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Chapter One

Ginny stared wide-eyed at the girl across from her. This was not happening.

"Are you absolutely sure?" she stressed again. Hermione rolled her eyes as she shoveled another spoonful of ice-cream in her mouth.

"Yes, Gin, I'm positive. If I wasn't then we wouldn't be sitting on my floor talking about it," she sighed as she returned to her comfort food.

"But you…Ron…didn't you guys…?" Ginny was at a loss for words as she just blinked at Hermione's casualty with the situation.

"Me and Ron?! Gods no, Ginny!! He did ask me out, but I said no. I don't see him that way. But don't go thinking that this is because I actually see….him that way! It was a moment of stupidity, extreme stupidity, or temporary insanity, whichever you prefer," Hermione cleared up, aggravated that she couldn't bring herself to say his name aloud.

Ginny shivered slightly, partly because this was so unbelievable and partly because Hermione had the air conditioning on and turned to below sixty degrees.

"What are you going to do? I mean, everyone knows you'll get Head Girl! What will Dumbledore say? Will you be expelled?!! Aren't you afraid, Hermione??" Ginny questioned anxiously as Hermione tossed her a blanket off the couch.

"I'm hoping I can argue this in my favor. I mean, technically they can't prove we did anything while we were at Hogwarts. I am, after all, only just barely two months along and we'll be back in school at the end next week. I checked all the books published about Hogwarts, and none of them say anything about expulsion on the basis of unplanned, or planned for that matter, pregnancies," Hermione announced with a smug smile.

On the inside she wasn't as confident as she appeared. She regretted going to that party with her muggle friends, but then again, how was she supposed to know that wizards would also be in attendance? It was an accident, but Hermione wasn't one to abandon responsibilities. She'd learn to cope, she always did.

"Enough about me, Ginny," Hermione began with another spoon of ice cream, "We both have enough to worry about with what's ahead already. Tell me about Harry and Ron. We've written letters but I'm sure there are things they leave out. How is everyone?" she smiled brightly.

"Harry is just fine. He and I have been spending more and more time together and I truly think we might have something this year," A hint of a blush colored Ginny's face, "Ron's been seeing Lavender Brown," she paused for dramatic effect and was let down when all Hermione did was raise an eyebrow.

"She's not the nicest girl, Ginny," Hermione said as she licked her spoon thoughtfully, "She got really angry with me last year when I was tutoring Seamus. They were dating and he hadn't told her about the tutoring so she assumed he was cheating."

"But didn't you set her straight?" Ginny hadn't heard of this while they were still in school.

"I tried, but she wouldn't speak to me. She automatically thought that it couldn't be entirely his fault and said that I was seducing him," Ginny coughed as she choked on seemingly nothing, "I know. She and I haven't been on the best of terms since then. I'm glad I'll get a private dorm this year."

"You have to invite me over at least once a month!" Ginny enthused as she too remembered Hermione's private quarters.

Hermione smiled and nodded, "You better get going, Ginny. It's way after two and my parent's will be home soon." Ginny nodded and the two got off the floor and walked to Hermione's fireplace. They hugged and in a matter of seconds Ginny had flooed back to the Weasley home.

Hermione walked back into the family room and flopped down in her favorite overstuffed chair. She put a lid on the ice cream and set it on the floor. How in the world would she deal with a baby? Let alone the baby of her worst enemy. She was startled out of her thoughts by the loud sound of the telephone. She jumped up and picked up the handset.

"Granger residence, Hermione speaking," she answered pleasantly.

"Hermione! It's Joyce! I'm outside of your house with Shelby and we demand that you come on a walk with us to the park," Hermione's childhood friend's voice sounded through the receiver. Hermione smiled, Joyce had always been there for her. She didn't know, or like, Shelby too well, but Shelby was friends with Joyce.

"Give me a moment to write a note for my parents and get decent," Hermione replied. Joyce agreed and they hung up the phones.

Hermione scribbled a quick note to her parents and taped it to the back of the door. She glanced down at her short shorts and tank top and decided she didn't care how she looked. She slipped on a pair of red flip flops and opened the door to come face to face with a grinning Joyce.

"Took you long enough!" she commented as she looped arms with Hermione's and led her down the driveway to where Shelby was waiting on the sidewalk. Shelby linked arms on Joyce's other side and the trio began down the street.

"Did you hear, Hermione?!" Joyce blurted out not ten seconds later. Hermione gave her a quizzical look and shook her head, "Dustin asked Shelby on a date!! My little girl's all growed up!!" she gushed. Shelby blushed and hit her playfully.

"It's just a movie," Shelby tried to brush it off, "Besides, I know he really has a thing for you, Hermione," she shot her a questioning look.

"Dustin's like my brother," Hermione blanched, "I've never thought of him in that way. I don't really want a boyfriend right now, anyway."

"Right," Joyce agreed cynically, "You probably have some hot guy waiting for you at that boarding school of yours!"

Hermione blushed, Joyce didn't know how right, and yet how wrong she was.

Joyce started humming a song as the three girls made their way to the park. Hermione immediately steered them to the swings.

"So, the Hermit has finally left its dwelling?" a male voice called from behind as all the girls got situated on the swings.

"Nice to see you too, Marc," Hermione sighed as two guys came into view.

"Glad to see you made it out of the house before you left," Dustin smiled.

"Yeah, well, Joyce didn't give me much of a choice," she muttered.

"Did you hear about our new couple?" Marc teased while Dustin blushed ten shades of red.

"I did. And I must say that I couldn't be happier," she smiled at Dustin, who was busy averting his eyes.

"Yes, well, I'll make sure to keep him out of trouble. Twelfth year could be quite the challenge," Marc assured her as he started to push Joyce on the swing.

"My cell is ringing!" Joyce called out as the tiny phone slipped from her pocket to the ground. Marc picked it up and answered. He shot Hermione a weird look before handing her the phone.

"It's your mother."