Blue surrounds me, my lungs burning for the much needed air. My arms moved weakly in the consuming darkness, my body drifting downwards in the water. My dark chocolate hair swirls around my head as I twist feebly. My legs kick at nothing, my cornflower blue dress floating inches away, and then snapping slowly back to my legs. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die, but it is only the memories you remember as you lose the fight. And then there is pain.

Wait, isn't death supposed to be peaceful?

Pain rips from beneath my shoulder blades, giving me renewed strength, as my body thrashes in the darkened waters, turning it red with my blood. Something springs from my back, and swirls the water around me, propelling me upwards.

Was this death? Was I gaining my wings and flying to heaven? Was the initiation of an angel painful? No. As the wings flap, I see that they are indeed black. So I wasn't an angel?

As I rise, I look down, and see what looks like an angel staring up at me, mouth agape, golden eyes wide with shock. My wings blasted wind around him and everything below we, waving his bronze hair in its wake.

But there is something strange about him. He is stone white. As I rise higher, he calls a name to me. My name maybe? "Bella!" He jumps with as much force as he seems capable of, and is able to get a grip on my wrist. But certainly I was out of his reach at about 30 feet up, wasn't I?

I struggle to stay in the air, controlling my wings in a new way, flapping them harder. He seems frightened, and asks me a flurry of questions, lost in the noise my wings create. But there is one I catch.

"Can you put us down?" He shouts, before going on to more questions. I catch words such as how, incredible, love, angel, and other such things. As I flutter down to Earth, he jumps, and lands perfectly and gracefully. I land beside him, and make my wings fall downwards, now facing the ground, the tips mere inches from the dirt.

As he sits, he waves for me to follow and he takes my hands as if we were in love. Who was he? I wondered, and he started his questions.

"Bella, do you know who you are? Who I am? What happened?" I shake my head to all three. I only remembered the death experience. And then he leans over and kisses me full on the lips, making bits and pieces of my life come back. He was Edward, my vampire boyfriend, and I was Bella, the klutz of Forks, Washington. But I wasn't so klutzy now.

We had gone cliff diving again, and I had jumped before him. I knew the struggle of the water, and everything up to this point of my life. But what had happened? Why hadn't he jumped in after me?

I jumped into his lap and hugged him around the waist, and he held onto me, unwilling to let go. I looked up to his face, questions on the tip of my tongue, confusion written all over my face.

"Why didn't you come after me?" I asked him, worry in my voice.

He looked at me then, straight in the eyes, and answered me honestly, but I wish he hadn't. "The werewolves jumped me. I told them you were in the water, and they said that they would let you die-" his voice cracked on the last word. "Just to spite our kind." No. This wasn't possible. But where were they? I jumped from his lap, scanning the area around us. There was a forest to my left, and the only alerting I had to their presence was the snapping on twigs and the crunch of leaves.

"Come out you cowards!" I shouted at them. One by one, they came out of the woods still in their wolf form, their tails between their legs.

They were apparently scared by the show I had just put on. My wings were now a dark maroon, reflecting my boiling anger. So they were mood wings too…

As they all slowly resorted back to their human forms, they flinched as I screamed at them.

"You would rather I died than let me go on with having Edward change me?!" They all looked at the ground, clearly ashamed. I flapped my wings menacingly at them, blasting their clothes, and I let the air flow die down some, but they still twitched in anger. I was disgusted with them.

I stormed over to Edward, grabbed both his wrists, and took off, and my attention was momentarily diverted to my bracelet, where Edward's heart and Jacob's wolf hung. I took the wolf in my teeth, wrenched it off one of the bands, and spat it at Jacob's feet. I tore the silver band that was now broken, and tossed it into the sea. I still had the second ringlet with Edward's heart on it, and stared.

"Um, Bella? Were heading the wrong way." He stated, I flushed, and flapped my wings, easily supporting Edward with the new strength the wings had given me. As I flew to Edwards house, my wings gradually turned back to a nice white, stating an essence of calm. I hugged Edward to my body, and he smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist for safety.