Weasley vs Potter

By Jelsemium

For the HP FicaFest Community at LiveJournal

Disclaimer: I do not own the Potter characters. I am not making a profit. I adore J. K. Rowlings.

Author's Note: This was written between Book 5 and Book 6. It's somewhat closer to canon than "A Sirius Situation", but still very AU. So, yes, I know that in canon Ginny knew about the Invisibility Cloak by this time.

Chapter 1: Proceed with Caution

Harry learned caution the hard way.

The first day, his shoelaces would not stay tied. He had been blaming his constant tripping on Peeves, until he'd spotted Ginny Weasley sniggering behind her hand.

The second day, his socks had gradually become colder until he'd been forced to go to Madam Pomfrey with frostbitten toes.

Every article of clothing, even his glasses, even his… Well, he'd never again hear the phrase 'pea green' without thinking of that hex.

In short, every piece of clothing that he owned had been hexed at some point.

One morning, much to the amusement of his roommates, the minute he got out of bed, he grabbed his wand and started dehexing everything in sight.

He cast a Finite Incantatem on his clothing (every piece of his clothing, even the sock that had been moldering under his bed since the House Elves went on strike last year.)

Then he went around the room, casting counter curses. on everything in sight: on his bed, on his bedclothes, on his glasses, on his (suspiciously reduced) stockpile of chocolate frogs, on his books, on his writing utensils, on his book bag, on his shoelaces (twice on those for good luck), on his drinking glass, on the window, on the windowsill, on the doorknob.

Remembering the 'pee green' incident, he next went into the boys' loo and dehexed everything there, just to be safe.

His roommates only stopped laughing when he raised his wand at them. They were relieved when he merely cast a Finite Incantatem at them.

The laughter restarted soon enough. Because when Harry was finished, he found that he couldn't let go of his wand.

The other four boys had a hard time escaping; they were laughing that hard. Harry chased them down the stairs into the Common Room, only to find a bright-eyed audience.

"Why aren't you dressed yet, Harry?" Hermione asked with a smirk.

Harry looked at the wand in his hand and gave serious consideration to hexing Hermione into next week. He sighed. He couldn't do it. He was too much of a gentleman. (Plus there was a Potions exam. coming up this week.)

"Something wrong, Potter?" Ginny giggled.

"That's Mr. Potter, to you, Missy," Harry growled. "You'll get yours, soon."

He stalked back upstairs, but not fast enough to escape Ginny's. "I get mine every time I beat you. Mr. Potter!"