Chapter 5 – Speaking the Truth

The sunlight peeking through the crack in the heavy curtains woke Minerva from her slumber. She tried to stretch but the tight embrace she was wrapped up in prevented her to do so. "Good morning love," a sleep roughened voice whispered.

She looked up into his face only to have her heart skip a beat by the love reflected in his chocolate eyes. A long boney finger pushed a stray hair from her face and tucked it lovingly behind her ear before leaning in for a passionate kiss. When they broke apart, their chests were heaving and they both were flushed. Severus placed a quick kiss on her nose before asking, "Will you regret your decision of letting me back into your life?"

"No love, I regret ending our relationship in the first place but I could never regret letting you back into my life," she said truthfully then added, "You're my soul mate."

He kissed her lovingly on the lips before he responded. "I believe you are my soul mate as well. I love you more than anything and would like nothing more than to lie in this bed with you from now on but we have a war to fight."

She snuggled closer to him before admitting, "I'm tired of fighting."

"I'm tired of the fighting too but we have to continue our fight until Voldemort is defeated," he said with conviction. "He is a monster that needs to be stopped and we have to play our part in this damn war."

"I know but I will miss you when you have to leave," she whispered desperately.

"When this war is over and my name is cleared, I will come home to you," he said with determination then added, "I also plan on publicly announcing I'm Hermione's father."

Her eyes widened in surprise at his announcement before she argued, "You cannot Severus. If the Magical Community learns I had an affair with a student, I will be finished here at Hogwarts."

Severus shook his head in disagreement before explaining, "Minerva you are a respected and valuable member of the Magical Community. They will not turn their back on you especially now that you are valiantly fighting against the Dark Lord; however, Hermione would be an outcast. I cannot allow that to happen to her."

"Of course you're right," Minerva said feebly before snuggling closer to her lover. "I want the best for our daughter."

Severus placed a quick kiss on her forehead before crawling out of bed. Minerva growled in frustration at the lost of body heat then yelped in surprise as Severus swept her into his arms. He nuzzled her neck before offering, "Hermione wanted to spend some time with me and I think it would go more smoothly if you were present. Let's get dressed and invite her here for brunch. We could explain our situation and hope she will allow us to play a role in her life. She may even want to be your maid of honor when we marry."

"When we marry?" Minerva asked shocked.

"Of course love, I plan on making you my bride once this damn war is over," he said with a smile plastered on his lips.

Minerva merely nodded her head in response before wiggling out of his arms and running into the bathroom for a shower. He chuckled at her feistiness before chasing after her and slamming the bathroom shut for what he hoped to be a very enjoyable shower with her.