I got this idea from the amazing people who write hilarious lists. Examples: the indifferent child of earth & WhereStarsComeFrom. You all rock and roll!

21 ways to aggravate Edward Cullen

By Isabella Swan

Tell him that his shirt is wrinkled

Bang on the keys of his piano

Encourage Emmett's insanity

Think backwards

Try to surprise him in any way

Drive 20 miles an hour

Drive his car 20 miles an hour

Teach Emmett a new and particularly amusing-to you anyway- song

Refuse to do things his way

Impersonate him

Be immune to his power

Put him in a situation where he is obligated to eat chicken…

Or any other food

Ask a stupid question

Play bubble gum pop in his car at volume 36 (Emmett was in BIG trouble)

Tell him that mountain lions have gone extinct

Tell him that Mike Newton has decided to propose

Ask him the same question 7 times ( 7 is the magic number)

Pretend to be oblivious to the fact that he is a vampire then suddenly burst out screaming in terror. (another Emmett.)

(This one only works for me) Get this lost look on your face and pretend to be deep in thought and then tell him you weren't thinking anything.

Smell like a werewolf.

Okay, I know! Not very funny, but I was bored. Hope you liked it and I'm open to suggestions.