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Ron scuttled up to the portrait of the fat lady. He was viciously stuffing his Charms book into his bag when he stopped before the portrait hole. His book refused to fit into the bag, and he shoved and shoved until he successfully squished the remnants of his completed homework beneath. He grunted angrily, completely forgetting that he was standing in front of his entrance without getting anywhere.

"Ahem," the fat lady raised an eyebrow, very discontent with Ron's lack of attention towards her.

"Oh," Ron's flushed face glanced up at her, losing contact with his growing frustration.

"Um…er…" he stumbled over his words before his face lit up with recognition, "Oh! Fish paste!!"

The fat lady smiled.

"You should have remembered that, young man," she shifted her weight over as the portal revealed itself to him, "that word is in your little musical that you're trying out for."

"It is?" Ron asked, quizzically turning around to look at the portrait hole that was now behind him. He furrowed his brow before shrugging and sighing a boyishly content "Oh well…" before entering the Gryffindor common room.

Before he was all the way in he could hear Hermione's stern voice.

"Jump for me, Harry,"

Ron couldn't help but snigger. "In more ways than one" was all he could mutter to himself.

When Ron came into the common room, he had just caught Harry as he made a short little pirouette on his left foot. Ron's mouth fell open. Harry actually looked…dare he even think it…just a little bit like he knew what he was doing. Graceful wasn't really the word for it, but hell, that really was the only word that came to mind.

"Damn," Ron said loudly, after Harry landed. "What've I missed?"

Harry yelped and ran behind the sofa.

"You weren't watching, were you?" His eyes were huge, and his shoulders hunched deep into his neck.

"I just walked in," Ron said, throwing up his hands. "What was that, anyway?"

"I was practicing!!" Harry yelled.

"I wasn't told about this!" Ron said, glaring at Hermione, "We're supposed to practice together, so that we both know what we're doing…"

Hermione was trying so hard not to laugh. Ron and Harry were acting as if he had walked in on the two of them making out on the couch. Harry was trying to regain his composure in front of Ron, his face turning red with embarrassment.

"Ron," she said, smiling wide, "Harry's surprisingly good at this…"

"Am not!!!" Harry screeched, as if trying to say that he was horrible would protect his masculinity.

"He catches on so quickly," Hermione continued, gesturing to Harry, "I only have to explain it to him once, and it just…"

"Just what?" Ron asked.

"Just…comes naturally for him."

Harry cowered further behind his hiding place.

"I blame you," he said lowly to Hermione from across the couch.

"Hey, mate," Ron said, looking to his best friend, "If it makes any difference, I thought it was great."

"What?" he said, his ears quirking up.

"Well, I sure as hell can't do that. That," he gestured to the spot on the rug where Harry did his jump, "was pretty awesome."

Harry laughed.

"You really think...?" Ron smiled.

"I'm not a pansy." Harry said quickly. Hermione burst into giggles.

"I know you're not." Ron laughed.

"Well the whole school's going to think so!" he said worriedly.

"You're just good at dancing, that's all." Ron said with a shrug of the shoulders.

With that affirmation, Harry came out from behind his couch.

"Okay then," he came closer to Hermione, "please explain to me why this was so hard for me during the Yule Ball."

"It's not the same style," she said simply, "that was ballroom dancing. This is jazz and ballet."

"I have...no idea what that means." Harry said.

"Different ways of dancing equals different levels of difficulty," she said with a cock of her head.

"Okay," he looked away, going back to the stance he had before Ron came in.

"So do I get special treatment too?" Ron said, looking at Hermione.

"If you want. I've practiced with you a lot lately."

"Do you think you can teach me to do what Harry just did?"

"I don't know," she said, looking over to Harry, who was practicing his turns off in a corner.

"You're good enough to get in though, for sure." She said affirmatively.

"What kind of a part do you think I'll get, Hermione?" he asked, folding his arms.

"Well," she said, trying not to stare too much at Harry, "you'll probably get a chorus part, since you don't really like to stand out all that much."

"Don't like to stand out?" he asked incredulously, "If Harry's going to be some jazzy prodigy, I want something better than a chorus part."

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"I thought you wanted nothing to do with this play, Ron."

"Well," he said, putting on the face she knew all too well: stubbornness.

"If Harry gets a big part, I want one too."

"But dancing doesn't come as naturally for you as it does him."

"Then make me better at it."

"Ron, the auditions are tomorrow."

"I'm already decent, aren't I?"

"Yes, but if you're looking for a huge part…"

"Then just push me as hard as you can."

Hermione put her hands on her hips. She looked at Ron's eagerness. The things these boys did to stick together…

"Alright fine." Ron grinned.

"But I've already taught you most of what I know."

"Well then, what do you suggest?"

"Practice day in and day out until your audition tomorrow." Hermione smiled smugly.

"And that's what you're here for," he said, returning her haughtiness.

Harry was off practicing in his corner, and only heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Between steps he yelled over to Ron.

"Hey Ron! Whatcha talkin' about?"

"Just practicing more." Ron called back.

"Mkay," Harry muttered as he stopped his turn, put his right foot in front of him, and started over again from the beginning.

"Alright Ron." Hermione stepped back to make room for him, "get into position."

He contorted his lanky figure into the stance that she usually had him stand in; first position ballet.

"Now turn." She said.

Ron turned. It was a little shaky, but he didn't wobble nearly as much as he usually did.

"Try two of them."

"Two?" He asked.

"You told me to push you." She said with a smile.

"Okay." He spun on his right foot, successfully turning a turn-and-a-half and stumbled before reaching two.


"It's fine." Hermione said calmly, "You're doing well. Harry," she called over.

"Yeah?" Harry said loudly.

"Come here. Show Ron how to do a double turn."


Harry walked over like his usual self, but then stood next to Ron, and did his double-turn.

"Just focus on a point." Hermione said, pointing to a candle on the fireplace mantle. "Focus on that when you spin, and it'll help you from getting dizzy."

His next try was better, but he still didn't get it completely.

"Here, try this." And Harry turned the other way, counterclockwise.

Ron turned in the direction given, and completed the turn without any further trouble.

"See? He can do it, he just doesn't start on the same foot as I do."

Ron let out a whoop of victory as Hermione's smile widened.

"I just hope you're happy with the role you get, Ron."

"So that means you think I'll make it?"

Without a second glance at him, she nodded.

"What about me?" Harry said happily.

Hermione simply smacked him upside the head in response.

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