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"If you don't do what I say, I'll kill Edward."

Damn, how was I supposed to counter that? 'Kill him then'? Hell no! My body went limp for a moment and I struggled my hardest, but then I felt my clothes slide off me, Jake not caring to be gentle. I gritted my teeth as he began to kiss me, starting with my lips and heading south. I felt my breasts being suckled on, and the trail of hot kisses sliding down my torso.

Jake stopped for a moment, and put handcuffs on my wrists, chaining me to the bed. Now I had no power, and he had undressed himself at some point. I looked down momentarily and saw his hard member pressing into my thigh, as if begging for entrance. Without warning, Jake thrust himself into me HARD! As I felt this, I screamed, but my mouth was quickly covered by his hand, muffling my cries. He hit again and again, and I faintly heard his gross moans of ecstasy.

Jake flipped me over so he was doing it doggy style, all the while tears streamed down my face. As he thrust again and again, a cry escaping from my muffled lips each time. "You're never getting out!" he said, penetrating each word with a thrust, harder and more painful each time, until he came within my virgin organ.

And he didn't stop with that. He rose from the bed, and shoved me so that I was on my knees, face to face with his member. Without warning, he grabbed the hair in the back of my head, and thrust himself into my mouth. I nearly chocked, for he went deep throat, going faster and faster, in a sort of rhythm with his hand moving my head and his hips thrusting painfully foreword. He came again, and forced me to swallow by plugging my nose and leaving himself there until I choked it all down.

He repeated the scene, and in the middle of it added three of his huge, hot fingers into me, making me scream. But no one could hear me. He laughed, came one final time, and

And he stopped mid sentence, his head swiveling to the side.

"Shit!" He cursed under his breath, and threw some baggy clothes at me. "Put these on!" He commanded me, uncuffed me, and he began to hurriedly pull his clothes back on. I took the chance to put clothes back on, and I saw his face was twisted as if he smelt…something…ho…ri…ble…

I felt the ground begin to shake, as if there were an earthquake in progress. But I knew better than that. Someone was coming, and it wasn't a human, I'll tell you that! Suddenly, the door flung open, the glass in the room shattering around me and something white streaked towards Jake, knocking him down. I heard explosions and growling, tearing, horrifying noises that will haunt me forever. The room shook with the booming sound of the fight, and I wanted it all to just have stopped. And that's exactly what it did. Time stood still, and I could see the scene clearly. Edward was here, fighting Jake, and clearly winning. He had a few nicks here and there, but Jake had suffered the most damage. Gashes and scars covered his body underneath Edward. And the scene seemed to quickly rewind.

I was waking up, and Jake wasn't there. I was still a virgin. Maybe I could save myself. I realized at that moment that I felt weightless. I hovered over to myself, and reunited. I heard the footsteps more clearly than last time. The glass was still broken, the chains and stains still on the bed. Now, I could crawl out through a hole in the floor, most likely from the scuffle. I climbed into the dirt below, and there was a tunnel there. It was warm, and I smelled something here. I was able to crawl through the tunnel, and quickly found out why. Wolves lived here! I heard Jake's muffled roar above the ground, and I cowered and shimmied foreword. It was a mother wolf, nursing her cubs.

She smelled me, and I waited to see the result. The pups yipped at me, but the silver she-wolf accepted my presence, and howled softly. A male came in and they yipped at each other once. The male turned to the tunnel he came from, looked at me, and then back again. He was leading me out!! I nodded my thanks to the silver wolf, and crawled after the male. Soon, I noticed why I could see down here when it should have been dark. There were glowing stones that lined the walls, dimly, and almost like light bulbs.

I saw the light intensify as we entered the open land. The male was sitting on his haunches, waiting patiently for me. It froze suddenly, and shook violently, turning around and backing madly at the woods. The world shook for the second time, and I called out, knowing what it was this time. "Edward!" I screamed, and I was scooped into the air, and felt like I was flying. The air whipped at my face, and calmed after a second. When I turned my head, there was Edward, holding me in his arms. Alice and Carlisle were here too. I was set down, and hugged fiercely by Alice, Carlisle checking me for damage, and all the while, Edward was pacing around me, making sure it was really me.

Carlisle nodded, and Edward charged off. I knew where he would be at this point, and cowered into Alice. "It's okay Bella. Shh." She comforted me as I broke down and cried. Everyone had to suffer because of me. Moments later, I was back in Edward's strong arms, and we were racing home.

We were home now, and I had retold me story, telling of what he had done. Jake had been a terrible monster, but he was gone now. "That Bastard will never hurt you again." Edward told me at least ten different times that night. He was scarier than usual, a haunted look etched into his features. I had caused him pain, but I'm living with it. We're happy now. Later in the year, those wolves that had helped me came to visit. I was glad to see them, and they live in the nearby woods, the only canines the Cullens DON'T hate.

The rest of the La Push gang had apologized over and over. Apparently, it was the wolf mating season. It's been a few decades now. Me being a demy-angel changed me in a way. I stopped again along with the rest of the vampires of the world. Edward has always been more protective of me, but he's loosened up a lot lately. I'm not a virgin, but I enjoyed losing it this time, If you know what I mean.