Karma Chapter 1 Genkai's Funeral

I really think I've lost it, I have too many fics going right now. Oh well. This'll be fun! Anyway, just so everyone knows, this is NOT a HieixYukina fic and it does not contain Hiei bashing. So don't leave a review saying "great fic but you should really make it HieixYukina." No, not gonna happen. I also don't want messages from rabid Hiei fan girls yelling at me for abusing and bashing their favorite character. The summary clearly says I'll be putting him through a little bit of torture, so if you don't like it don't read it. I understand that a lot of people feel the same way I do about Hiei's choice not to tell Yukina he is her brother: It was wrong. So I basically wrote this fic to show the consequences of never telling her. This may also turn KuramaBotan if I feel like it. This fic was also written for Erica. Yay!

It was a bright, sunny day, all wrong for the funeral of a hero. Yukina watched through tear filled eyes as Genkai's casket was lowered slowly into the earth. She had always known it was going to happen, but it was still a horrible shock to find out that Genkai had died of old age. It had seemed as though nothing could possible kill the women, elderly as she was. Yukina felt two tears fall down her face and turn to gems. "Hey Yukina! Don't cry!" Kuwabara said quickly as he rushed over to comfort her. Hiei put his hand on her shoulder. "Yes, don't cry." He said. Kuwabara gave him a glare.

"Back off, Shorty! She doesn't need your help she has me!" Kuwabara said casting a protective look at Yukina.

"Hn. And what kind of comfort could you possibly give her? I personally find your stupidity amusing, but a moment of amusement is no comfort when someone you loved has just died."

"It's really alright. I appreciate the help from both of you." Yukina said in order to stop their bickering. She personally got more comfort from Hiei, who was cold, but always willing to help her. He had even saved her from a falling rock after the Dark Tournament had ended. Perhaps Hiei was a better choice than Kazuma... Her thoughts were interrupted by Botan who came over to them and immediately hugged Yukina. She let go of her and then burst into a fit of tears.

"Oh I'm sorry, I just can't believe she's dead." Botan said once she had calmed down a little.

"it's alright Botan, it's hard on us all." Kurama gave her a sympathetic look and she rested her head on his shoulder as she cried some more. He put his hand on her back and let her cry.

A few hours later at Genkai's temple

"The temple is ours now. Genkai's will stated that she would like to have all of us own it and take care of it. We were free to do whatever we wanted with it, as long as we all agreed." Kurama said.

"Well, I wouldn't mind making this my home. It's nice here." Botan said.

"I'd live here too. My mom isn't really home much so I could stay here and visit her sometimes." Yusuke said casually.

"I guess I could come here on weekends and maybe for awhile after school." Keiko said thoughtfully.

"This would be a nice alternative to renting an apartment while I'm in college." Kurama decided.

"I'd just have to ask Shizuru, but she'd prolly be glad to get me out of the house." Kuwabara added.

"Kazuma I'm right here. And I plan on living here too so don't get your hopes up." Shizuru said with an annoyed face at her brother's obliviousness.

"I'd like to live here too since I don't really have a home since I ran away from the Ice aparitions." Yukina said in her quiet voice.

"What about you Hiei?" Kurama asked turning to the fire demon.


"Please Hiei, you should really live here. Everyone else is and it would be nice to have you around." Yukina pleaded. Even she looked shocked at her sudden outburst. Hiei's gaze softened a little as he looked at his twin. So she wanted him around. He almost regretted not telling her the truth. Almost.

"Fine. I'll visit here from time to time when I'm not working to protect the border dividing human world and demon world." Hiei said reluctantly. Yukina smiled. It would be nice to have him around. It always comforted her to know he was there. She wasn't sure why, but his presence was soothing to her, familiar even. She blinked in a confused way at her thoughts. Did she like him? Was this the feeling that Kazuma said he felt for her? Yes, it had to be.

"We should all head home and get our things then." Kurama said. Everyone agreed. Hiei and Yukina were the only two who stayed because they didn't have anything to bring. It was relatively silent while they were there alone, as neither of them were very talkative. Finally Hiei asked her,

"So is Kuwabara good to you?"

"Yes, he's very kind." Yukina told him.

"What do you see in him?" Hiei knew it was really none of his business, but he felt he had to ask her. She was his sister after all.

"What do you mean? He's a very kind person and a good friend." Yukina said simply.

"So you don't love him?"

"I don't think so, no."

"Hn." Hiei now had an amused smirk on his face. Now he didn't have to worry about the orange haired oaf doing anything to his sister. The door to the temple opened and Kurama appeared carrying two suitcases.

"Hello." He greeted them curtly before walking up the stairs to choose a room and get everything unpacked. Next came Keiko and Yusuke. "Hey guys!" They smiled and waved before they separated and went to choose their rooms. Botan flew in on her oar and then flew up the stairs to choose her room. Shizuru and Kazuma were the last to come back. Kuwabara had packed several suitcases full of just about everything he owned. Shizuru had packed a lot too, but she hadn't tried to stuff the tv and gaming systems into their own suitcases. They went up to their rooms as well. After a few minutes Botan came down the stairs.

"Party for the girls in my room, Yukina!" She grabbed Yukina by her wrist and led her up to her room. Keiko and Shizuru were already seated on Botan's pink bed. "Alright ladies let's break out the junk food and sodas now!" Botan exclaimed happily as she pulled out two bags of chips and four sodas from thin air. The girls drank their sodas and began discussing their new life living in the temple as they crunched chips during silences. Kurama came in about an hour later and told them that they would be having dinner in roughly about twenty minutes. The girls thanked him for informing them and went back to their discussion, which was currently boys.

"I think Kurama's really cute!" Botan admitted with a slight blush.

"He is. But obviously Yusuke is my first choice." Keiko added.

"I'm a little old to be judging such young boys but if I had to pick one I would say Kurama." Shizuru admitted. "What about you, Yukina?"

"Well, umm..."

"It's ok! It doesn't have to be serious this is just all in good fun!" Botan said cheerfully.

"I sort of do like someone though. I'm not sure exactly. It's difficult." Yukina said after a moment of thought.

"OOOOOH Yukina's got a crush!" Botan teased. Yukina blushed.

"It's okay Yukina, who is it?" Keiko asked.

"It's a secret."

"So it's someone in this house though right?" Shizuru inquired.


"Well we'll be glad to tell you how to win him over!" Botan said brightly. She was sure that the three of them knew Kuwabara well enough to be able to tell Yukina how to win him over, although that wouldn't take much work.

"Yeah it'd be fun!" Keiko agreed.

"If you want to win him over quickly and have him fall in love with your personality later there are just a few steps you have to take." Shizuru stated. And that was how poor Hiei's trouble began.