Bella's POV

I couldn't think strait. It was like I was in a horror movie and I was lost in the woods alone. I replayed it over and over again in my head.

"You …don't… want me?"


I don't know how long I sat there but I didn't care. He had said that all humans will heal and there memories will fade. But I knew that I would never ever forget as long as I lived. How stupid can Edward be! I was suddenly outraged. He thinks I will forget the love of my life and his family! He thinks I would forget everything that happened between us and that their vampires! I would never forget, I promised myself.

I laid there on the damp leaves, they use to be dry and crumpled but they were soaked with water from the rain. I didn't bother finding a tree to hide under. I just laid there crying, wet, and broken. After Edward had told me that he was leaving I broke down and ran. I don't know why, but I ran, as fast as I could. I turned back once and saw hurt and regret in his eyes. He thought it would be safer for me to stay away. I could suddenly hear people screaming. I wondered what it was but I was too exhausted from crying that I couldn't get up or shout back. I didn't want to. I wanted to lay here forever until I died. I suddenly realised that the shouting was Charlie and a bunch of other people. They were shouting my name. I tried to keep quiet and still. I heard something in the bushes and out came Charlie.

"OH MY GOD! BELLA!" He shouted and ran to me.

"I found her! She's here!" I heard him shout to the other voices. I then heard a bunch of other footsteps and out came more people. I heard them gasp. But I didn't bother opening my eyes to look who they were.

"Bella! Are you okay? Bella sweetie!"

It was Charlie. He was worried because I wouldn't open my eyes or talk. I just tried to move a bit to show him I was okay. He noticed and sighed with relief.

"She's fine, just …" He trailed off not saying what he was going to. I then felt two arms under me and lifting me up. My head hung over but I didn't bother lifting it. Then I felt Charlie hold up my head against his chest.

"Do you want me to help?" I recognized the voice at once. It was Jacobs. I opened my eyes a fraction and saw his face, full of sadness and anger.

"No, I'm fine" Charlie struggled but I guessed he didn't want anybody to touch me.


Edwards POV

We didn't really bring any of our stuff just the things we needed like clothes and important stuff like Carlisle's studies and other necessities. We left our furniture at the house just in case we ever needed to go back. But I promised that I would never go back there until after 100 years. By that time Bella would probably be de… I couldn't say the word, or even think it. I felt so horrible and heart broken. The rest of my family was heart broken too. I could hear what Alice was saying in her head and it wasn't too pleasant.

"Stupid Edward, how could he do this? What an imbecile. Bella is probably baling her eyes out. That vision I saw earlier, I could see Bella crying in the forest. HOW COULD HE JUST LEAVE HER IN THE FOREST?! HE COULD OF ATLEAST BRING HER BACK TO HER HOUSE! BUT NO HE WANTED A CLEAN BREAK! WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HER IN THE FOREST...?"

I tuned out of her thoughts not wanting to hear what she was going to say. Then I could hear Emmett's thoughts.

"Poor Bella, I feel so bad. I should have stopped Edward and shoved him in a closet or something but he would probably break the closet and attack me... I was getting use to having a Human sister too. She was so fun."

I couldn't take it anymore. I was sad enough. But hearing my families thoughts were making it worse. I tuned them all out but something about Rosalie's thoughts got me curious.

"What just happened to me? I was thinking about Bella and then I just saw Bella in my head and heard what she was saying and thinking. It was so weird."

Something about her thoughts was not right and I needed to figure it out.

"What did you see Rosalie?"

Everyone turned to look at me then to Rosalie. We were all in a big van that we bought just before we left. We didn't want to seem out of place with our sport cars and decided that we would come back later in the night when everyone was sleeping to get them.

"Well, I don't know" Rosalie sounded confused.

"I saw Bella in the forest crying and I could hear her thinking "I'm worthless, I have nothing to live for anymore, and I guess I'm not good enough for the Cullen's" "I saw her just laying there on the forest floor, crying her eyes out, and she's soaking wet from the rain..." She drifted off and I thought I heard sorrow in her tone of voice.

Carlisle then spoke "Well my goodness Rosalie, I think you have a power!" he sounded almost cheerful but something else was on his mind. "I hope Bella goes home soon or she might get sick from staying out in the rain" he thought.

Everyone was surprised and shocked. "I have a WHAT?" Rosalie said astounded. "Well" Carlisle began. "I guess you developed your power late. I'm guessing you were thinking of Bella right? Before you saw her in your mind" Rosalie nodded. "Well when you think about that person really hard and you feel like you want to see them then you can see them in your mind and hear what's going on around them, there thoughts, and what there actually saying at the exact moment" Rosalie's face was very funny. She looked so shocked, but it wasn't funny enough to make me laugh, let alone smile. "There's more to it, I heard of this kind of power before but never really believed in it myself" Esme was smiling proudly at Rosalie. "Okay, Rosalie, Look at the van wall and think of Bella and open your eyes wide and open your mouth a little bit" Rosalie was confused but did it anyway. It was amazing! All of a sudden there was an image of Bella on the side of the van and sounds coming out of Rosalie's mouth. It was like she was a projector. The image coming out of her eyes and her mouth was like a speaker. We could all see Bella on the forest floor soaked, crying, and shaking. Then we heard a voice… "How could I be so stupid and ever think that I could be part of their family. He thinks I can forget them so easily! There vampires for god sake, they are the most important in my life, and he thinks that I will just forget them and move on! I know I will never ever forget them until I die. I guess Edward just doesn't love me anymore." Then she started to cry into her hands and brought her legs into her chest. She looked so vulnerable like that on the floor. There was a rustling sound in the background and Bella stopped crying for a second. She thought it was me… "Stop being so stupid Bella" She thought to her self "Remember he doesn't want you anymore, they all don't want you anymore" She then thought back about our conversation earlier.

"You… Don't... Want me?"


Then Rosalie stopped the image. We all looked down with sadness. "So what we saw is actually happening right now?" Jasper said in a whisper. "Yes" Carlisle said barley loud enough for us to hear. Everyone all looked like they were going to cry, and then Alice jumped at me.

"YOU STUPID! HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE HER THERE?" She was sobbing dry sobs and hitting me with clenched fist. She wasn't hitting me hard and I guessed that she was too sad to try to hurt me. Nothing else could hurt me more than I what I felt. Jasper then gently tugged Alice away from me and she started to sob into his shirt. I suddenly felt calm and I could tell Jasper was using his powers on her.

"She thinks we don't want her, She thinks we don't love her anymore" Alice squeaked.

I looked at Rosalie and saw confusion, sorrow, and anger in her eyes. Then she suddenly said "Wait, there's more" Everyone looked at her again and then focused on the image she projected.

"He doesn't want me anymore, He doesn't want me anymore, He doesn't want me anymore…" She whispered to herself over and over again. Then there was the rustling again and everyone in the van froze. Out came Charlie "OH MY GOD BELLA!" and started shouting more things and more people came out. We all let out a heavy breath and relaxed. Charlie had by now lifted her into his arms and the dog Jacob Black was there. I heard some growling on the other side of me but I didn't turn to see who it was. I just focused on Bella.

The image then stopped. I turned to face everyone else; they were all relieved that Bella was safe now but there eyes still burning with anger for what I did and that the dog would dare to ask to carry Bella.

The rest of the drive we all just sat in silence and projections coming out from time to time to just check on Bella.