Author's Note: So I've been kind of promising this to the BH thread on fan forum - specifically Lizzie -- forever now, so I'm finally going to go ahead and post this. I've been writing so much angst lately that I kind of really need this. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. This is kind of like my thanks to everyone that read Only The Good Die Young and made it such a wonderful experience for me to write. Hopefully this will be like that too.

Basic summary is, Brooke breaks up with her loser boyfriend Chris, and moves in with her recently estranged best friend, Haley. Suddenly, Brooke finds herself in a rather serious relationship with a certain Lucas Scott, and Haley finds herself playing Brooke's role as the one having a fun, casual relationship with Lucas' brother, Nathan.

Basic background story will be explained, but just forget everything you know about the show, except for the characters themselves, really. I'm planning on making this a Brooke/Haley friendship, with lots of BL and NH. Ignore the pairings at the beginning, please. Heh, thanks.

And, er enjoy!


Change in the Weather


Their friendship had not been a one to slowly develop, or reach the full altitude of its potential once they were in their early teens. It had not been torn apart by boys, or brought together by a common liking of something. It had simply just always been.

Brooke Davis and Haley James had met in a pretty traditional way to meet friends when you were a child; in the sandbox. Haley had been muddy and laughing, and Brooke, in her new, checkered dress, had enjoyed the sight of this. Not able to help herself, she had taken a seat beside the other girl, introducing herself. They'd been inseparable since.

They had gone to the same pre-school, because Haley's mother had told Brooke's mother that she'd be sending Haley to the Sunshine Pre-School, and Barbara Davis had seen the friendship budding already and so had therefore decided to send Brooke to the same school.

Pre-school was a blur of the two of them sitting side by side drawing pictures, and then kindergarten followed similarly, and by first grade, Lydia James would open up her front door to see Brooke Davis standing with her Little Mermaid backpack strapped firmly on and an already flawless smile on her face almost daily.

By middle school, Brooke had grown into her tight-fitting shirts, and was certainly considered popular. Haley was dragged into this as well, doomed to be popular because of her friendship with Brooke. Brooke and Haley often housed the slumber parties at their respective homes, where the arts of putting on makeup, making out, and spreading gossip were taught.

Upon their high school graduation, Brooke and Haley were named 'Best Friends' in their high school yearbook, along with Brooke getting 'Most social', 'Most popular', 'Prettiest smile', and 'Most likely to become famous'. Haley walked away proudly with, 'Most likely to be the first female President'.

Not even graduation could separate them. Nothing could. And honestly, this shocked everyone around them.

Haley was sensible, and quiet, and soft spoken. She did what was expected of her always. Getting good grades, giving the valedictorian speech, going to college. She hadn't dated much in high school, and even when she did, she didn't do more than she should with any guy. She tutored and she didn't really enjoy shopping or tanning, or any other activities girls these days seemed accustomed to. Her hair was a soft brown, spilling in tamed waves down her shoulders, a gift from her mother. Her nose was her father's. Her doe-eyes were entirely her own, large and innocent, and sweet. Sweet was a word often used to describe Haley James. Or possibly nice.

Brooke was the exact opposite of her best friend. If Haley was vanilla, she was chocolate. If Haley was an angel, she was a devil. Mediocre grades and a love to party had been quite her thing in high school. Not to mention boys. Boys, boys, boys. Brooke had a different boy on her arm each week, and often they'd be seen sneaking off behind bleachers, or perhaps into the old janitorial closet. She was popular and she thrived on it. And of course, the popularity thing surprised no one. She was gorgeous. Raven-haired with possibly the most stunning face you would ever see, dimples imprinting her cheeks permanently, with large hazel eyes that could convince anyone to do anything.

The only thing that separated Brooke Davis from most of the popular girls in high school was that she had a fierce love for Haley James. Not in a sexual way, of course. Haley and Brooke were simply best friends, simple as that. More loyal to each other than any other.

So okay, their friendship didn't exactly make the most sense, but people accepted it for what it was.

When the summer after high school graduation led them from the small town of Tree Hill to the large city of New York together, people accepted it.

If years later, however, you were to tell them everything had changed about these two girls, they would not believe you.

Brooke Davis was the wild one, and Haley James was the tame one.

That's just the way it was.