The morning was dark, not unusual for the town of Forks, Washington. I pulled myself out of bed, unhappy about my morning shift at the Newton's store. My bedroom was terribly bleak at least that's how it seemed at the moment. I wondered if Charlie would let me paint it. Maybe red… I'd have to think about it. Maybe Alice could help me pick a color.

Unfortunately all of the Cullens' with the exception of Jasper and Rosalie, were out hunting. Edward said they would be back today; I just didn't know when. Therefore I was basically alone in the house- Charlie had gone fishing at six. I made a game out of being alone, pretending the house was mine and making up a story about how I had acquired it. I never told that to anyone because I knew it would sound silly. I guess I just liked the idea of making my own fate and skipping all of the unpleasant parts of life. Something I knew I couldn't do in reality.

I prepared myself to look into the mirror; I didn't even want to bother with my haystack as Edward referred to it, but when I went to turn on the light the light bulb flickered out.

"Great, just great." I mumbled under my breath. 6:30 in the morning and I already had to risk my life. For most people changing a light bulb wouldn't constitute as a risk, but me and stepstools? Let's just say my balance leaves something to be desired.

I opened the bottom door of the cabinet where Charlie always kept the new bulbs. I found one near the back underneath a towel that proclaimed "Puerto Rico!" and behind the Windex. Then I went downstairs to retrieve my death wish in material form.

I set up the stool just below the fixture; I thought that that precaution might make up for my lack in proper footing. I twisted the fixture off carefully taking my time to insure that I wouldn't drop anything.

"Bella?" I heard his surprised voice and immediately dropped the light.

As it shattered against the sink a few pieces flew up and hit me no damage until the alpha piece a.k.a the biggest, hit me in the arm making a long deep cut. I t was one of those freakish accidents that would only happen to me.

"What on earth are you doing?" Edward asked as he moved toward me, motioning to help me off the stool, considering the fact I was surrounded by shards of glass.

"Edward, stay there." My arm was bleeding so profusely that it looked like I had murdered someone with my own hand.

My head started to spin as the smell flooded my nose. I felt myself start to sway and my pulse speed up.

"Bella, careful!" Edward yelled as I started to slip under into the land of unconsciousness. He caught me in his stone arms as I fell. "C'mon let's get you cleaned up." HE said gently.

"The light…" I whimpered.

"I already got you a new one!" Alice yelled as she walked through the front door. Then she turned to Edward. "I'll take care of the mess upstairs, you go clean her up in the kitchen."

Edward carried me to the kitchen, his lips twitching, trying to hold back a smile. I held my nose with my uninjured limb, but failed miserably at blocking the smell.

Edward pulled out the first aid kit that Charlie had bought for me during my first month here in Forks. He had the rubbing alcohol and a wad of cleaning gauze. He gently wiped down my arm, even as careful as he was I still winced at the touch.

"Sorry." His voice mumbled, " Why didn't you wait for me to come back and change the light for you?"

"I have an early shift at Newton's."

He looked confused. His eyes questioned me, almost as if he were saying "What does that have to do with the price of tea in china?" But he didn't say it out loud.

"I needed light."

He shook his head, but he was smiling.

"So, Bella." Alice's soprano voice caused me to jump five feet in the air. "Wow, you're really jumpy today." She paused, going into a trance like state; scanning my future. "Nope, nothing that cant be prevented. Don't climb on the counters at work today."

Edward gave her a questioning glance, but realization flickered across his face seconds later.

"Anyway," Alice began again," What do you think of peach?"

Edward rolled his eyes, but I smiled as she held up a can of peach colored paint and a new comforter set to match. "I figure we can work on curtains later… and maybe a rug…"

"Sounds perfect." I said feeling exceptionally optimistic. "But I need to talk to Charlie first."

Alice handed me the phone and I dialed Charlie's cell. The one I had bought him for Christmas without knowing it (hint, hint).

"Hey Dad!" I said when he answered. "I was wondering… would it be okay if I painted my room?"

"Sure, Bells. It's your room now." His gruff voice answered. It almost sounded as if he just wanted to get of the phone.

"Thanks." I gave a thumbs up to Alice who was already smiling smugly in the corner of the room. "Love you to dad. See you when you get home. Bye."

I looked up at the clock and about had a seizure. I had 5 minutes to be out the door and on the road.

"I've go to go!" I jumped up and yelled behind me. "Alice we can paint later! Edward, I'll see you after work!" I ran back to kiss him, Alice had already left.

"Bye Bella." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and ran as fast as I could –without killing myself- up the stairs.