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Crashing to the Shore

The warm summer air hit him as he wandered out. Keeping a safe distance behind her not wishing to attract her attention just yet, preferring to watch her while her expression was unguarded.

He skirt was loose n floating, the breeze whipping it around her thighs, hitching it up, showing tantalising sights of smooth skin before slipping down again and snapping at the hem elsewhere.

She seemed lost in her own world, hair glinting in the moonlight as she walked the cobbled path towards the beach. The sounds of the sea crashing against the shore already whispering around them, the sounds of the seagulls having died down as they'd laid to rest on the cliff tops.

Coming to the edge of the sand she slipped her shoes from her feet, making her way over the uneven ground.

Luckily for house, his pursue of her wasn't halted. While normally the cane rendered him helpless on the beach, preventing him from setting foot on the sand, due to the fact it sunk in, unable to support his weight on it. The tiny grass plants gave enough support, holding the tiny grains together enough to create a resistance against the force of his cane preventing it from sinking and enabling it to support him and help him hobble along behind her.


She loved the feel of the sand as it sunk between her toes, now cold as the sun had sunk below the horizon. The wind was warm on her skin, twirling the lose tendrils of hair around her, fingers absently brushing it from her face as she came to rest on top of one of the sand dunes, her eyes gazing out over the expanse of sand beyond her, now tinged blue, rushing up to the edge of the shore, bleeding into an endless sea.

She was lost in thought, having been to the pub twice that day, both times an attempt to halt her thoughts and failing; although these ones were much more vivid. She'd gone back to the hotel to rest, luxuriating in the fact she was able to sleep when ever she liked and for as long as she chose. She'd settled down in the hammock on her balcony, foot swinging her from side to side, lulling her to sleep, dropping her in a passionate dream sequence; only serving to leave her less relaxed when she woke.

She'd been in the car, with him, House. Her focus had been on the road, him on her, his eyes roving over her body. She remembered feeling his fingers on her skin, trailing over her thigh, the feel of his lips on her neck, as he forced her skirt up around her hips.

She was unable to resist, having to keep her hands on the steering wheel eyes on the road, little or no resistance…but if she was honest she remembered not really wanting to push him away.

He'd slipped his hand between her legs, gentle pressure lightly grazing, creating subtle tingles making her shift in her seat, the uncomfortable aches of arousal as she forced her hips harder against his hand.

He'd been grinning, face alight with triumph, leaning over her, other hand fumbling with the buttons of her shirt, slipping them open grazing the sensitive flesh inside; sending shivers of desire, fingers burning over her skin, fire and ice.

The pressure of his hand had increased, building speed, as they'd raced towards an unknown destination. A burst of energy had radiated through her, thrumming alive with lust, as his hands seduced her, her mind and body fighting against giving in, trying to keep her focus on the road, all the while wanting to let her head fall back, mouth open, letting out the low moans of pleasure she'd been keeping locked inside.

His fingers had pulled the little band of lace aside, sliding within her heated depths, body melting as her liquid lava of desire lubricated his fingers helping them thrust inside, twisting until he found the little spot that made her squeal….he hit it….and

She woke up.

She sighed, feeling the frustration ebb through her; she'd been so wet when she woke, a warm heat burning from between her legs, the material soaked with her arousal…and nothing but her hand to help.

Of all the men she could have dreamed of it had to have been him, invading her mind, making her want him more than anything. She shook her head, this couldn't be real, it couldn't be happening; House in her head even when he was half a world away, what was wrong with her? Had she really become this desperate that her body was lusting over the only man she really couldn't have, and would never want her.

Her harsh voice scratched into the night air, head tilting up to the stars. 'God I to get laid.'

Warm breath hit her ear, 'I could help you with that.'

She screamed, body whipping round, the world blurring before her eyes, twisting on its side as it seemed to tilt before her, body tipping backwards, the earth vanishing before her feet, tumbling back, crashing over the edge of the hill taking a huge weight with her as she fell, crashing to the ground in a dust cloud, something now firmly place on top of her, holding her to the ground.

She struggled, her eyes tight shut, trying to force whatever was invading her personal space as far from her as possible, panic making her chest tight, fear pricking her skin like icicles. Her nails flung out, claws sinking into something.

'Shit Cuddy calm down!!' Strong fingers wrapped around her wrists, her body freezing, eyes snapping open as a familiar voice invaded her senses. Her eyes were fooling her, they had to be, his body not only invading her dreams, but invading her mind and playing with her conscious. It had to be…he couldn't be he.

She tore her hand from his fingers, his ocean blue eyes washing over her, as though seeping into her soul, trying to determine what she was thinking. She dragged her fingers over his face, slowly, curious, his stubble tickling the tips. 'You're real.'

'Well what did you…'



House's world seemed to throb….his face stinging, eyes wide, shaking his head trying to clear it as his brain rattled round within its walls.

Her voice leaked in, quiet and harsh, 'What are you doing here?'

'I could ask you the same thing.'

She glared at him, still wriggling, trying to squirm away from his warmth slowly burying her deeper into the sand as he forced her down with all his weight, holding her hands far away from him to prevent any further damage being inflicted upon him by her little fists, her fingers now tightly bawled together and looking increasingly threatening for something so small.

'I'm here on holiday, and you're meant to be miles away.'

'I would have been if you'd stayed on your side of the world.'

She tugged on her wrists arching upwards, but his hands were too tight, his strength had been aided by the cane, his shoulders built like concrete, the weight of them easily pinning her down like a feather fighting against a stone.

'I left it to escape; mainly from you.'

'Then you shouldn't have followed me should you.'

He grinned feeling braver now he had control of her, the confusion and anger flickering across her face, swirling within her eyes, the beam of moonlight reflected from them like a laser determined to burn into his skin.

'I didn't…'

He halted her, one finger against her lips, knowing his treatment of her would anger her even more. 'I left first…so you followed. Hot' he waggled his eyebrows 'on my heels as always. Anyone would think you were stalking me.' His eyes widened, as if making his point, driving it home.

She glared, 'Get of me.'

'And there was me thinking you wanted someone to get you off.'

Her lips narrowed, two thin black lines; face screwing up reflecting the aggression she felt. Her body flailed, twisting, knees coming up either side of his hips, bucking up, as she tried to free herself using all her effort, heart hammering, squirming like a trapped animal beneath a predator.

He gasped, head falling forwards as his eyes squeezed shut, a sharp sensation shooting through him, 'Christ cuddy, If you don't stop wriggling your wish is going to come true a lot sooner than you thought.'


She froze, chest heaving, gasping for air, feeding her pounding heart, muscles tired and staved of oxygen. His voice had startled her, sounding so desperate, on edge, cracking from within as he'd growled at her to stop. She watched his eyes flicker open, trailing over her body, her own gaze following his, widening as she observed her legs, bare and shining, scratching up against the material of his jeans, spread beneath him, her skirt having ridden up around her hips having long given up the fight for her modesty.

Gradually his eyes finally finished their journey, boring into hers, his breathing slowing as his stared, their chests rubbing against each other as they exhaled.

His hand abandoned a single wrist, sliding it down over her arm, fingertips tracing her skin light and tickling, testing her reaction. She remained static, unwilling to move, memories of her dream pounding through her mind making her pulse race.

She could feel the need for him building up inside her, soaking the V between her thighs, bating her body for him. Each nerve ending on alert sending little jolts of energy through her as his hand continued its journey, slowly slipping over her hip pulling it harder against him.

She gasped, an invitation, his mouth crashing over hers, probing, drawing her tongue into his mouth twirling with it in an intricate battle, before forcing it back. She couldn't fight, unable to resist, the bubble of lust bursting within her. His breathing collided with the deep tone of the waves, whispering in the air surrounding her. The cool breeze a tangent to his flaming skin, heating up every inch it came in contact with.

She felt his other hand release her, fingers fumbling with her top twisting the knot free forcing it apart, baring her taught stomach to the night sky, poised over it, lips suckling, caressing and kissing dragging his mouth up to her throat, his other hand forcing its way between her thighs, a single finger sliding round her trigger before dragging his nail over it, making her body jump, a shock running up her spine arching against him.

She was so wet, the juices soaking the little panel between her legs, his finger grazing her only serving to make her convulse even more, drenching herself in desperation for him. Moaning, an arm over her eyes as she tried to fight against the overwhelming sensation, contrasting pain and pleasure exploding through her body making each muscle ache.

She was desperate, blinded with need for him ignoring the fact that this was wrong. Her head tossing and turning, sand stinging her skin, sticking to the sweat. A plea broke from her lips, his fingers finally forcing the sodden piece of lace aside.

She let his fingers slide within her, spreading herself for him, whispering his name as he broke her under the moonlight. The breeze tingled against her burning skin, his fingers slipping inside her, plunging, stroking caressing, finding the single spot that made her sing.

Her head tossed, twisting from side to side, trying to resist the sensations he was inflicting upon her. The little thrills she hadn't felt for years, each one increasing as he buried his fingers deeper within her.

It was unbearable, pain and pleasure, the only time they ever danced together, flowing into each other like two converging rivers, bursting into her mind, making her scream out into the night as her orgasm washed over her like the waves lapping at the shore only meters away.


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