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Chapter Fifteen:

Seras sighed as their cab pulled into the familiar airport. "Well, lets go."

Alucard nodded and got out after her, smiling his evil smile.

On their way to the plane, they hear some one calling a head of them, "SERAS!!! ALUCARD!!!!!" It was Aro with his two brothers, Demetri, Felix, and Jane.

Marcus had his ever present bored look on his face while Caius looked at Seras furiously. Demetri and Jane were teasing Felix about all of his bandages around his face, as well as his left arm that was in a sling.

Aro walked up and took Seras's hands in his own, "I hope that Felix didn't cause too much trouble for you!"

Aro's face turned from happiness into amazement, because holding Seras's hands had activated his special ability and he had found out her secret.

Seras winked and said into his mind, 'Don't tell anyone, I haven't told Alucard yet.'

Aro smiled back and let go of Seras's hands, "Please come see us soon!"

Seras laughed and nodded, "We'll try."

Alucard smiled his evil grin, "See yah Freaks……"

Caius growled, "Speak for yourself!"

When they had arrived for their gate, Bella and Edward were waiting for them,

"Hope you have a good flight." Edward said nonchalantly.

Bella gave Seras a hug, "Call me when you get there!"

Seras laughed, "I will, it was nice meeting you."

"You too," Bella said with a smile.


The plane ride as well as the car ride to the manor had little events. Seras kept looking out the window, then at Alucard, then back to the window.

Alucard knew something was going on, but kept silent. Seras would tell him what was wrong in her own time.

When they had arrived, Integra and Walter were waiting for them. Integra, who had not been smoking for an entire two weeks, looked to Walter as soon as she saw Alucard, "Give me a cigar, now."

Walter chuckled and handed her the cigar.

Alucard smirked at his Master, "Target has been silence, my Master."

Integra nodded, "Good to know you did something right for a change."

"Aw, I'm hurt, you didn't miss me Master?"

Integra sighed, "No, I just miss you being away." she then turned and started to walk away.

Alucard was about to follow and torment his master more when Seras touched his hand lightly and whispered, "I need to talk to you."

Alucard smiled and pulled her into his embrace, before phasing down into their room.

He let her go and sat down in the chair, lounging and smirking at her, "So, what have you been hiding from me, Police Girl?"

Seras let out a long sigh, "Alucard……. I'm pregnant."

Alucard stared at her for a few minutes, "You're what?"

Seras looked at the ground, "I'm pregnant… I didn't even know that I could get pregnant so…."

Suddenly, Alucard took her into his arms and kissed her passionately, not letting her go until he had her backed into the coffin.

Seras gave a shaky laugh, "I guess you're glad?"

Alucard laughed and laid her back onto the coffin, "It's the best welcome home gift you could ever give me. I just can't wait to tell Master."

Seras smiled and kissed his cheek, "Neither can I, she'll be thrilled to have a mini-Alucard running around." She said sarcastically.

Alucard nuzzled her neck with an evil grin, "Now I really can't wait."

Seras gave a happily sigh, life was going to take a big turn for the Hellsing Manor, but she couldn't wait till it started.

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