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Author's Note: Alright, let's start off with the fact that this story was made only to make fun of everything. If you get offended easily, if you have your couples and can't stand the thought of them being with other people, if you have your ideas of certain things that are fanon and not canon and you hate when they're made fun of, stop reading this and go to another story. We can guarantee that if you are easily offended you will not like this story. This is for fun, so for those who are still reading, have fun.

White Cat Part 1

Rita was looking through the latest magazine when she came across an interesting article that showed that a new girl was moving to Angel Grove. "Zeddy, I think we should make an evil ranger."

"You've done that before. And now we have Tommy. It's Tommy this and Tommy that. You even bought the sheet set for him."

"He was my idea first! Besides you also had evil rangers."

"But they didn't become good."

"Yes. Remember those 5 kids you took that so strongly resembled the Power Rangers at the time?"

"Oh, right. I forgot about them. Anyways, no evil ranger."

Rita was quiet for a bit before she went to Zedd, "How about the girl gets put under an evil spell. Then she can spy on the rangers for us."

"Well, even though we have our own way of knowing what'll happen, let's go for it. So should she become friends with them to hear their plans?"

"She'll be an elephant."


"Okay, fine a cat. A pretty white one."

"Fine. Why does it have to be a girl?"

"So she can break up Tommy and Kim, since Tommy is the best. Everyone falls for him."

"Fine, whatever. Go do it."

"I will."

Rita teleported down to Earth and landed right in front of a blond girl in jeans who happened to be wearing pink. "I have decided to put you under my spell." The girl was immediately evil. Rita showed her an image of the rangers. "I want you to get in and spy on the girls. They'll take you in for sure, they're suckers. But the real thing is to get to this guy." An image of Tommy appeared before the girl who stepped backwards. "What's wrong?"

"Well, does it have to be him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Couldn't it be that cute guy dressed in red?"

"What? Who? No! It has to be Tommy. This show is about Tommy. Not Rocky. Get that through your head. You like Tommy."

A sigh came from the girl, "Fine. I'll like loser boy."

"Good. But don't call him that again. Now go, spy, and report back."

And with that Rita was gone within five seconds. Kat went into the park, because everyone knows that's where Aisha and Kim go walking, and changed into a cat and waited for them.

Soon enough the two ranger girls were walking through the park. The girl in pink, not the cat, pointed off in the distance, "Look it's a cat."

"Wow. Let's go over right away. Even though it's a beautiful white cat, it has to be a stray."

"That's so true. Plus I think she'd look good with pink."

So the two girls went over and picked up the cat, "I want you as my pet. I'm going to take you to the animal shelter."

Kimberly nudged Aisha, "That's a good idea. She can be our pet."

"Yay!"So they ran off.

Aisha walked in with the white cat and sat down at a table outside of Ernie's juicebar. Bulk and Skull pointed out that animals weren't allowed there, but Aisha just rolled her eyes.

Kim looked at them, "Ernie likes us best. So we can do whatever we want."

"Fine. Be that way." Skull said and he and Bulk left.

"Don't worry about them, they don't know what they're doing." Kim said as Aisha stood up.

"It's okay, I need to go and see if I can keep the cat."

Aisha skipped out and went to the shelter while everyone else stayed at the table.

After Aisha was told she could keep the cat tengas mysteriously attacked right outside the shelter. She needed help, since she's not Tommy, so Zordon called the other rangers. Rocky threw a fit because he couldn't finish his sandwhich, but upon hearing that his friend was in trouble he crouched low and morphed with the rest.

Once they beat the Tengas they threw off their clothes, not all their clothes, just the pretty cloth covering their dirty clothes, Rocky and Adam ran off to get to Rocky's sandwhich. Billy quickly followed, but Tommy decided he needed to be in the episode more so he went with Kim and Aisha to see the cat.

Inside the cat had turned to Kat and was talking to the vet. Aisha, Tommy and Kim all walked into where the doctor was talking to Kat. They saw the two woman but as they got closer Kat ran off.

"Oh, hi Aisha." The doctor said. She turned to see Kat, but she was nowhere. "Did you see where she went?"

"Who?" Kim asked.

"The girl who I was talking to."

"Who?" Kim asked again.

"I don't know, I didn't find out her name."

"Who?" Once more it came from Kim. Tommy gave a loving look at Kim and then shrugged his shoulders and of course looked clueless, as he was accustomed to.

"Well there's the cat." Aisha said picking up the white cat.

"What are you going to name her?" the Doctor asked.

"I have the most original name ever."

"Yeah, what's that?" Tommy asked.


"PC?" Kim asked tilting her head to the side.

"Park Cat. Isn't that adorable?"

Kim squealed with delight, "That's perfect."

Tommy smiled at her and then started petting the cat, PC, which is actually Kat, so they're petting a person. Anyways. Kim went to pet her and she got mad and hissed at her.

"Are you okay?" Aisha asked with concern.

"Yeah, I think she's just tired of being petted."

Tommy continued petting PC, without running over and checking on Kim, he figured Kim was going to be okay, besides it wasn't every day that you get to pet a pretty white cat.