Name: Abbrivo Sanque (Blood Bound) it's Italian…… Don't ask why.

Summary: Volterra is a strange city. It is the safest in the world yet people who travel there end up disappearing. The Vatican has been forbidden to enter its walls. That is why Alucard and his new Bride, Seras, have been called in to investigate as tourists.

Pairing: AxS (everybody point to the obsessed AxS fan A.K.A me) and EdwardxBella (duh!!!!).

Note: (READ OR YOU WILL BE CONFUSED!!!!!!!!) Yes this is a crossover between the Twilight series and Hellsing. It will be in the Twilight series time period. So, Integra is around 60 years old. Seras and Alucard are together. Seras is tougher and knows a few vampire tricks. Bella has been turned into a vampire by Edward and is now apart of the Cullen family. And to help out with the whole "poisoness fangs" thing……. That is a type of vampire. The types of vampires that Seras and Alucard are going to be called are 'old age' vampire's which are believed to have died out. The kind in Twilight is the 'new age'. With me so far? Okay then…….

I must also add that I got inspired to write this fan fiction by Naikoru's fan fiction Lost and Found. After I thought up the idea, I couldn't deny the erg to write, (even if it sucks.)

So I shall not bore you further…… and give you the fic!! ENJOY!!!!

Overall Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or the Twilight series nor am I worthy to. If I did, Alucard and Seras would have gotten together and Edward would have made Bella into a vampire by now. Hence why I made this fic.

Chapter One:

'I'm getting too old for this,' Integra sighed as she opened the new letter from the Vatican to read what that 'pig from Section Thirteen' wanted this time.

Dear Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing,

I know you must be confused by this letter. But recant events have forced me to take it upon myself to ask a favor out of you. There is a city here in Italy called Volterra. An extremely strange city as well. It is probably one of the safest cities to live in. But though its inhabitants are safe, tourists who go there for sight seeing usually wind up disappearing.

Well, of course the Vatican sent Section Thirteen to investigate. But we where kicked out of the city due to 'disturbing the peace'. I believe that there are vampire's in that city and I ask that you send some of your agents there 'incognito', so to speak. With this letter I grant you the permission to cross into Section Thirteen territory until the mission is completed.

I eagerly await your reply,

Archbishop Enrico Maxwell

Leader of the Vatican's Special Section XIII, Iscariot Organization.

Integra frowned as she finished the letter. It wasn't every day that your rival asked a favor out of you. Especially if it was from Enrico Maxwell. She sighed and stared at the paper with a look of strained concentration on her face.

"Really, Master. Staring at a piece of paper won't make you any younger…." Came a dark chuckle from the corner of the room.

Integra shot her head up and glared at her laughing servant who had just walked through the wall. "For the last time, Alucard. I AM NOT THAT OLD!!!!!!" She yelled.

Alucard smirked and pointedly looked at her blonde hair that had a few strands of white in it. "And your hair is turning white because??"

Integra wiped out her pistol and shot Alucard right in the head, growling angrily.

"Now, was that really necessary?" asked Alucard when he fully regenerated.

"No, but it made me feel a hell of a lot better." Integra said as she put her gun away. "Alucard….. Have you ever heard of a city called Volterra?"

Alucard's smirk widened, "…….. maybe……."

Integra's eyebrows went up, "What do you know about it, Servant?"

Alucard crossed his arms, "It's the safest place for a human…… and a vampire….. to live. But who cares? It's in Italy and whatever vampire problem that it's dealing with is the Vatican's problem."

Integra smirked, "Well, now it's our problem. I want you and Officer Victoria to go to the city as tourists and investigate all these disappearances. If the vampire's who are envolved dangerous are, then destroy them. You will go by Alucard Trepes, and Seras is your wife. You leave tomorrow so start packing."

Alucard bowed, "As you wish, Master."

"Good, now get out." Integra said, rubbing her temples.

Alucard bowed again and stared to head toward the wall, "Oh, and by the way Master, you could always try hair dye…." and disappeared just as a silver ashtray hit where his head once was.


Seras was down in the basement in front of a mirror. Trying to tame her longer, still unruly spiky hair.

Seras had changed a lot since coming to Hellsing. Her strawberry blonde hair was now down to her shoulders, still spiky. She now wore black shirt and pants with a black trench coat that ended at her ankles. Her feet were covered in commando boots. Really, the only thing that hadn't changed was her red eyes and crazy hair.

Hence why she was in front of the mirror trying to get it to lay flat. In fact, she was so absorbed into what she was doing that she didn't notice Alucard walk up behind her until he wrapped his arms around her waist, causing her to jump.

Alucard chuckled, "Still so jumpy…." He bent down and kissed his mate's neck, "I don't see why your so dissatisfied with your hair. I like it….. It's crazy, like you……"

Seras gave a sigh and leaned into Alucard's embrace, "Yep, that's me, crazy woman." She said, rolling her eyes.

Alucard laughed, bending down and kissing the top of her head, "We have a new mission. We have to go to Italy in a town called Volterra as tourists and investigate some disappearances."

Seras frowned, "Isn't Italy Vatican territory?"

Alucard smiled, "Yes, but the Vatican is handing us the mission because they are unwelcome in the city."

"So there is no chance of meeting Anderson there??" asked Seras hopefully.

"I don't think so."

Seras frowned, "Good, I hate that guy. He's so annoying….." She then did a perfect intimidation of a Scottish accent. "I WILL SEND YE HETHANS TO HELL!!!!!!... AN' I DO TH' CHA CHA LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!"

Alucard burst out laughing, turning Seras around and pulling her into a passionate kiss, and then let her go, "You need to do that in front of the Judas Priest when we next meet him."

Seras smiled, her face a bit red, before kissing Alucard on the cheek, "Sounds like a date." She then stretched and yawned, "We'd better get to bed, the suns coming up and we need to leave tomorrow." She then got into the coffin with Alucard climbing in after her. They both where snuggled together, fast asleep, as the sun came up.