if your trying to avoid her why the hurry?'

'The quicker I go the quicker its over with. Besides, I'm on holiday now, why would I hang around sick people when I don't need to. I'm making a run for it before you change your mind.'

'House! Your not on hol…' the doors clanged shut cutting her off, the final thing she saw was his smiling face. She knew it was a ploy to make her think she hadn't got one over on him when she had. The horrible thing was it worked, he seemed way too happy to be leaving. She sighed; she didn't even know where he'd gone. Shaking her head, she turned away heading back down the hall. The ducklings could always get him on the phone if they needed him, where he'd gone didn't matter, as far as she was concerned him leaving was a blessing, it meant he wouldn't be here when she wasn't around to watch over him. She was taking a week off, she needed it, and now she could truly relax knowing he wasn't here to ruin her hospital while she was away.


House pulled his bike up outside his home, sliding off it quickly and limping inside. Once inside his bedroom he dragged his case out from under the bed, throwing things in, in disarray, shirts, socks, shoes, pants. His plane was leaving way too soon for his liking, knowing he'd be landing in hell soon enough, standing by his Fathers bedside, having to hold his hand, waiting for him to wake up while secretly wishing he wouldn't.

He remembered Cuddy's smile when she agreed to let him have the time off, the memory of the glee over her face when he let that little bit of emotion slip burned into his memory. However his attempts to cover his tracks had been effective, that final smirk as the lift has shut, the look on her face of incredulity as he mentioned this time off as a holiday….if only. Right now he'd rather be doing clinic duty, but at least she didn't know that.

He heard the taxi beeping for him outside. Slamming the lid down on his case he dragged it off the bed, stumbling as his body adjusted to the extra weight being balanced by his cane. He hobbled out into the street, chucking his bag in the boot and slipping into the back seat. After giving the driver directions his head fell back, a sigh leaving his lips, the sooner this was over the better.


Cuddy let her pen finally fall on the desk, leaning back into her chair, her work finally finished. The daylight that normally filled her room had long since died; the lamp on her desk now the only light left on in the hospital.

She yawned, allowing her eyes to close for only a moment, thoughts floating through her mind, thinking of a House free hospital. It would be blissful. Shame she wouldn't be around to experience it. The thought of a whole day free of jibes and comments, no arguments, no challenges, nothing but paper work and normal every day tasks….it sounded….shit. Her eyes snapped open a frown emanating across her forehead, frozen in shock at her recent revelation. She'd miss House, the more she thought about it, the more a week without him sounded crap. While it would be relaxing her world would be all too easy, she liked a challenge. The feeling of fire as she entered into an argument, having someone stand up to her not backing down just because of who she was...she loved it.

Pulling her fingers through her hair, she spun round on her chair rising to her feet a little to fast. Her hand slammed down bracing herself against the desk, supporting her weight as she got her head in order. She had no idea why that thought appeared and it was going right back where it came from. It didn't matter what a week without House in the hospital would be like, because she wasn't going to be here to find out.

She walked to the door, pausing to sling her coat over her shoulders. However a week without House, outside the hospital, inside her living life not her working one would be wonderful. With a final affirmative nod, which seemed all to like she was trying to convince herself, she slung her bag over her shoulder and headed home for the night, she needed to get packed.


The aeroplane hummed around him. He stretched his leg out, relishing in the leg room in first class, thinking about all those poor suckers stuck in economy class, crushed up against one another, having to get up close and personal against their will. In 9 hours he was going to be landing on English soil, taking the 6 hour train ride down to the Cornwall coast. He was going to live these last moments of happiness to the full. Taking the two little bottles of whisky he'd wheedled out of one of the air hostess he poured himself a large drink in one of those silly plastic cups.

Taking a large gulp he pulled out his I-pod plugging the buds in his ears. Satisfied with his drink he had no desire to be disturbed by the trolly dollies still wheeling the cabinets up and down the isle. He got his game-boy out, flicking it on, watching as the screen lit up. He had nine hours of undisturbed bliss, he wasn't going to waste it.


The cool silk of her night gown glided over her skin, droplets of water dripping down her back, hair still wet from the shower. She buried her body under the covers, the warmth slowly seeping back into her skin.

Her bag was packed, ready and waiting by the door, tickets and passport lying on the table beside it. She lulled the check list over in her mind praying she hadn't forgotten anything.

Finally she drifted off to sleep, the list still running around in the walls of her mind.


House woke up with a start, sweat dripping down his neck. He blinked, eyes adjusting to the light. It was fairly dark, night time having descended over this half of the world, only the floor lights lit the plane. Many people were dozing around him with those silly little eye masks on. He shifted trying to get comfortable, his groin still throbbing from his dream. Casting a glance down his eyes widened. His manly hood was clearly defined, straining against the denim, trying to stand proud pushing against its confines desperate to be relived.


He scrabbled at his blanket; pulling it up over him trying to hide the fact he was so hard…what a dream. Thank god nobody noticed. He doesn't mind other peoples' embarrassment but he sure as hell hated his own.

He squeezed his eyes shut, an effort to try and calm his mind, trying to think of other things but he couldn't get the pictures out of his head, his dream replaying itself in fragmented images and sounds. His fingers and lips trailing over smooth skin, her quiet little moans of delight into his ear, her breath tickling against his neck, her hand around him, lips slowly kissing her way down his body, sliding to her knees, coming face to face with his cock, a hungry smile spreading over her lips as she brought her head up, mouth opening to take him inside….

That's the point he woke up.

Fuck it, of all the times he could wake up, of all the people he had to dream of, it had to be her, his mind was seriously screwing with him tonight, in so many ways.

His hand sunk beneath the thin material covering him, grazing against the bulge, he hissed, he was incredibly sensitive, knowing the excitement from his dreams had been building up and was ready to blow, this baby wasn't going to go down by itself.

He reached for his cane, standing up unsteadily, trying to find away to hide his erection, knowing it was impossible. He made a dash to the bathroom, hobbling as fast as he could. The lock clicked behind him as he entered the tiny space, hips bumping into things, cane clunking to the side as he settled him self down onto the toilet seat. He pulled at the buttons on his jeans, fingers fumbling with the zipper, a gasp leaking from his lips as his warm hand curled around his shaft. He was harder than he had been in a long time; the lack of sex must be getting to him. His hand was a poor substitute for a female but it would have to do.

He couldn't believe he'd been driven to this, jacking himself off at 40,000 feet in the air all because of a stupid dream. He began to stroke himself, slowly at first, building up the speed as the time passed. He tried to create a scenario in his mind, using anyone but the woman in his dream, focusing on his memories, his porn magazines, young girls, big boobs, toned legs, all smiling at him from the many pages he'd flicked through. He tried to think about settings and fantasies he'd had in the past but for once none of them stuck, and when he finally came, the sticky white fluid pouring out over his fingers, it was the image of her blue eyes that burst before him.


Cuddy's eyes snapped open, waking abruptly from her dream. Her body shivered even though the covers were over her, and the lingering sound of someone shouting her name seeming to echo in the air.

She frowned; thinking about what could have woken her. Many possibilities trailing through her thoughts, before finally settling on the fact it must have been the aftermath of something she'd been dreaming.

She lied there for a while, indulging in the fact she didn't have to rush. For once there was no need to get up early, to hurry into work. For the first time in many months, she could just take her time.

After a few minutes ticked by she finally left the warm bubble she created, stepping out into the cool air wrapping her dressing gown around her trying to retain some of the heat. She padded around her house, having her morning coffee, showering, getting dressed; the usual routine but at a much slower pace.

She arrived at the airport in plenty of time, checking in and having a wander around duty free, buying things to entertain her on the long journey. After two hours had passed, the intercom rang out: -

'Passengers for the 1324 to London Heathrow your flight's now boarding at gate 24.'

Grabbing her stuff she followed the line, slowly shuffling forward as all the final checks were made, heading along the little walk way that headed onto the plane and settling down into her seat. She felt the stress ebb from her body, excitement filling its place as it flooded in. The sound of the sea was so near she could almost hear it, feel the cool, English waves lapping against her ankles. She was heading down to Cornwall, the southern end of the small island, full of sun, sand and sea, with those pretty little English towns, so very small but bursting with history and stories to be told.

Pulling her hair free from its pony tail she snuggled down in her seat, a smile spreading over her face as the images and thoughts dashed through her mind, one week of pure relaxation, no paper work, no orders, nothing but her to please, pure bliss.

The engine roared beneath her, ground rushing by as it gathered speed, she felt her tummy clench as it left the ground, soaring up into the sky; freedom.

Her eyes slipped shut, hoping to pass some of the time. The smile remained spread over her face as the haze of slumber descended, happiness filling her chest with every breath.

Her dreams were content and undisturbed, completely unaware of what was going to happen on that small innocent island. What a difference a day makes…and giving fate a week to work with, who knows what's going to happen.


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