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Belize 1812-

"Momma when can I get a new doll?" a wide eyed child asked her mother tugging at her mother's ragged skirt. She sighed at the life she wanted to give her daughter but sadly couldn't afford.

"Isabella," She turned away from the stove to face her "I am sorry my sweet child that will have to come later." She looked at her child's face waiting for any signs of disappointment but was glad when her daughter's face turned into a smile. Her daughte's smile could light up a room.

"Its okay Momma," She left the kitchen to join her sister Angelina who was playing outside in the dirt. Isabella crossed the dusty path separating her and Angelina. The hot summer sun beat down on her skin. The hot ground stung her bare feet with each passing step. The glare from the sun caused her to put her hand on her hand. However it was days like this that made her happy. She loved the sn even though her pale skin wasn't able to tan.

"What are you doing Angelina?" said Isabella as she looked down at her younger sister make small balls of dirt around her. Her mother said that one day Angelina would be a famous potter. Isabella took great care of Angelina watching her while mother and father were busy and protecting her from the rest of the world. With Isabella being 11 and Angelina being 3 years old. Many activities were severely limited that they could do. Nonetheless her love for Angelina provided many opportunities to have fun. When Angelina was sleeping, Isabella would find comfort talking to herself or her dolls. Isabella's only friend had died of disease. Belize was the country Isabella knew and loved. It was poor country but it had all the comforts and sense of belonging. Isabella looked at her sister intently again making sure she didn't scrap her soft skin on the hard earth. She played with Angelina until the sun came down and cool night danced on their once hot foreheads.

"Let's go Angelina," she smiled affectionately at her mud covered sister and carried her in her own dirt encrusted hands. She walked in the house only meet her mother's face full of amusement and frustration. Her mother looked similar to Isabella but not the way she resembled Carlos. Renata had rich black wavy hair that went halfway down her back. Only Angelina had black hair like her mother. Renata was a petite but built woman. She had many scars from growing up but her beauty was unrivaled in her small town.

"Clean yourselves up and meet your father in the dinner table." Isabella shuffled her feet on the old wooden floor. She went outside to fetch a bucket of water to clean themselves with. After washing she sat down at the table and turned to her father.

"Daddy your back already!" She was glad to see her father home on the rare occasions. He worked hard on the fishing boats. The sea was sometimes unruly and forced father to stay in the waters longer. I felt that each time it happened it was her fault. When the sea was happy father came home smiling and treated me like a princess. His rough hands were always a source of comfort to me. I hoped one day to find someone like dad.

"Yes Isabella my princess how was your day?" he asked. He always worried about his Isabella being lonely ever since Sophia. His family meant more to him than anything. It hurt him to stay away from his family but it was necessary jobs were scarce due to conflicts within the surrounding. He entrusted his wife Renata to watch over his little girls.

"It was fun" she chirped. Across the table Renata felt something was wrong with the face of her husband.

"Isabella, take Angelina go to bed. Your father and I need to talk." Renata said. She saw the look on his face. In all their years of being together she knew when something was wrong. Nothing ever bothered Carlos to the extent that she saw in his eyes. Even when rebels stormed and pillaged their town. Carlos remained unshaken.

Isabella quickly vanished but secretly leaned against the wall of the room next door.

"Renata my violet," He looked down at the table and back into her eyes "I-" He couldn't talk. He didn't want to worry Renata but it was too dangerous to ignore.

"Carlos what is it?" She interlocked her hand with his. "We can get through this. Tell me" he looked at her,his face burning with regret.

"The traders have arrived at the port today," He said as he released his hand from hers and sought comfort in his arms.

"Who are the traders" she looked puzzled. How could something trouble him so much? She saw the immense amount of fear in his eyes. He looked at her for a long time before he finally spoke again.

"They are from London I hear. They capture women to sell in Europe. They kidnap them while they are doing chores or working. Since women are considered extremely valuable they do anything. They ravish entire villages and steal what's valuable and kill what's left." He choked on the last word and look into the black eyes of his wife.
"We have to get away, I will pack now and we can leave." She started mentally preparing herself for moving. Carlos left out a heavy sigh and for the first time in his life he cried.

"The girls Renata the girls, especially Isabella that's who they are going to after." He looked down on the floor. He couldn't leave his children alone as he went to work but if he didn't his family would starve. He contemplated giving Renata a gun but shuddered at the thought of leaving his wife to protect his family. He was supposed to be the guardian.

"Not my babies! No man will ever take my children away from me!" she yelled. Causing Isabella to make noise.

"Isabella where you there the whole time?" she asked worried about the answer she would receive.

"I'm sorry" she said feeling ashamed. "Daddy don't worry about me I will be okay". He looked down into her eyes. Her face was of angel and her voice oddly made him sure that she would be fine.

"Go to bed, I love you." He said the feeling of worry never did escape his stomach. He turned his room with his wife and sat on the bed. He took out his gun and kept it by his side. He stood by the front door of the house.

A tired Isabella sat in her bed tossing and turning. She thought to herself. Why do they take people? Why are mommy and daddy worried? I am sure everything will fine. She moved over to check on her sleeping sister and returned to her bed and drifted away to her sleep.

-Belize Harbor-

"This country is renowned for their beauties," said a burly man in gray. He sat on a wooden bed in the quarters. He moved towards his group of traders. He set his beer down and stood up.
"We could start canvassing the area early in the morning." The men agreed with their heads. "That's when most young girls do their chores." He thought about the price the women would fetch made him drool. His life was entirely controlled by greed.

"I heard of a village near here where all the fisherman go home to all their lovely families." he moved towards the door. "I suggest we start scanning that area first." The authority in his voice made it clear that he was the leader and the rest of the men where his crew.

"Captain, How many do we take?" A young man asked. His blond hair sitting still as the wind and dead silence blew through the ship. The captain stopped and turned.

"Ten young and five old all females no males." having said that he walked out into the town and disappear into the moonlight. The rest of crew grimaced at the thought having another expedition. They had grown accustomed to the yelling, screaming, killings and the other hard facts of this life.

"Hey Mike we need another player for the card game!" the burly yelled after the young blond boy.

"Coming," he said. He hadn't wanted this life. Money was hard to come by and this seemed like the only chance. If he backed out now they would kill him and throw him in the water. He reluctantly sat down at the table of 12. He eyes scanned the table. The comfort woman, the 10-man crew and the cabin boy all sat their playing a game of cards. Their laughter and shouts echoed throughout the harbor's night

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