A/n: Epilogue II ????. How cruel. The actual last chapter of the story. I am looking for an editor for my next fanfic and I am also taking requests.

-Sweet 123

"Edward! Your so cold" Isabella said rubbing her thumb over the smooth marble skin as raindrops fell steadily.She drew her hand back and pulled Edward along the wet paths towards her home. Edward followed her around like a child relishing in the kiss they just shared and the sweet medly of her blood.

"Your getting so cold, letshurry"

Edward was taken back by her anxiousness to get him warm but he wondered how he could tell her no matter how much she tried to heat his body, it could never happen. Edward followed her haste rush to a small quaint house. She pushed him in front of the fire and patted him dry with several towels.

"Edward" Isabella whispered as she stared at the crimson irises glowering at her that once shone with the vibrant emerald green. The stunning green that plagued her thoughts ceased to exist.

Edward stared back at her uncertain of how he could explain that he was a monster of the night unable to feel any human comforts. Isabella wrapped her arms around him and rested her head under his chin. Isabella shivered slightly at the cold contact of his skin.

"Edward! Sit closer to fire " she said hugging him tighter "I don't want to lose you" Isabella held her grip on him tighter. She rocked with him resting her head in his chest. She failed to notice the scorching eyes that looked at her sympathetically.

"Isabella" Edward said gently.

"Please Edward, Try to get warmer,"Isabella said tears brimming at her eyes."I can't hear your hearbeat"


"Why wont you get warmer"Isabella said standing up with him, tears overflowing."I've waited so long for you to come back. I can't take any more loved ones dying on me."

"Isabella, something happened to me while I was coming to you" Edward said seriously sitting her down on a chair." I will never get warm again for I am a vampire"

"Edward please stop this! Your so cold" Isabella said holding him again." You could die, We need to see a doctor now"

"Isabella its true" Edward said. He moved through the small room with lightening speed breaking out of her embrace leaving her in shock..

Isabella stepped back. Countless nights she spent loving him. She waited so long for him to come. Her love came back as a vampire indeed. Isabella raised her head to look at him watching his fallen expression.

"I've been a vampire for barely 3 months and I can't control myself around you."Edward said pacing around the room.

"Your blood is screaming at me to drain you of every last drop " Edward said as he grabbed her shoulders tightly. "I love you too much to stay here" he dropped his hands and rose to get up.

"I dont know what I really am. I can never sleep, nor have the capacity to feel heat coursing through me. I don't know if I can even give you any happiness let alone children. I sparkle unrivaled in the sun's light. My heart can no longer beat. My eyes are a crimson color that haunt people. I can hear it in their thoughts. I kill people to survive. I will never change you into what I am.I can never forget you but my love gives me the strength to do whats best for you and not damn you to being this godforsaken creature" Edward moved towards the threshold of the door.

"Edward don't leave me" Isabella cried hysterically as her mouth found the words to speak. "How can you be so selfish. I have waited to be with you for so long. I wanted to wake up in the morning and see your face not a distant memory of the past."

"I don't need any of those anymore. Your love means everything to me. If you leave, I cant promise I will be here if you try to come back. We can live by ourselves forever. I don't care where we go or how we live but it doesnt matter" Isabella said to his back.

"You shouldn't love me anymore" Edward said" I am unpredictable and wild at times. I could kill you randomly"

"then do it" Isabella said boldly "If you can say it then kill me, I will rest eternally with the fact that I was with you one last time"

"You cant be serious" Edward said turning around "I am a monster damned to hell"

"Your still the adolescent I fell in love with" Isabella said smugly running her hands down his cheeks. Edward held her against the wall and grazed her neck with his teeth lightly. He loosened his hold and his eyes went wanton at the scent of the blood trickling down her neck.

"See how easy it is for me to hurt you" Edward said "Your so alluring it will be your downfall. Its so easy to lose control.

Isabella took a finger to touch the blood flowing freely from her neck.

"I dont care if you kill me instant! As long as you stay with me" Isabella said touching his shoulder.

"Isabella, Its too dangerous. I thought I would be able to handle it while I was searching for you but the call is too strong" Edward said turning to the threshold.

"Can you honestly stay without me for any longer than I without you" Isabella said staring at the flickering fire.

Edward closed the door and leaned against the door.

"Why do you love me so much" Edward said moved toward Isabella.

"You were the only steadfast hope for me in this world"