Sasuke walks sakura home

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(story sets when sasuke back)

Team 7 just got done with training for the day so kakashi left to read his fav book in naruto went to go eat ramen with hinata(they been dating of a year now thanks to sakura)


Sakura:yes sasuke

sasuke:what do you think of me

what do you mean said a shock sakura she didnt think sasuke would be asking her this

sasuke:do you...still love me sakura

sakura didnt know what say she stood there looking at him

O...i see why would you loveme after what i done to you said a sad sasuke him was about to leave when sakura hug him from behind

plaese dont leave me...i love so mush sasuke plaese dont leave me agian plaese said a crying sakura

sasuke turn around to face a crying sakura

i wont leave...i wont ever agian said sasuke then he give her a soft kiss on the lip

sasuke: i love you sakura

sakura i love you too sasuke

They kiss again

sasuke: can i walk you home sakura

sakura: i would like that very much

Sasuke and sakura headed for sakura house holding hands little did they know they were being watch by a smileing Naruto and Hinata.