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Summary: Sent back to his lover in seven pieces. Head, four limbs, torso, mechanical eye. He died for her. For his child. He died to protect them both. He would do anything for her. And for that love, he was granted a week: Seven days; to come back to her, and his only child, to let his son get to know him before he was replaced by another man. Seven days for his son to get to know the monster everyone around him, called his father...

Deino yawned and rolled over on his bed. His eyes stayed closed and the four year old child seemed at peace as he slept.

A man stood over him, smirking down at his son. He leaned down and touched his son's face, moving his golden hair from his face. The sun reflected over the young boy's face and he scrunched up his eyes and pulled the blanket over his head. The elder man laughed seeing his son's reaction. He was indeed a fine boy, a strong child and an even stronger boy then anyone else his age.

Deino's cerulean eyes opened and he looked up at his father. He sat up quickly and stared. This man looked just like him.. Who was he? Why was he in the house?

Sitting down on the side of the bed, Deidara showed his son his palms, and the mouth opening and the tongue trailing out lazily. A feature only the two of them possessed. He smiled and then moved his son's hair form his face. "Hey Deinomaru, un." He said, called him by his full name, not knowing has nickname. He named him, so he only knew his son by this name. He had died when he was an infant.

Deino felt confused. His father was gone and he knew that. "Mommy!" He yelled, getting up and jumping passed him unknown father and running to the door. Surprised, he jumped back when it opened.

Ino smiled at Deino and picked up her small son. She laughed and ruffled his golden locks. "Deino baby this is your father." She said, kissing his forehead.

Deino looked up at the golden haired man standing before himself and his mother. He looked up at his mother, and then smiled and reached out, taking his father's arm. "Daddy!" He said, happily. He always wanted to know his father and he would have done anything and traded it all to see him. It was early in the morning, and he was usually up by now anyway. Deino was glad his father had been there when he woke up.

Deidara pulled Deino into his arms and held him. "Hey kid..." He said, smirking at him. "I missed you so much, un." he said, closing his eyes and holding the small boy close to him. He had always wanted a son, and whereas he thought he would never fall in love, he was glad he had met Ino and told her how he felt. He died for her, but he was back and he could see her once more. He with her, touch her, get to know his son, teach him everything, and better yet, get to know the family he had to leave behind.

A noise came from the other room and a baby started to cry. "Chou..." Ino said, walking into the room and picking up her other son, walking downstairs and getting him a bottle. She started to feed him and felt Deidara stare at her with pained eyes.

"Who is that, un?" he asked her darkly. "He's not mine, hn." he said, not knowing the full truth. He wasn't with her recently, there was no way he could have sired another child. Deidara's beryl eyes grew wide as he realized that Ino had another child, fathered by another man.

Ino looked at her first love and sighed. "Deidara, you died... I love you still but." She started, unsure of what to say to him. "I will always love you, you were my first love, the father of my child, but Chouji-"

"Chouji!" He yelled, grabbing her wrist. "I knew it! I knew from the time I met him he liked you! Ino... You're better than this, better than him! Why would you love someone like that? Remember what you told me about fat woman? How can you love a fat man after me?! ME!?" he hollered at her, making Chou cry and footsteps sound on the stairs.

"Ino?" Came the voice of her husband. "What's wrong?" Chouji came into the room and abruptly lost all feeling and was so paralyzed by fear he was unable to move. He had no idea what to do or what to say, Deidara would surely kill him, and Chouji wasn't strong enough to hold his own against Akatsuki. He got mild feeling back and backed up slightly. He wanted to run, but his eye contact with Deidara stopped him.

Deidara's cold and envious sage eyes stared into Chouji's brown ones. His eyes narrowed and he put Deino down on the table, about to teach his son his first lesson. How to kick the ass of the fat ass that took his place. "I'll kill you, un!" He yelled, raising his fist to punch Chouji as his other hand chewed claw to blow him to hell. "NO one touches MY Ino, un!" He hollered at the man that had stole his lover.

"Deidara stop!" Ino yelled, grabbing onto Deidara and holding him still. She then looked up at him. "Please?" She begged, not wanting to loose Chouji again. "I lost you both once, and then you both came back to me, I don't want to lose either of you again." She told Deidara, closing her eyes. "I love you, but you can't do this to me... Don't make me choose between you.. Because.. I can't." she said shaking her head., tears starting to fall from her sapphire eyes.

Chouji felt his heart sank. Ino still loved him, and he knew that if it came down to it she'd choose Deidara. She'd chosen him the first time and would choose him again if given the chance. He knew it and he accepted it.

Deino was sitting on the table, holding his half brother's hand, a smile on his face. "Daddy!" He said, smiling at him. "I have a brother." He said, happily. He showed Chou off to everyone he met. He loved his brother and would do anything for him. He had a responsibility, and it was to protect his brother, and he did it as well as he could, and he always would.

Deidara stared at his son as he wrapped his arms around Ino's back to make her stop crying. He muttered something to her, and she let him go and smiled.

"Cho-..." She said, turning, only to find he was gone.

"Chouji..." She whispered, sighing. He had taken off.

Ino looked away and then picked up Chou and walked off with her infant son, leaving her four year old child with his father. She closed her eyes and then sighed and shook her head. She didn't mean to hurt Chouji. She loved him, but secretly, she loved her first boyfriend, Deidara more. She'd chose him, but she didn't think Chouji knew that. He wasn't stupid. He was really smart, and she knew how hurt he was.

Picking up his son, Deidara held onto Deino and watched the woman he loved walk off. He looked down at his son. He walked off with him and smiled, forgetting about everything else. He wanted to bond with his son. He wanted to spend some time with him.

"Deino how does he treat you, hn?" He asked, in reference to Chouji. He wanted to know if he really had to kick some ass for his son's best interest.

Deino looked up at his father and then smiled. "I like Chouji!" he said, happily. "He used to get me stuff every time he came to see mommy, usually it was candy. I like candy." He said, his voice kidish and immature.

Deidara smirked at his only child and then ruffled his hair. "Fine, you like him. I'll let him live, un." He said, walking off with the child in his arms.

"Come on Deino. I'm going to teach you everything I know, and way more, ok?" He asked, putting the boy on his shoulders.

"Can you make bombs yet, un?" Deidara asked, knowing he could make bombs when he was Deino's age.

Deino nodded. "Yeah. I made them with candy wanna see?" He asked, pulling out his bag of ever famous candy and pulling out a watermelon air head. He thought for a moment and then put it in the mouth on his palm and watched his hand chew it and then closed his hand and moved it. He opened his hand and a small bird sat in his hand. "See?" he asked, smiling up at him.

Deidara was impressed. He didn't use clay, but he used the next best thing he could find, and even if ti was candy, it tasted good. Deidara knew why he put it in his mouths. He added flavoring to his clay so it didn't taste as bad.

Deidara put his hand in the bags at his sides and pulled out a small amount of clay and handed it to his son. "Use this, un." He said, sitting down with him. He was proud of his son; Deino was strong and could hold his own by himself.

"Ino!" came the voice of a woman. "Where's my grandson?" She asked, walking into the house without bothering to knock. She walked into the house and started to walk upstairs towards were Ino went with Chou.

Deidara raised a brow and looked at Deino. He didn't even look up when she called his mother's name. "Deino?" he asked, wanting to know why he wasn't getting up to see her. He was confused. She was Ino's mother right? And Deino was her grandchild... One of two, but he was still the first one, which would make him the favorite right?

Deino put the clay in the mouth on his hands and almost spit it out. He was used to sweet things to chew on. When eh started teething, his mom gotten him candy and really sweet chewy things for all of his sets of teeth, so he had quite a sweet tooth. He looked up at his father when he heard his name and have him a questioning look. "Yes?" he asked, smiling at him.

"Why aren't you going to see her? She said she wanted to see her grandson?" he asked, realizing that this must be Ino's mother. Not someone he really wanted to meet, he never had, and he realized he'd get over it. She was with fatty so he didn't matter anymore...

Deino looked at the ground sadly. What could he tell his father now? Would he hate him too? "She doesn't mean me. She hates me." He said, taking the side from the mouth on his right hand and showing it to his father.

"Better?" he asked, moving closer to his father now that they were sitting on the floor.

Deidara took his son's hand. "Why doesn't she like you?" He asked, slightly annoyed. "Because Chouji's not my dad. She thinks I'm a monster because I look like you." Deino answered. He heard his mother and his grandparents fight about him before.


"Ino look at him!" Her mother screamed. "He's just like Deidara! He's a monster and you need to get rid of him!"

"NO!" Ino yelled, getting into her mother's face. She hated it when she tried to talk her into this. She was an adult now, and she'd never abandon her son. "Mom I love him, he's my baby, my ONLY child. Deidara died to protect me and him, why can't you just accept Deidara loved me!?"

Inoichi grabbed his daughter. "Ino... Sweet heart you don't need to lie anymore... We know how tricked you, we know he raped you, stop defending him!"

Ino glared at her father. "I'm not lying and I'm not defending anything! Deidara loved me, he told me so and he'd never ever hurt me! He died to protect me and Deino!" She yelled, starting to cry. "Why can't you believe me!?"

Her mother hugged her. "Hunny, he's a monster, a beast... He'll end up just like his father, and you know it. Please sweetheart, just get rid fo him to spare yourself the heartache." She pleaded with her only daughter. "Just get rid of him."

Ino shook her head. "NO! He's MY SON! Would you have gotten rid of me?!" She yelled. "I love him, and I'll never abandon him. Get out!" She yelled, pointing towards the door. "Now!"

"Mommy?" The small boy asked from the bottom of the stairs, holding onto the side of the wall, not wanting to go near the people she was yelling at. They never liked him. He used to live with them, but he had to leave because they kept trying to hurt him.

Ino walked over to him and picked him up. "I didn't mean to wake you up baby." She said, kissing his forehead and then walking off. "I love you." She said, glaring out of the corner of her eye. "Why are you still here?" She demanded, watching her father open the door.

.End Flashback.

Deidara seemed to get really annoyed, when Deino told him the truth. He picked him up and walked off with him. "Come with me, un." He said, really starting to get pissed off that someone would treat his son in such a way. His only son.

Deino looked up at Deidara and smiled at him. He felt safe with him, in his arms. He closed his eyes and leaned into his father's chest. He was still a bit tired, he had been woken up before he wanted to.

"Daddy what are you doing?" He asked as his father made his way up the stairs, after his grandmother.

"Nothing Deino, don't worry about daddy, un." he said, smiling t himself. It felt so good to say that to him. He had a son. A son! That was the best realization Deidara had ever felt. He hadn't been there when Ino gave birth, but it was worth it to have his son here with him now. He was given on week to spend time with his son and Ino.


Deidara awoke in a dark room, candles everywhere and his body laying naked on a bed. He sat up, not caring he was disrobed. He looked around and saw two females. They where identical twins. They where petite. Both twins were smiling at him, and it was a bit awkward. They both had amber eyes, and blueish black hair. They're hair was styled differently however. One had two ponytails on the sides of her face, trailing down her chest, while the rest of her hair was behind her, and the other one had one high ponytail in the back of her head, with bangs in front of her face, and some trailing down her sides. He watched them for a few more moments before speaking.

"Who are you and what are you doing, un?" he asked, backing up slightly, wishing he had pants.

One of the twins laughed. "Hello Deidara." Said with one with one single ponytail; She was the one that was gifted. Her bust was incredibly large and Deidara liked her smile. She walked over to the wall and threw him some new non-akatsuki affiliated clothing. She sat down in a chair.

"My name is Fyuuki." She said, her amber eyes flashing. "I am one of the legendary 13, and I have a deal for you." She said, happily. She giggled slightly. "I am a medical ninja and profit, and I have a jutsu that can revive others. I have revived you for seven days for you to get to know your son, Deinomaru." She told him. She watched him dress with an intense stare and then the other twin interrupted.

"Fyuuki.. Stop it." She said, annoyed. She cleared her throat; "Deidara... there are some shocking things that have happened with Ino." She told him, standing up. "You need to listen to her. You have been dead for almost four years." She explained. "Your son is now a young boy, and he wants to know his father." She further explained. "You have one week to bond with him. Then you must come back here. Should you fail, and not do so, you will die once again in front of him and Ino, and I'm sure you don't want that for her."

Deidara stared at the twins. They where giving him a second chance at life to see his family again. He stood up and nodded towards them. "I'll be back in a week.. Thank you so much, un." he said, running outside and going to get his clay so he could fly to Konoha and see his son and girlfriend without being seen buy normal eyes. He just needed to act cook and hit use his headband. He already was in normal cloths.

Deidara ran off from the underground catacomb they had and ran off as fast as he could to find Ino and his son. He couldn't believe he had been dead for that long, his son was already passed a toddler. He ran into Konoha and then found Ino's house. He had snuck into the village to see her before, and he loved her. He died for her...

.End Flashback

Deidara looked down at his son. He loved it. He had a son, someone he could bond with, someone he could teach everything he knew. He was already forgetting it was only for a small amount of time. He missed Ino more than anything, but now that she was with Fatty, (he refused to call him by his name) and had another kidhe had to move on right? The only connect eh and Ino had now was Deino... Nothing else.

He finally reached the top of the stairs and grabbed the woman by the arm and threw her into a wall. He was so mad at her. NO one would ever abuse his son! He glared at the scare blonde woman beside him and then smirked with satisfaction. He fed off fear. It made him feel better. It always had. It was just something in his past, that made him feel better about himself, make him feel stronger and better about him. His past, however, was all a blur, nothingness, a bad memory he had forced himself to forget.

She went to smack him and then froze when she saw how similar he was to Deino. Her eyes widened immensely and she screamed as loud as she could. "INO!" She screamed, backing into the wall and closing her eyes.

"Ino can't save you, un." Deidara said, putting Deino down and putting his hand in his clay and watching it start to chew it, he made a bomb and threw it at her. It exploded and Deidara's eyes widened when he saw Ino bleeding.

"Deidara stop it!" Ino scowled as she held her bleeding side. "Knock it off, no bombs in the house!" She said, starting to heal herself. She let out a sigh and then shook her head. "You're not attacking my mother now take Deino outside and stop setting a bad example for him!"

Deodara stared at her. "I-Ino..." He said, watched her. She finished healing herself and he walked over to her and took her hand. "Ino..." he said, putting his hand on her face, letting the hand on his palm lick her face. He used to do that to her all the time, and she loved it, and he knew it. It made her weak, light headed even.

Ino went weak in the knees as his land licked her and she smiled at him. She forget she was mad and then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as hard as she could. She couldn't hide it anymore. She missed him, she loved him, she wanted to be with him, and she needed his touch. His hands, his kiss.

Deodara smirked as she kissed him and wrapped his arms around her waist and then kissed her back. He loves her lips. They were so soft, so smooth, and they felt so good against his lips. His hands wandered around her hips and held onto them as he kissed her. He refused to let her go. She belonged to him and only him.

Ino broke the kiss when somethign grabbed onto her. She glared at her mother who smacked her. "You're 'life' with him is over, you're married to someone else and you won't be unfaithful to him!" She told her daughter as she held her face. "Get away from him, now!"

Deodara went to grab her but Ino stopped him. "Stop." She said, looking up at him. "She's right, Deodara I love you once, but... I moved on, you died four years ago, I can't just forget everything because you're alive again." Ino looked down at her feet and her ankle moved to the side slightly. "I'm sorry..."

"Daddy?" Deino asked looking up at his father.

"Un?" Deodara asked, looking down at the small boy.

"What does un mean and why do you always say it?"

Deodara laughed. "It means yeah and it's a habit of mine, un." he said, not even realizing he did it. It was like girls and their 'like' habits.

Deodara picked up Deino and walked off with him. He went outside with him and started to teach him how to use clay. He smirked at him and couldn't help but be proud of him. He was so strong, so handsome, and Deodara knew Deino would be treated the same as him. Like dirt, like a monster, like a menace, a demon.

Deodara was playing with Deino at sundown and smirked at him, holding his hands when he heard something behind him. It was the fat ass. "What do you want?" he asked, not even bothering to look up form his son.

Chouji glared. "I came to get Deino, Ino wants him to eat now..." he told the blonde monster in front of him. He never understood why Ino had loved him, but he never asked and he never questioned Deidara. He loved Ino and he'd do anything for her, and that included putting up with this monster. It was hard for him to see why such a person would be in love with someone as strong willed as Ino, but Ino was beautiful, and Chouji guessed that's all Deidara was interested in. She was his trophy, and one thing he would never forget.

Deidara looked over at him finally. "You're not telling me I have to leave my son, un." he said, narrowing his eyes. His mechanical eye was gone. He didn't have it and had no idea where it was, not that he needed it to see, but it wasted a lot of his chakra because his left eye was trained to counter Sharingan. He stood up holding Deino on his side. The small boy laughed and held onto his father and looked up at Chouji.

"Chouji it's ok!" He said, smiling. "Daddy wants to teach me more about bombs!"

Sighing, Chouji walked back into the house. "Fine but when Ino come out here screaming at you don't blame me..." He gave up. He didn't want to fight Deidara, he knew he would surely loose a physical altercation.

"Ino, Deidara said he wants to play with him more. You do it." he said, walking into the kitchen. He looked at her hips and sighed. He usually hugged and kissed her neck like he did every night after she finished cooking and hey finished eating. He didn't know what to do now. He walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

"Ino... Deidara, that are you going to do about him?" he asked, biting his lip. He didn't know what to say, or what to ask.

Ino sighed and shook her head. "Chouji... I love you, but Deidara has the right to see his son." She said, opening the window over the sink. "Deino come inside now!" She called to him. Deino was stubborn, and didn't listen a lot. He was just like Deidara and was quite defiant, but always ended up doing what Ino asked him.

Deino ran over to his father and sat on his lap, listening to him talked. Deidara looked up when he heard Deino's name, but the small boy didn't move. Deidara watched him. Why wasn't he moving?

"Deino your mother just called you." he said, raising an eyebrow. "Why aren't you going inside, un?"

Deino shrugged and took Deidara's hand. "Tell me more of the story now! Mommy can wait!"

Deidara took Deino's hand and stood up. "No." He said, picking him up into his arms. "Deino, promise me something, un." He made him look at him.

Deino looked up at his father and nodded. "Ok, that is it?" he questioned, blinking his speckled sage eyes.

"Promise me that you'll always listen to your mother, promise me, un. No matter what she says, no matter how mad you are, do what she says, un?" He asked, wanting Ino not to have any trouble. Deidara himself was a difficult child, given the fact his mother was a royal bitch, but still. He never listened to either one of his parents.

Deino nodded and then smiled. "Ok, I'll always listen to mommy." he said, running into the house and grabbing Ino's leg. "Mommy! I'm hungry." He said, pulling on her blue skirt.

Ino smiled and then picked him up. "Hey baby." She said, smiling at him. She picked up his plate from the counter and placed it on the table and smirked at him. "Eat, then I'll give you candy if you're still hungry." She knew that would get him to eat, he loved candy.

Chouji was holding Ino's waist as the door opened. Deidara walked in and his eyes narrowed. "Get away from her..." He told Chouji in a tone of warning. "I swear I'll kill you if I see you touching her."

Chouji looked like he wanted to hell back, but Ino pushed his hands off and grabbed Deidara's wrist, pulling him into the other room and closing the door.

Ino let go of Deidara, "Look, I know how you feel replaced, but I don't want you threatening Chouji in his own house! I love you and everything Deidara, but you're going to wake up Chou and start a fight, please... I'm begging you, you can stay here as long as you don't try to hurt Chouji..."

The door opened behind her and Chouji popped his head in. "Hey Ino, my parents want to see Chou, I'll go stay there for a few days until you sort this out ok?" he asked, walking over to her and kissing her. He knew Ino wouldn't let Deidara hurt him, and he held pride in the fact that Ino could stop an Akatsuki member.

Ino kissed him back weakly and nodded. "That would be great thanks." She said, smiling at him.

"I love you Ino." He said, kissing her forehead and then walking upstairs to get his son.

Ino sighed and looked up at Deodara and then at the kitchen door as it opened again and Deino ran in. "Daddy, play with me some more!"

Deodara smiled but Ino grabbed his arm and shook her head. "Deino it's passed eight, it's time for you to go to bed, un." She walked over to him and bent down. "Ok?" She asked, kissing his forehead.

"Oh but mommy!" He whined, taking her hand. "Please can I--"

He was cut off when Deodara cleared his throat. Deino looked up at Deodara and then smiled. "Un, mommy." He said, walking off and running up to his room.

Ino stared at Deodara as she turned. "Ho-how did yo do that..." She asked. Deino was so difficult. He was harsh, threw tantrums, and even cried. But Deodara had gotten him to go to bed without even saying anything.

Deodara smirked. "He looks up to me, and you shouldn't have any more trouble with him, I set him straight un. That's why he needs a father, un." he said, smirking at her. "I love you Ino, and I don't want you to have to deal with a little brat like I was, un."

Ino smiled at him and wrapped her arms around him. "You never told me how you came back." She said, letting him go and then holding one of his hands. It licked it her palm in a greeting only she got from him. She looked down at his hand and couldn't help but go weak again. She loved it when he did that... What could she do? She was in love, and it wasn't her husband. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her into his chest. He put his hands on her back and then sighed.

Ino leaned into his chest and then closed her eyes. "Deodara... this can't happen, we can't be together anymore..." She bit her lip. What could she do? She loved him more than Chouji, but she couldn't admit that, and her parents would banish her if she chose Deodara over Chouji.

Deodara shook his head. "Shh... Ino, hm. I'm not asking you to give up fatty, I'm just asking you to give me love... I want you to be with me.. I'll only be alive for seven days, un. That's how long I was given to be with you and Deino, hn." He said, holding her cheeks in his hands. "Ino please... He'll never find out, just be with me, like before I died. Love me, be with me, kiss me, lay beside me like we used to when you were in my bed, un."

Ino tried to push him away but he was far stronger then her. "I can't Deodara! I'm married to someone else!" She said. She hated people who were unfaithful, and she promised she would never do that to Chouji. She knew him all their lives.

Deidara grabbed her and held her harshly and then kissed her cheek and then held her closely. He held onto her and then kissed her lips as hard as he could. He pushed her into the wall and held her still, refusing to let her go and not letting her push him away. She tried, but she gave in and wrapped her arms around him.

Deidara broke the kiss and then let her go. "Ino just one week, that's all I want, un..." He muttered putting his forehead against hers.

Ino pushed him back and then smiled. "I love you Deidara, but no."

Chouji walked downstairs with his son and then left glaring at him. He took off and then smirked at her. He trusted Ino. He watched Ino and then sighed. He walked to his parents house.

Ino waited a few more minutes after the door closed and she watched Chouji out the window. Once he was out of eyesight Ino grabbed onto Deidara's shirt and kissed him as hard as she could, her arms wrapping around his neck. She held him tighter and pulled him closer to him as her mouth opened and her tongue ran over his lips. He opened his mouth as his tongue pushed back against hers.

Deidara smiled. He knew she couldn't resist him. He was so much better then Chouji and he knew it. She loved him and he wanted to be with her more than anything. He remembered her moans when they first had sex, and then every time after that. No man could please her like he could, and he knew it. It made him smile, he was hers and no one else's.

His hands wandered around her waist and he continued to kiss down her neck. "Ino..." He muttered through their kisses.

He picked her up into his strong arms and walked upstairs. He kept kissing her, his tongue fighting against hers. He walked into one of the rooms and smiled. He knew it was her bedroom. He and Ino had similar styles and then he kissed her harder. "I love you, un..." He said, smirking. He put Ino down on the bed and leaned down towards her, pulling off her cloths as he made out with her.

Ino pushed him away and pulled her cloths back on. "No..." She said, finishing buttoning up her shirt. She walked out of the room.

"I can't.. I love Chouji, I hate people who cheat, I can't be a hypocrite.. I love Chouji. I need you to sleep in another room. I'm sorry!" She said, sighing.

A/n: Hope you Dei/Ino fans liked chapter one. I love this story. Deino is one of my RP characters in the best rp ever! (Lina: HELL YEAH!) He's Deidara's and Ino's son and he is just like Deidara in every detail. I wanted to give him the past of the seven days Deidara came back. The twins, Fyuuki and Fjueiron are also my original characters. They're half profit. If You guys think it's a good idea I can put a picture of him up on my profile. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. More Father son fluff will come a little later.