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Summary: An almost dead Deidara is found by Sakura and she saves him. [DeiSaku

A/N: In this story, the big BOOM! thing is not Deidara using the technique in which his body blows up, alright? Let's say he used a powerful clay explosion technique but he did not die.

Chapter 1


Sakura instantly turned to the direction of the noise, startled by it. The sky was lit up with a bright light and Sakura almost had to shield her eyes from it.

"Lets go see what it is!" one of the two dogs accompanying her suggested.

The three of them dashed towards the source of the explosion and were led into a clear opening. The dogs went up and sniffed around while Sakura walked slowly behind them. It seems she is the first of their team to have arrived.

She studied her surroundings and then started to walk away in from the dogs.

"Sakura-chan! Where you headed for?" one of the dogs called out.

Sakura looked back at the dogs and gave a small smile and answered them before walking off. "I'm going to look around, don't worry I'll be right back."

Perhaps she could find something valuable.

Deidara stumbled against a branch and fell in front of a tree trunk. Struggling, he crawled himself to the tree and leaned against it.

He inwardly cursed the younger Uchiha. He felt like dying so much at this moment. The pain from it was overwhelming. He wondered if he had just died then it would be better because he wouldn't have to feel this pain.

He was hurt badly, very badly. He was bleeding all over the place and striving to not faint. Wait, why was he trying to stay awake again? He confused himself so much. He should just give up trying to survive and just die right there.

Firstly, there was the physical pain. Then there was the second pain...the mental pain, sort of. It was more like mental anger, frustration that he was unable to kill Sasuke, frustration that he should just use his secret technique to take Sasuke down with him.

His right shoulder burned and he brought his left hand up to it, clutching it. He was bloody all over.


He jolted his head up to see a familiar figure just a good distance away from him. He remembered her, yes. Why wouldn't he? The person who killed Sasori.

His main goal was, as Akatsuki orders were, to seal up the jinchuurikis. Then just moments ago, he came up with another goal – the goal of killing Sasuke. Then third...

...his third was...

The pink-haired kunoichi stood there like a statue, simply staring at him with her bright emerald eyes. avenge Sasori's death.

Sakura was shocked to find the Akatsuki member there, leaning against a tree almost dead. She had remembered him very well. He was Deidara, the one who had killed Gaara but luckily they were able to bring Gaara back.

The stench of blood filled her nose and she pondered what to do. He was weakened like this...this would be the perfect opportunity to go up there and take his life.

Her thoughts stopped all of a sudden right there.

No...she couldn't bring herself to kill the injured. After all she was a medic-nin and medic-nins do not purposely kill the injured.

She turned around, about to walk away but stopped after taking a step.

So she didn't have to go up there and kill him while he's hurt. She could just simply walk away and chances are that he would die from blood loss or something. Yes, that way she wouldn't exactly be betraying the Leaf.

Then why was it that she couldn't take another step further? That she still stood in that same spot unable to advance farther?

She shifted her head slightly to her side so she could see his weakened form from the corner of her eye.

She also couldn't bring herself to leave the injured like this. After all she was a medic-nin and medic-nins not only try to avoid killing the injured but also heal them...right?

She lost control her legs and found herself slowly walking to him. Once she was in front of him, she knelt down and lowered herself to eye level with him.

His head shot up and sent her a glare, causing her to tense a little.

She gulped and then exhaled deeply before she gathered the chakra into her hands and spoke softly, "You have many wounds...let me..."

She couldn't finish the sentence. Instead, she quickly noticed a deep gash across his chest and placed her hand over it, her green chakra flowing into his flesh. There was a moment of silence between the two before it was broken by Deidara's chuckle.

"Are you seriously a medic-nin from Konoha, yeah?" he asked.

She waited a few seconds before answering. "Yes..."

"How stupid, yeah...healing your enemy," he whispered.

Once she had stopped the bleeding from his shoulder, she figured she had done enough. He had various other wounds, cuts here and there. She stood up.

"I...I healed one of your major wounds...there is..." she found herself speaking like Hinata and her inner self screamed at her to stay strong and speak confidently. "There is no guarantee you'll live. You might survive if you get proper treatment in time..."

Her sentence drifted into nothing and she stood there for a few more seconds until she fully realized that she had just healed an Akatsuki member, even if not fully. Then she turned around to leave but stopped as she heard two words from him.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Then she quickly ran off.

"Where is Sakura-chan!" Naruto repeatedly screamed as he paced around. His teammates waited patiently, in contrast to him.

"Ah...d-don't worry, Naruto-kun," Hinata spoke out softly. "I'm sure she'll be back shortly..."

"Yeah," agreed one of the dogs that had been accompanying Sakura. "You're thinking too much, blondie. I can smell her scent getting stronger; she must be coming back."

That statement seemed to calm Naruto down and he stopped his yelling. Just as the dog had said, Sakura returned a few minutes later to receive a tight embrace from Naruto. Her reaction, though, was simply a punch towards him and she argued that he didn't have enough faith in her.

"Where did you head off to, Sakura?" Kakashi asked, his eyes never leaving the book in front of his face.

"Ah, I got here before all of you so I decided to walk around and see if I could find anything," she answered.

"And did you find anything?"

"No," she stated. It wasn't a, of course not! After all...she had only healed one of Deidara's biggest injuries: the wound on his chest. She calculated he would be able to survive only a few hours before he dies from blood loss from the many other deep injuries. Therefore, it would pointless to mention it to them...right?

'If that is so, why not tell Kakashi-sensei?' her inner self questioned. 'We could all go there and they wouldn't even know you healed one of his wounds. We can take him back to the Leaf for interrogation or...or they can kill him!'

Sakura had to quietly admit to herself that her inner voice was indeed making a lot of sense. She had left him just enough to survive a bit longer and she doubted he could even move from that spot. Therefore, in the end he would die anyway. There was no point in leading Kakashi-sensei and the others to him now. Besides...

'Besides?' that same inner voice asked her.

Sakura sighed before replying to herself, 'Besides, it's true they won't know that I healed him. But what if I tell them where he is now and he tells them I healed him. I'd be in seriously big trouble for healing an Akatsuki member!'

Her inner self had lost the mental battle.

'How stupid...'

Those two lines repeated itself within Deidara's mind. Things had been indeed 'stupid.'

First, it was stupid that he couldn't defeat the younger Uchiha. Then it was stupid that he had to be left almost dead after the fight. He had planned to use turn his own body into a bomb that would most definately take the Uchiha down with him. was stupid that he had to stop and lean against that tree so the medic-nin found him. Then it was stupid that she would heal him only enough to live for another few hours or so. It was stupid that Tobi had fled...and finally it was stupid for him to thank her allowing him to live just a little longer.

Why had he said it...those two words? 'Thank you.'

Sure, he was Akatsuki and he was seen as a cold-hearted and dangerous murderer. But all Akatsuki was born human and his mother did teach him manners.

A part of him swore the next time he saw her, things would be different. Not only would he avenge Sasori's death but also show her that as a shinobi passion and generousity would only lead to her downfall.

Yes, he swore it...and he would carry it out if he could survive.

Then again another part of him felt in debt. If he survived, perhaps he should repay her for saving him.


A rustling noise came from the bushes nearby, causing Deidara to break out of his thoughts. His eyes shifted to where the noise came from and watched as his Akatsuki partner emerged.

A small smirk crept onto his face. At times like this, he was glad Tobi was his partner.

"Deidara-sempai! You're alive!" Tobi exclaimed, rushing up to weak Deidara that was still leaning against the tree. "Oh, no! You're all beat up and bloody! What to do, what to do?"

Deidara sighed annoyed. "Just shut up, Tobi, yeah. Get me out of here."

"Sakura?" the door to her room opened and Sakura turned to it to see her mother standing there. "Are you leaving now?"

Sakura returned to her packing. "Right after I finish packing, Mom."

"Alright, then. Have fun and be safe," her mother said before walking away.

They had returned to the Leaf a few days ago and Sakura had not spoken of what she did. She believed the Akatsuki member should have died by now. At first, she lied in bed contemplating what she had done. She wondered...what if that small chance he'd be saved actually happened? What if he attacks the Leaf? What if it was her fault she saved a life so that that life could go on to end other lives?

However, she had learned to block out those thoughts and told herself he must be dead already.

So here she was, in her room packing. No, it wasn't another mission. She was actually packing for a slumber party. It was evening already and earlier that afternoon, Ino had invited her and the other girls for a sleepover. She hadn't known why Ino would do this since Ino never did this before. However, she supposed she should go since her days consisted mostly of healing at the hospital and now only missions allowed her to spend time with the other kunoichis.

When she reached Ino's place, she was lead up to Ino's room where Hinata and TenTen awaited.

"Behold! The huge forehead has finally arrived!" Ino exclaimed as Sakura entered Ino's room.

Sakura glowered at the blond girl. "Yes, and I was unfortunately greeted by an overweight pig."

Ino's room was much like hers, except more girly. It smelled like perfume and Sakura guessed it must be due to the makeup and perfume Ino used. Her bedsheets and curtains were a nice shade of lavender and she had beautifully arranged flowers here and there. A small part of Sakura was envious that she was too busy to do that kind of thing now.

"Alrighty!" Ino chirped. "Let's have some fun!"

Sakura had to admit it was fun, yet at the same time she felt something odd about it. Although Ino and her were best friends, they never hung out like this before.

The girls played many games, including truth or dare. Then Ino had insulted Sakura's looks and decided that she would dress up everyone. She made Hinata wear a cute, frilly light-blue top. TenTen wore a pink tank top and Ino wore a lavender tube top. Finally, there was Sakura and she was made to wear a white halter top.

Ino didn't stop yet. She went even further by applying make up to the girls. Hinata was hesitant at first, since she had never worn makeup before and wasn't sure about it. The only time Sakura would wear makeup was during an event, perhaps a festival. Due to her lack of knowledge in makeup, the furthest she would go was lip gloss.

She was amazed when Ino had finished her makeup and slipped a pretty cherry blossom clip through her hair. She had to admit to herself that she looked astounding, but of course Ino had made TenTen and Hinata just as beautiful. This was something that Sakura was envious of, the way Ino could remain a strong kunoichi yet at the same time be so experienced as a normal girl. For Sakura, she barely had any time free since she would always be busy at the hospital or helping Tsunade with paperworks.

"OH!" Ino exclaimed all of a sudden, catching everyone's attention. "Let's take a picture!"

And she gathered the four of them and held the camera in front of them. A flash went off.

When it was past midnight, Ino had decided they should sleep since, as shinobi, they never really had a scheduled day off. Moments after lying down, Sakura found herself unable to sleep. She could hear Hinata and TenTen's breathing and she was sure they had fallen asleep. However, when she sat up she noticed Ino standing in front of the window.

"Ino?" She called out quietly.

Ino turned to look at her. "Ah, Sakura. You're not asleep?"

Sakura nodded, a hidden smile crept onto her face as she noted that Ino had called her by her name. "I guess...yeah."

She sense Ino smiling. "Had too much fun at my awesome slumber party, huh?"

"Right, whatever," Sakura said, flopping back down. "Ino...a slumber party? You never did that before."

There was a moment of silence before she heard the blond girl's voice. "Yeah...I guess...after Asuma-sensei passed away...I realized that as shinobi we can die anytime. I thought I should spend as much time as I can with you guys because I...I can lose you anytime."

Sakura could hear Ino's voice breaking. "I-Ino...I never thought..."

Ino continued on, breaking off Sakura's sentence. "I thought that when I became a kunoichi, I would be protecting those that I love. I would fight for them and always keep them safe. But...but that's only half of it. The other half, I must fight back and kill. It was my goal to be a strong kunoichi...but it's my dream to have a long lasting love.

"With a life like this, I fear to love anyone because I might die. Who knows, Sakura...what if tomorrow is the last day for one of us? What if one of use decides to leave the Leaf like Sasuke did? And then what if we would have to fight against each other? What many what if' many of them..."

Sakura only kept silent as she listened to Ino's quiet sobs and she was thankful that Ino quickly stopped it. She hadn't thought of it that way. She supposed when she was with Team Seven, life was so much easier. The missions back then were so simple yet she was like Naruto and wanted something more challenging. Now, she wished she could go back to that time and lived when it was simpler.

"Ino..." she began and forced a smile on her face. "Don't worry. I would never let you be the one to take my life...I would never leave the Leaf."

Again the silence filled the room and only Hinata and TenTen's breathing echoed. Without knowing what to say, Ino said the two words she could only think of.

"Thank you."

Sakura yawned.

She had been at the hospital for only an hour or so before she was called to see the Hokage. Tsunade then informed her that she would be going on a mission.

Tsunade had said that the mission wouldn't be too difficult. With what was happening with Akatsuki and Sasuke, Tsunade had to assign many shinobis to do other things like patrolling the border of the Fire Country and keeping watch in case of attacks.

The mission was to escort a family who was moving out of Konohagakure into a smaller town on the other side of the Fire Country. The family felt the need to hire shinobis to fight off thieves or bandits in case they are ambushed. It would be no problem. So now Sakura had packed up her belongings and waited at the gate of Konoha for her team.

The family was there beside her. Sakura knew they were a completely innocent family, a happy one…one that did not know the bloodshed that a shinobi knew. The parents were middle-aged and loving, both possessing dark hair. They had two children: one was a little girl perhaps around ten years old and the other was a boy around five or six years old.

It was boring and she felt tired.

"Forehead!" a voice called out.

Sakura turned to see her best friend running up to her, Hinata and Kiba following behind her. "You guys are late!"

"Sorry, sorry," Kiba said. "Blame it on Ino."

"Alright, let's just hurry up and get moving," Sakura said, stepping out of the gate and out of Konoha.

Ino rushed to her side. "So, how's it feel being leader of a mission for once?"

Sakura put on a pondering face. "I don't know…scary, I guess."

"Scary?" Ino laughed.

Sakura sighed. "Well, I have to make sure that if anything does happen during the mission that I keep all you guys alive."

Ino smiled before taking out a wallet sized image and handing it to Sakura. "Here ya go."

Sakura took it and realized it was the photo they had taken yesterday during Ino's slumber party. "Oh."

"We were late because I just had to get the picture developed and give each one of you a copy!" Ino beamed.

Sakura smiled at the cheerful blond girl. "I suppose sometimes you actually do other things than being a pig."

Ino gave her a glare but her anger quickly faded. "Sakura."

Sakura glanced at her. "Hm?"

Ino gave her a gentle smile. "I want you to keep that picture safe with you and someday, when you meet the man of your life…the one who you are sure you will definitely love forever no matter what…I want you to give him that picture."

Sakura's gaze shifted down to the small photo in her hands and a small smile crept onto her cream face before she slipped the picture inside her weapon pouch. "Thank you."

Her one true love...

As they walked on, Sakura anticipated the day Sasuke would return to the Leaf so she could hand him the photo.

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