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Deceptive Brotherly Intervetion

Chapter 1

The night air was anything but calm and peaceful, in fact it was highly charged with anger and exasperation as two men stood glaring at each other on the empty ashault roadway.

Then, one young man, the one with a brown leather jacket and spikey hair turned and stomped back to the 1967 Chevy Impala and roughly yanked the driver's side door open as he yelled back at the other guy.

" I'm takin' off!" Shouted Dean Winchester angrily.

" That's what I want you to do!" Yelled back Sam Winchester, his voice sounding just as angry.

Dean let out a snarl and sent his little brother one final, baleful glare before he climb into the Impala and slammed the door shut.

The shrill sound of tires screaming filled the chilly air as Dean floor the accelerator, the muscle car careening away down the blacktop, leaving behind the person who was supposed to be riding shot gun in it's wake.

As he watched his brother drive away, the car they'd both grown up in disappearing into the night, Sam let the fake fascade of anger he'd put up fall away from his face. A wave of cold desolation washed over him as he stood there...


Sam let out a shaky breath as he blinked his eyes furiously to stave off the tears that were threatening to spill out in torrents. With a lingering, longing look at the nw empty road, Sam turned and began walking in the opposite direction. The cold air was making him feel even more like crap as it bit at the exposed skin of his face and hands.

" I lied, I don't want you to take off. I wanna stay with you but I can't, not after what happened back at the Asylum and... I have to protect you from what I saw, I have to save you Dean." Thought Sam as he too was swallowed up by the night, the place he'd seen in a secret nightmare he'd kept hidden from Dean being his destination.

And he knew he had to hurry because in a few days time, a pair of siblings, a little boy and a little girl were gonna need to be saved from the murderous clutches of a bloodthirsty Rawhead. ( I don't know what that thing was so, just fill in this part with your head if you can. Just know that it was one fugly SOB.)

As he walked, a few silent tears escaped Sam's moss green eyes, much to his chagrin.

Sam sped up his pace and scrubbed roughly at the tearstains on his cheeks. A plan was forming in his head as to how to dispose of the creature by himself.

Sam walked, knowing that he was headed for certain death and that a few minutes ago was the last time he'd ever see Dean.

But, his heart didn't crumble for himself, it crumbled with knowing that, a few minues ago was also most likely the last time Dean would ever see him...


Sam was willingly heading for place, were death would be patiently waiting with open arms.

He was heading for death.

A death that was actually meant for the big brother he'd shot in the chest with rocksalt the day before, the big brother he'd just tricked into leaving him behind.

But to Sam, all that mattered now was that Dean was gonna be as far away from him as possible, so he wouldn't be there to get fatally injured, he wouldn't be there to stop Sam from taking fate into his own hands.

Now all Sam could do was hope that Dean would someday forgive him for this.

But at the moment.

He needed to hurry.