Chapter: 5

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Summary: Sent back to his lover in seven pieces. Head, four limbs, torso, mechanical eye. He died for her. For his child. He died to protect them both. He would do anything for her. And for that love, he was granted a week: Seven days; to come back to her, and his only child, to let his son get to know him before he was replaced by another man. Seven days for his son to get to know the monster everyone around him, called his father... [[May contain LEMON in upcoming chapters.


.Chapter Four.

Ino walked over to Deidara and Deino and picked him up. "Come here you." She said, kissing her son's cheek and then walking into the kitchen with him.

"You're a big boy, you can help mommy cook dinner." She said, sitting him on the counter.

Deino yawned as Deidara walked in. Deidara was the only person who could make the rambunctious, young boy tired. Normally he was full of energy and running around the house and neighborhood causing trouble, but not he just seemed tired.

Ino smiled and laid him down on the couch in the adjoining room. She didn't want him to hurt himself by helping her cook. His eyes closed and he slowly fell asleep.

Ino started to cook, uncharacteristically, her hair was out of it's pony tail and down. It hung loosely around her shoulders and neck, and trailed all the way down her back, passed her butt and almost reached her knees. She felt a hand go through her hair and another touch her bare waist. The hand moved her hair off her neck and started to kiss it gently with a wet tongue and smooth lips.

She smiled to herself and leaned back, letting herself fall into the temptation of Deidara's touches. She knew the truth, she could resist him no longer. She gave up trying. One time... That's all he wanted, and that's what she would give him. She put her hand up behind her and wrapped her arm around him, slowly, she turned around and kissed him gently. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. Her promises to him were made before Chouji, and she could never forget what she gave him and what he had taken from her. Her innocence and what made her a girl. He turned her into a woman, and she couldn't help but wonder. Would it be just as good as before?

.End Chapter Four.

Picking her up off her feet, Deidara carried her in her room. He loved the bed. It had blue silk sheets, just like the ones in Akatsuki (but were red). He smirked at her and then pressed his lips against hers tenderly.

"I love you, un..."

"I love you too." Ino responded, kissing his lips back, running her tongue over his lips.

Opening his mouth, Deidara's tongue pushed against hers and he smirked at her. "I love you, un..." He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Deidara laid Ino down on the bed and started to kiss her neck. He smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist, the mouths on his hands opening, trailing his tongues over her waist and curves.

Ino jumped slightly. Well that was new - he'd never done that to her before. She looked down at him and wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. His arms wrapped around her stomach and pulled up her shirt, higher and higher until he had completely removed it from her thin body.

He had interrupted a kiss, which Ino had been longing to receive for almost five years, so when her shirt was off, she leaned up into him and kissed her as hard as she could. Her arms trailing down his chest and pulled off his shirt, once again interrupting a kiss. His akatsuki cloak had been absent when he arrived, only because he didn't want to get caught and arrested. Then again, his slashed headband did minimal to help his case.

Ino leaned up into his chest as he fought with the back of her bra to get it off. In all honesty, that had always been his weak point. Why they even bothered to wear them was so beyond him it was stupid. He thought woman should just want around without them. He heard Ino giggle as she kissed his neck and her hands came behind him and ran her hands over his and took it off with such ease he once again felt like an idiot...

Ino kissed him. "Don't worry about it." She said, wrapping her arms around him and pulled off his second shirt, which was something like a fishnet wife beater. She ran her hands down his strong chest and smirked at him.

"I love you."

"I love you too, un." he replied, pulling off the rest of her cloths.

He was glad Deino went to bed early. He meant everything to him, and having his son go to bed early meant he was going to get to make love to the woman that meant everything to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and let his tongues lick at her sides. She was used to it, so she didn't jump again.

Deidara kissed her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth as deep as it would go. His lips trailed into hers and he smirked at her. His hands went up her back, tasting her smooth skin. She didn't really have a taste, but compared to his clay it tasted a lot better.

One of his hands trailed down her curves and then went over her hips, down her thigh and between her legs. He heard her gasp slightly as his tongue pushed inside of her walls. It felt so good for him and he knew that she liked it too. She moaned and grabbed onto his arm.

"Deidara-kun..." She whined.

"What is it, hn?" He asked, laughing slightly and then he pushed his hand deeper inside of her. The tongues on Deidara's hands were double the length of a normal tongue and it was an amazing feeling and he knew it. He had been with other woman, and they told him how much they liked what he could do.

Not that he could ever tell Ino that.. She knew he had other girlfriends, even hookers, but... at the same time - he knew she'd get upset if he told her the whole truth. There's a time and place for everything and at the moment, this wasn't it, if you caught the drift?

Smirking, Deidara pushed himself inside of her and forced his hips deeper into her, feeling her natural lubricant start to build up. He heard her moan under him and then a weird smell met his nose. It smelled like... Smoke? The door was locked, so it was all good, but it was starting to worry him, was Deino playing with matches or something?

He felt Ino's tongue push back against his and then suddenly he warm hands trail over his back. He smirked. What smell? Is what he was thinking.

He pushed deeper within her. He had already taken her, so he had no use to go slow for her. He had already broken and taken her cherry himself. Something that the fat ass could never do. Take from him what he knew to be his. Ino, his son, and his woman. Sure, he knew that he had died and that she wanted to be happy, but with him? He had half expected it to be with the shadow nerd that she always talked about. I mean something like that Deidara could understand, but a fat ass that had no chance with any woman?

Pssh... whatever.

He continued to kiss her, losing all sense of what was going on around them. He didn't care, nor did he want to. He loved her - more than anything. He wanted to be with her, and he had to do so. He would have her every one of the five remaining nights he was alive, it's what he wanted, needed, knew, and could achieve.

"I-Ino!" He said, kissing her neck. He stopped and kissed her again. He felt a pressure building up inside of him, and he knew what it was all too well. This is how they had gotten Deino.

Ino closed her eyes. "Mhm?" She asked, moaning out his name after she muttered a response to him.

"Uh! Deidara..." She moaned once more, pushing her hips up into his harder, her own juices leaking out onto the bed.

She ignored it. She kissed him harder and then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him harder.

"Deidara!" She whined, feeling his hips tilt sideways slightly. "Oh..." She wined, struggling under him.

Deidara laughed at her reactions to his touches and advances. "I want to have another kid with you Ino..." He said.

Ino shook her head. "No..." She said, sighing. "I love you, but not again... When you leave... I'll... I'll break down just like I did the first time..."

Deidara sighed and pulled himself out of her opening and just in time. His seed leaked out of his tip all of her legs and clit. He smirked at her and then started to kiss her again

Ino's legs wrapped around his waist and he kissed her harder. Deidara pushed himself back withing her and he started to trail his tongue in circles around his neck. Being with her was like nothing else. He loved his art, he loved to blow things up, hell he even loved to kill. But... Ino made him want to just be normal. He'd rather be a caged bird with her and he would be happier then be with the men that forced him into their organization and then was killed by them for falling in love with the woman they forced him to live with.

Love doesn't exist here... Neither does emotion or any other type of affection... Was what Pein had told them all - Deidara broke the number one rule. They didn't care about them raping woman, hurting them, or even having sex with them. All that mattered was Deino - a child sired from Akatsuki. It was either he killed his child when it was born, Ino with the baby, or it would be his life. He could never destroy something he had created. Not even with a bang.

It sucked so much... He had died for her, and they left her alone. They couldn't have cared that much. They much have thought that Deino would one day replace him in Akatsuki. It was all good, right? Deidara leaned downward, he felt Ino's hands trail over the mouth on his chest and he felt it move towards her hands. The mouth was sewn shut, but even so, it could open itself if it needed to, and such a thing would result in his death.

Deidara took her hands and stopped them. "Don't touch it..." He warned, not wanting to tell her he could die. He loved her, and a visual of that magnitude was not something he wanted her to see.

His length pushed deeper inside her faster and a smirk came to his face. He felt her contract over him and he just wanted to crawl inside of her uterine walls and never come out. He loved the way she felt, the smoothness of her skin, everything about her.

Feminine hands raised to his face and moved his long bangs from his face. She smirked at him and then kissed his cheek and then trailed over to his lips. He pushed against hers and then smirked. He moved her bangs out of his way and continued to kiss her. It didn't matter. He knew how annoying they could sometimes be, and it was usually the worst in this type of situation. He didn't care though, there was always a solution. Cut 'um off! No, he was kidding. He knew Ino's hair meant a lot to her.

His arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her lips gently. He smirked at her and then pushed his hips harder into hers, forcing himself deeper into her smooth and wet opening. Sure, they were making a mess of a bed that belonged to another man, but that wasn't Deidara's problem, he could really careless. Chouji could go screw himself becuase Ino was his and always would be.

"Dei-Deidara!" Ino whined as he darted in and out of her. She wined and struggled slightly. "Deidara stop it!" She said, in reference to his sudden slowing down in pace.

"Nope, hn." He said, smirking down at her as his hand went over her chest, pulling one of her breasts into the small mouth on his hand, then he did the same with the other and started to leave hickies all over her neck and chest.

"Deidara... be careful... If Chouji sees any of those..." She said, smirking down at him and then giggling slightly as his left hand went into her waist and started to nip at her sides. She moved up towards him and then let him do what he wanted to her. As long as this didn't result in another baby, she was fine with it. She knew that Chouji would be mad if he found out, but... what could she do? She never married Deidara, but she loved him too.

She heard something downstairs and thought it was just Deino looking for something to eat. She moaned as he started to go faster again, feeling a warm liquid leak inside of her. It felt so good... She didn't think about what it was, she just figured it was something like cum, but seed.

She heard another noise and then looked up at Deidara, who was busy sucking at her neck.

"Deidara did you hear that?" She asked, blinking a few times.


"Did you hear that noise...?" She asked, biting her lip.

"No, hn..." he said, kissing her lips and pushing her down on the bed and pushing deeper inside of her.

Suddenly, Ino heard a noise, something like running on the stairs. She didn't pay much attention to it, but boy she wished she could have. Seconds later the door was broken down and standing in the doorway was the last person wanted to see...

Standing in the doorway in complete shock stood Chouji. He stopped what he had been holding, which was some kind of glass because Ino heard it shatter from her position under Deidara. He just stood there, he had no idea what to do... He just.. Wow...

"I-Ino...?" He called out to her, his voice slightly raspy, his whole body numb, his eyes watered and he knew that she lied to him.

"Chouji..." Ino said, sliding out form under Deidara and putting on a robe and running over to him, resting her hands on his chest and closing her eyes for a moment.

"I..." She began, but had no idea how to finish.

Chouji pushed her away. "Ino... how could you just..?"

His eyes met Deidara's dark blue ones and he caught him smile. The sheet was over his legs, covering him and all he was doing was smirking at him. That's all. A broad smile was upon Deidara's thin lips. He was in such a good mood. He had gotten what he wanted, and hopefully fat ass here would get mad enough to divorce her so she could be all his. He had already forgotten his time limit.

Chouji's eyes completely filled with tears as he thrashed out at Deidara, trying to get close enough to hit him. He heard Deidara laugh and then something pull him back. He saw Ino desperately trying to hold him. She weighed about a fourth of what he did and he could break her in half if he tried to.

"Chouji please... you'll just get hurt if you fight him..." She said, her eyes beginning to tear up.

"Listen to my woman, fat ass, you don't want to die now do you, hn?" He asked in the most taunting way possible, putting an extra emphasis on the 'my woman.'

"Deidara you shut up!" Ino yelled at him. "You're such a jerk ALL the time, just get over your stupid little superiority complex and just shut up!"

Deidara glared at her. "What did you just say to me, hn?!"

"You know what I said, now shut up and sit still!" She yelled once more.

Deidara cursed under his breath, but other then that, remained silent. He didn't want to make Ino anymore angry with him then she already was. He sighed slightly and then laid down, his hands behind his head. He got up a second later and pulled on his pants and then smirked at Chouji, knowing he could see him.

Ino made Chouji look down at her and then he pushed her away from him again, causing her to slam into the wall behind her, knock over a picture and the glass to break.

"How dare you say that you love me after what you just did!" He screamed.

Deidara was up and beside Ino in seconds and then helped her up, but Ino just pushed Deidara away form her.

"Chouji..." She said, tears spilling from her blue eyes. "I'm so sorry..." She said looking down at her lap.

"Like hell you are!" He screamed, bending down beside her. "Ino why.. Why did you have to... you promised me that you'd never.. While you were with me!? So how could you just...?"

Ino lowered her head more and then small foots steps were heard in the hallways and the five year old golden haired boy stood there, rubbing his brilliant blue eyes.

"Mommy?" he asked, blinking a few times. "Why's everyone yelling?"

"Deino go back to bed..." Chouji said irritably.

Deidara almost punched him. "Don't you dare talk to my son like that, un!" he yelled.

Chouji wiped around. "You think that just because he's biologically yours means anything?!" He yelled. "Becuase it doesn't! Who did Ino call when Deino was a baby and wouldn't stop crying?! ME! Who did she turn to when she needed help?! ME! Who helped raised Deino, provided for him, and was a father to him when he didn't have one!?" He screamed.

"I WAS!" Chouji said, glaring at Deidara. "I was there for Ino and Deino when you were never even around, so don't you fucking start with your son! If he's anyone's son! HE'S MINE!"

Ino stared at Chouji in shock. She had never heard him yell before, or even seen him get angry. "Chouji...?" Ino asked, as Deino looked between Chouji and Deidara.

Deidara stood there, speechless. "You think that makes you his dad, hn?" He asked. "You think that just using my son to get closer to Ino is what makes you his father, hn?"

"I didn't use Deino at all... Ino asked me for help with him. I've always loved her... And I always will, but at the same time, I hate you for everything you did to her! All the pain you put her through, all the nights you made her cry. The incessant reminder you left on her!"

"It's not my fucking fault I died!" Deidara screamed back. "I died to save Ino's life! It was either I killed her and Deino, or I died, I chose to die!"

"You should have chosen to run away and take responsibility for what YOU put inside of her!" Chouji glared at him. If it was a fight he wanted, he'd give him one. He didn't care if he died. It's not like Ino cared about him anymore anyway.

"You think that taking my son from me and then forcing him to make his mother like you makes him your son and gives you the right to tell me off, hn?!" Deidara bellowed.

"Getting someone pregnant doesn't make you a fucking father! Providing for that child and raising it makes you a father! Deino loves you more then me because Ino damn near worshiped you and can't talk down to you in front of anyone! She loved you far more then me, and I know that, and I've accepted it, but even so... she's my world and I did everything I could to be with her and to make her happy! Ask anyone in this village and they'll tell you that you're Deino's father, but they'll also tell you that I've always been his dad!" Chouji told him, starting to get even more angry. He didn't care if Deidara died or any of that bullshit. He chose to die, not to run away and try to be with Ino. The truth was, and Chouji knew it to be true. He didn't want to be a father. He was afraid...

Deidara lost it. He lashed out at Chouji and punched him, pinning him against the wall and then felt Ino grab hi. He pushed her away, making her fall on the broken glass from the fallen picture, cutting open her right hand.

"Ino!" Chouji yelled, stretching his arm and forcing Deidara into the other wall and pinning him there. Deidara set off a bomb, causing Chouji's arm to shrink and go back to it's normal size. He ran by Deino and then kicked Chouji down to the ground, ready to kill him for sure.

"Stop it!" Deino yelled, grabbing Deidara's leg and holding on as tightly as he could. He didn't want to get thrown off like Ino had.

"Deino you stay out of this, un!" Deidara yelled as he punched Chouji again.

"Deidara, stop it!" Deino yelled louder, knowing it would get his attention.

Freezing, Deidara looked own at the small boy who was on the verge of crying himself. He looked up at his father and then let go of his leg.

"I like Chouji... a lot." Deino began. "He always took care of me and mommy and I remember him being there all the time when I was smaller..."

"And you don't remember me, hn?" Deidara asked.

Deino shook his head. "All I remember about you is what Mommy told me. I love you, and you'll always be my daddy but... Chouji is right. He raised me and he helped mommy out a lot.. He used to bring me places all the time, and they treat me differently when he's around then when mommy's around."

Deidara sighed. "Fine, un..." He said, letting go of Chouji's shirt and picking up his five year old son. "Let's go." He said, walking off with him. "We need to talk..." he said, sighing.

Ino ran over to Chouji and started to heal were he had been hurt. "Chouji I'm so sorry..." she said, tears spilling from her eyes. "I honestly thought I could control him..." She said, looking up at him.

"Please..." She said. "I never meant for that to happen... And I don't love him more then I love–"

Chouji placed his fingers over her warm lips. "Don't lie to me Ino... You've done enough of that already. You love him more than me, otherwise you would have kept your promise. I'm ok with it... I know that I'll never be what you wanted fully..." he said, kissing her cheek.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"There's too much wrong with me..." He said, honestly. "I'm over weight, I'm not tall enough, I'm not... perfect. I'm not like Deidara, and sometimes I wonder if you only married me because I was there to tell you I loved you when no one else would..."

Ino shook her head. "CHouji no..." She said, touching his cheek. "That's not why I married you!" She said, her eyes watering.

"I know, I just wonder sometimes..." He said, leaning forward and kissing her cheek. "I love you Ino, and if you want to be with him for the time he's here... I guess I'm ok with that..." He said, looking away from her. He wasn't. But he knew he couldn't stop her. He loved her, he'd die for her, but it wasn't something he wanted to allow in his own house, but... what other choice did he have?

"I love you so much Chouji..." Ino said, kissing his cheek. "You're my everything..." She said, wrapping her arms around him.

"No I'm not..." He said, sighing and then kissing her forehead. "Deino and Deidara are, but I'll take what I can get from you." He said, wrapping his arms around her.

Something shattered outside and Deino screamed. Ino ran outside and her eyes widened. Standing in the shadows was a dark figure, an outline of a tall man, almost as tall as Deidara. He had a sword raised and a smirk on his face.

He was here to kill the Akatsuki.

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