Kisame x Itachi pairing. Nothing at all graphic. No spoilers for anything. It actually ended up fluffy, which may or may not be even more disturbing. Hopefully it's still quasi-canon. Only, probably not.

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There are many things that Uchiha Itachi simply does not do.

He does not, for example, fear thunderstorms.

He simply dislikes them.

A lot.

…To the point of sitting behind an armoire because…storms really don't deserve his presence.

He also does not, under any circumstance, crawl into Kisame's bed because he is afraid of thunderstorms, because, as established, he is not afraid of them.

Sometimes he just…feels the need to…keep Kisame from rolling off of his bed. He'd be no use to Itachi if he got a concussion and couldn't go on a mission.

Itachi chooses to disregard the fact that Kisame hardly moves at all when he sleeps, and is probably a good enough ninja, seeing as how he's in Akatsuki and all, to wake up before he hit the ground. That, and he's far too strong to be hurt by a simple bump on the head.

Itachi is just being careful.

And he does not, does not, burrow under the covers and pull Kisame's arm over his waist because he likes the warmth and security that only Kisame can provide him.

He just…feels like it.

And he is Uchiha Itachi, so that reason is plenty good enough.

There are many things Hoshigaki Kisame does not do.

He does not, for example, admit that he knows that his younger partner is afraid of thunderstorms late at night.

He lets Itachi pretend that they just annoy him, and that's why he speeds up when the sky darkens with angry clouds.

He pretends to read or tend to his sword while Itachi sits behind various pieces of furniture to meditate…not hide…Itachi does not hide. To suggest otherwise would be nothing short of suicidal.

He does not move when Itachi's slim body presses against his, late at night, when thunder booms and lightning lights up the night outside of their window.

He pretends to sleep and not hear the muffled gasp that Itachi never quite manages to subdue when a particularly violent crash of thunder shakes them.

He does not ask Itachi why he does this, he pretends he doesn't know.

He lets Itachi cuddle, though he would never dare call it that, even if Itachi was aware of the fact that he knows exactly what's going on.

And he doesn't stop Itachi from attaching himself to his body like a young child, using his arm as a security blanket on particularly bad nights.

In fact, he's the one that makes sure it stays that way even when Itachi's fallen asleep.

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